Why do poor parents like to let their children study medicine? The doctor told the truth, a little sad

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Why do poor parents like to let their children study medicine? The doctor told the truth, a little sad

Text|Jing Ma I grew up in the countryside, and later went to school in the county seat. When I was applying for the school, many of my classmates applied for medicine and teacher training! In particular, the number of medical students applying for the exam is the largest, and the competition is also the most intense. After going to school, most of the classmates around me were from ordinary families, and most of them came from the countryside. Dr. Li also mentioned this issue. When he was in college, most of the classmates in the class came from the countryside. If they came from the city, the family conditions were very average. And he is now working in the unit after graduating, but the five young doctors in it are all from the countryside!

Why do rural parents prefer to send their children to study medicine? In fact, the reason is very realistic and very distressing

because as long as you study hard in school and have strong professional knowledge, you don't need to rely on your parents to find a job as a medical student, and you can find a job without any background! The professional stability of the doctor will be stronger. If you just graduated with a bachelor's degree, it is not difficult to find a job in a township. If you have a master's degree, it is not difficult to find a job in a county. If you have a doctoral degree, it is easier to find a job in the city! The competition for doctors to find a job is not so great, because children from wealthy families are not very willing to let their children study medicine.

Why are children from well-off families reluctant to become doctors? The reason is a bit realistic.

The work intensity of doctors is extremely high. Now all walks of life are under pressure, but the pressure of doctors is different, because doctors are dealing with real people. If you are a surgeon performing surgery At the same time, it is impossible for you to be distracted at all, and every minute and second error will directly affect the outcome of the operation. Surgeons need very strong physical strength. Sometimes they have to stand for more than ten hours in a row. They can't eat, drink, or urinate. They are also very nervous. Often doctors just sit in the dressing room after surgery and don't want to move. . ★Doctors need to work night shifts Doctors in most departments are required to work night shifts, because there are patients in the inpatient department, and those who are sick may have seizures no matter the day or night, so they need to be on duty at night. Even if they don't need to be on duty at night, many hospitals require the director-level doctor to live near the hospital. If there is any troublesome case at night, they should call and rush to the hospital directly. If you go out during the holidays, you must also coordinate with other chief doctors, and a certain amount of doctors must stay near the hospital. ★A doctor's study time is longer. Generally, it only takes 4 years for a bachelor's degree, but it usually takes 5 years for a doctor to study medicine. Because medicine has to deal with people, the knowledge learned should be more refined and professional knowledge should be more solid. ★Doctors also need to learn to deal with the doctor-patient relationship. Once the doctor-patient relationship is not handled well, the patient is prone to a difficult situation after being provoked. Therefore, many hospitals now have certain requirements for doctors, that is, they should have a good attitude and meticulousness when dealing with patients. Such contradictions will make doctors more anxious and nervous.

A good doctor is an all-round talent, and must have the advantages of these aspects

First, the physical strength should be good after all How can I be a doctor without good physical strength after standing for more than ten hours during the operation. 2. Patience is needed. The scope of medicine is very broad. Different departments and specialties will have different professional knowledge, and patients do not have any medical knowledge. When they come here, they want to ask questions without knowing anything. Be patient enough. 3. Be able to endure loneliness Even if you graduate with a doctoral degree, you have to talk to the teacher and can't come out to see a doctor at the beginning, and you have to work night shifts in the inpatient department to care for patients, and you can move on to the next step when you slowly reach the teacher's assessment. Therefore, when a medical student first graduated and started working, his income was actually very low. After 10 years and 8 years, if he could become a deputy chief doctor, his salary would be better in all aspects. If so, would you teach your child medicine? (The pictures are all from the Internet, please contact to delete if there is any infringement) For more exciting content, please click: Children are a high-risk group of leukemia! Doctor: These three kinds of fruits, don’t let your baby eat them no matter how greedy they are. Leukemia targets children. Doctor: The three kinds of food on the table are the “culprits”, so don’t let your baby eat them.
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