Does your love for your child count as doting? teach you to distinguish

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Does your love for your child count as doting? teach you to distinguish

It is said that "raising a child is one hundred years old, and always worrying about ninety-nine years." Children are the hearts and minds of parents. From the moment they fell to the ground, the fetters of this life began. How to better love children and grasp the degree of love for children is a compulsory course for all parents. The ancestors concentrated the wisdom of loving children in this sentence - "Parents who love their children have far-reaching plans".

Pampering is blind and presumptuous, and pampering is appropriate

Whether it’s a baby waiting to be fed or a teenager in rebellion, parents often give love to Self-doubt arises, fearing that it is too much or too little. In fact, as long as it is a child's normal needs in the process of growing up, giving more love is better, and pampering it regardless of the occasion will make the child lose himself. I once saw a sad news that a 23-year-old boy with healthy limbs starved to death after the death of his parents. It turned out that his parents took care of his son in every possible way since he was a child, and he was still feeding when he was an adult, which developed the problem of being lazy and lazy. Drowning a child is like killing a child. Parents think that the wide wings can protect the child's whole life. Don't you know that you have resisted the wind and rain for him, and how can he have the ability to meet the wind and rain alone. Uncontrolled indulgence will make children lose themselves in the exclusive sense of "strawberry tip", and try to solve the problem with cheating and violence. Those potential selfishness, laziness, and rudeness are like time bombs, which can explode at any time. After all, the protagonists of children's lives are themselves, and parents can never replace them. The role parents should play is the most faithful witness and the most solid backing on the road of growth.

Pampering consumes the soul, pampering nourishes the soul

Gibran said: "Your children are not really your children, they are born from the desire of life for itself The child." Actress Di Mou once shared her "unique" parenting experience on the show. She talked about breastfeeding her child until the age of 12, sleeping with her mother at the age of 15, and never going out alone before the age of 18... See With her face full of joy sharing her experience, I feel really sad for such a life. Everyone is an independent soul. Boys will have a strong sense of self after puberty and can't wait to announce their existence to the world, but the mother's control is like a shadow, and it will make people breathless. Sure enough, after his son Sun left his mother to study abroad, his desire to control sent out a dangerous signal like an unsealed Pandora's box. He posted comments about bombing schools on his website, when everyone thought it was a young man's impulsiveness. When his mouth was open, the police found a large amount of contraband in his home. Thinking about it is extremely terrifying, because his mother's bottomless doting has made him a mindless body, and his soul has been devoured by ignorant doting. Wise parents choose to love their children in ways that nourish their souls. In the book "A good mother is better than a good teacher", the famous parenting expert Yin Jianli mentioned a small incident of her daughter's injection, which is impressive. Daughter Yuanyuan was afraid of injections when she was a child. Teacher Yin did not criticize the child for being timid, but told the child the meaning of injections, gently reminded her of the things that need to be paid attention to when getting injections, and slowly guided her to recognize and accept the facts. The child finally stopped resisting injections. This gentle care gives the child full trust, and this encouragement will become her great confidence to face the unknown challenges bravely. Coddling without bottom line makes children lose their basic cognition and live in the illusion of nothingness and cannot extricate themselves. The love of good expectations is the blessing of parents to the soul of their children, just like a towering tree, given enough sunshine and rain, can they live the most beautiful appearance freely.

Pampering is short-sighted, and pampering is the wisdom of letting go of the long-term.

A person without far-sightedness will have near-term worries. The wisdom of our ancestors shows the essence of parental love. . Doting parents only pay attention to their children's current needs and think that timely satisfaction is the expression of love, while wise parents take a long-term perspective. They know that it is more important for children to learn self-care skills than to help them, and learn to face difficulties and face them. It is more important than helping to solve the current difficulties. Guo Degang is known for his strict education of his son Guo Qilin. It is said that the rule of their family banquet is to wait until all the guests have eaten before Guo Qilin can start eating. Guo Degang said that there is no parent in the world who does not love their child. You spoil him and he is lawless, but when he goes outside, not everyone will tolerate him. Such parents are too sober. If you are reluctant to educate your child, the society will educate him severely for you. In the popular TV series "Sweeping the Black Storm" some time ago, Sun Xing's first 20 years of life can be said to be smooth sailing, and problems can always be solved in time. He regretted committing a heinous crime and went to the execution ground. In fact, the life of a child is a marathon. Parents need to have a pattern and wisdom that should be considered in the long run. They should not be too concerned about the short-term success and smoothness in front of them, but have excellent habits and qualities. The attitude of the eagle hitting the sky is enviable because he has the freedom of the whole blue sky. But the eagle does not fly after birth. The training of the mother eagle is simple and boring. Only after completing the training can you get a day's food. When they are full of wings, the eagle mother will push them to the cliff, and only the children who can fly back can be reunited with their mother. And when they learn to fly, the mother eagle will break her wings and push them down the cliff again. At this time, only those who endure the pain and keep flapping their wings and flying can fly higher and become a real eagle. The love of Mother Eagle is written in the rocky cliffs of the cliff, deep and heavy. Only by letting the child master the skills of survival can he be able to meet the storms of life. Parents’ deep and heavy love is written in every day of their children’s lives. There are companionships for growth, advice for growth, and blessings for growth. The only thing that cannot be done is to grow up in place of children, only to let children learn to grow by themselves , his life can live out his own wonderful.
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