The child sleeps through the night from 4 months to 6 months but needs to drink night milk? Why? How to do

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The child sleeps through the night from 4 months to 6 months but needs to drink night milk? Why? How to do

Text | Mother Ying, a distressed parent consulted me in the background. His child had successfully slept through the night when he was 4 months old, and slept until the second day after drinking milk at about 10:00 or 11:00 in the evening. She only drank milk at 00:00. She felt very relieved at that time. Her child was really amazing. She was so proud that she started to roll over before two months. After their child reached 6 months, she started to get up frequently to drink milk at night. She got up twice a night, and at this time she took maternity leave and went to work. , really miserable. She has to get up to breastfeed the child because the child is drinking night milk. She can't sleep well at night, and she has no energy to work during the day. Therefore, she often makes some low-level mistakes at work, which makes her very distressed. She really wants to wean the child from breast milk, but again I feel very reluctant, my breast milk is still relatively sufficient, and the work unit is not too far from home, so I can go home at noon to feed my child a meal of breast milk and even save the milk! Like this child, the reason for drinking night milk is not a physical need but a psychological one. Because her mother accompanied her every day before 6 months, she felt very secure, but after 6 months of the child, she found that she could not see her mother during the day, only her grandmother took her, so when she was with her mother at night , she will wake up easily, and she wants to make sure that she is with her mother by drinking breast milk, which is a manifestation of the child's anxiety. Moreover, when the child cannot see his mother during the day, the child starts to eat complementary food again. After the child eats the complementary food, the number of breastfeeding has actually been reduced, which will make the child feel that he is drinking too little milk and needs to make up for it at night. Of course, the main reason is that the mother slept with the child. The mother who is breastfeeding smells of milk. The child has separation anxiety because the mother goes to work, and the sleep at night will not be very good. drink milk.

How to wean a baby after 6 months, remember these tips

Coup 1: Eat before going to bed After the child is full for 6 months, he has started to add complementary food, and his appetite will be relatively large. Before the child goes to bed, give him full milk. Feed him enough to keep him from waking up hungry at night. Coup 2: Keep the child away from the mother and the mother to sleep with the child. The milk smell on the mother will always attract the child, so that the child will smell the milk smell on the mother's body during light sleep and drink milk subconsciously. If you want to wean your child from night feeding, you must keep the mother away from the child. For example, when a family of three sleeps together, put the child to sleep next to the father. The mother is sleeping outside. If the child really wants to get up, she really wants to drink milk and then hug him up. You can even put your child to sleep in a cot, and your child can exercise independence by sleeping alone. Coup 3: The child can drink some water when he wakes up at night. If the child can sleep through the night before, and starts to drink milk at night after two months, most of the time it is because he needs someone to comfort him and he is anxious. At this time, he can Give the child two sips of water, and then coax the child. If the child can be coaxed to sleep without milk, then there is no problem. Coup 4: Mothers need to interact more with their children. Many mothers feel that children do not understand. In fact, although children cannot speak, they are very transparent in their hearts. Therefore, mothers must have some sense of ritual when preparing to go to work, such as in Start to separate from the child slowly half a month in advance of going to work. If you leave the child at home, you should also tell the child that the mother will go out to buy something and come back in a while, and then do a short separation first, and slowly extend the time to let The child has become accustomed to my mother leaving me during the day, and will come back at night to reduce the child's separation anxiety and naturally prevent the child from getting up at night to drink night milk. Most children no longer need to drink night milk after 6 months. If drinking night milk is a psychological need, mothers must meet the psychological needs of their children before they can wean the night milk. After all, the children have grown up. Teeth come out, and your child starts to sleep longer at night. Weaning early at night will keep your child's teeth healthier and help your child sleep better at night.
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