The new trend of the blind date market in 2022: the only child is no longer popular, and the boy with an older sister becomes a fragrant pastry

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The new trend of the blind date market in 2022: the only child is no longer popular, and the boy with an older sister becomes a fragrant pastry

Text | Cheats Once you choose to embark on the road of blind date, the hardware conditions are the first. Only when the hardware conditions are passed can the next step be taken, and then personality, appearance, height, and emotional intelligence are considered. In the past, no matter if it was a matchmaker introduced by an adult, once the man was the only child, the success rate was very high. Many female friends around me also said they wanted to find an only child when they were looking for a partner. They said that if the husband was an only child, the in-laws would only contribute money and efforts for themselves, and their pressure would be very low. But now I find that the trend has changed. The last time I went back to my hometown, I heard from our matchmaker that the only child is no longer popular. Many girls and girl families are no longer keen on the only child family, and they are more looking for a family with a sister. The new trend in the blind date market in 2022: only sons are no longer popular, but boys with older sisters become a favorite.

Sister will help her family, and young people will have less pressure

Although the only child, the family has only one child, the girl married her in-laws to take care of the child , all the money and efforts are for this child, there is no partiality, no comparison, and the family relationship is simple. But after all, the in-laws are old, and unless it is a particularly wealthy family, the help for the small family is limited. But having an older sister is different. In China’s social environment, most older sisters still care about their parents’ family even after they get married, especially if the family is harmonious, and their parents are not obviously biased. When they are older sisters, there is a kind of elder sister like a mother. The mentality, since childhood, will take good care of his younger brother. When the younger brother gets married and starts a family, he will also think about his younger brother's small family and be good to his nephews and nieces. In a family with sons and daughters, especially in a family where the eldest is a daughter, the elder sisters do their best to help the younger brother and the younger brother's children. In a family with a sister, the pressure of life after marriage will be much less. The key is that many sensible aunts can do a good job as a bridge between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, reduce conflicts between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, and be more conducive to family harmony.

There will be less stress in the future for those with older sisters

Although the only child will be more relaxed when he is young, after all, the in-laws can help them wholeheartedly. But I enjoyed it when I was young, and when my in-laws were old, the pressure was all on me. And at this time, his children may also be married, and they need to help themselves. At that time, they will really be incapable of being separated. Moreover, the daughters who were married in the past have no responsibility to support their parents, and the pension is all the son's business, so even if you marry a family with sisters, the parents-in-law will be responsible for them and their husbands in the future. But now the atmosphere is different. With social progress and equality between men and women taking root in the hearts of the people, children inherit property equally and fulfill their support obligations as the default rule of more and more families. Especially in many families now, when parents are old, daughters take care of them. Under this situation, girls marry into a family with an older sister, and when they are young, they can get the help of their aunt and the resources of their in-laws. When my in-laws are old, my aunt usually takes care of my in-laws in various ways. When it is really necessary, I can share the pension pressure with my aunt, and the pressure of pension is less. I have to say that everyone is more rational when they reach the blind date, and it is not an exaggeration to think more about themselves. [Topic discussion: Do you think it is better to marry an only child or have a sister? 】Senior nursery teacher, psychological consultant. He understands parenting and psychology, and also pays attention to the mother's self-growth and family management, and strives to be a caring person for mothers. Welcome to [Parenting Cheats], you can find the answers here for everything you want to know about parenting care, growth and development, family education, and mental health!
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