Picking up things, loving collection, facing children who love to "hoard goods", parents teach their children to break up in 4 steps

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Picking up things, loving collection, facing children who love to "hoard goods", parents teach their children to break up in 4 steps

Picking up stones and hiding leaves, and facing children who "love to stock up", 4 steps to let them learn to let go Yes; I also saw the corpses of some small animals and insects, saying that they would be collected. In the face of children who love to "hoard goods", the more strictly their parents stop it, the more they resist. There is a reason behind these strange behaviors of children.

Then why are children so obsessed with "hoarding"?

If children "hoard" leaves and stones, it is because they do not know such leaves and There are many stones, which will be encountered in the future, so they are collected and reluctant to throw them away. They also collect some things that are relatively rare for children. This is the same as adults love to collect. It means that there are some things in their hearts that have not been put down, or they hope to change their behavior and get attention. There must be a reason behind a child's "abnormal" behavior. Parents must first find out the real reason why their child likes to pick up things before they can know their real psychological needs. Generally speaking, one-year-old children begin to enter the "sensitive period of small things" and are very interested in the small things around them. For fear that they will disappear or disappear, they will collect the things they like and put them at home. There is one more collector who "loves to stock up" at home.

Faced with children who like to hoard goods, how parents can teach their children to break up

If we know why children like to pick up things , we can have a definite aim and teach them how to break up. Let's take a child's love for picking leaves as an example. 1. Romantic excuses If the child wants to pick up the leaves, we can tell the child: "The leaves are the children of the tree, and if we take the leaves away, the mother of the tree will be very sad." Once these things are taken away After a certain meaning is given, the child may not pick it up. 2. Change the storage area. If the child insists on picking it up, we can say to the child, "This thing is very precious. We can find a secret base and hide it. Next time, we will find it out." This will teach your child that you can hide things not just at home, but anywhere else. 3. Select the best and hide If the child insists on taking it home, you can let the child choose a favorite to take home. In doing so, we not only give children limited choices, but also do not hurt their curiosity. 4. Another way to collect Of course, in addition to the above methods, we can also suggest that children collect in another way, such as taking pictures with a mobile phone is also a good method. The above methods all satisfy the child's "love to collect" psychology on the premise of giving the child a sense of meaning and the right to choose.

Can we secretly throw away our child's "collection"?

Some parents feel that their child's collection is useless and dirty, so they want to secretly throw it away, and the child also won't find out. Every child is different, and the goblin mother dare not judge whether this is the right way or not. If the parents secretly throw away things, and the child finds out quickly, it shows that the child cares a lot, and it is obviously not advisable to throw it away. The goblin mother suggests that everyone try the following methods 1. Respect the child After the child finds that his beloved object is lost, parents must dare to admit their mistakes and respect the child's ownership. 2. The church preserves Then we have to tell our children how to preserve what they love. We can tell the child: "You have to put away the things you like, and the mother will know that it is what you want, so you won't throw it away." This box is used as a treasure chest for his collection, and the things in it will not be thrown away, but the collection box should be cleaned and organized regularly. Some kids are so smart that they often haggle with their parents in hopes of collecting more. Of course, parents should not accept all of them, and can be flexibly solved according to the actual situation of the family. If you can't accept the child's proposal, the parents don't reject it immediately, and see if there is an alternative. In this way, the child will feel that the parents love me and value me.
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