To refute the rumor, vitamin D and vitamin AD should be supplemented alternately, otherwise it is easy to cause vitamin A poisoning

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To refute the rumor, vitamin D and vitamin AD should be supplemented alternately, otherwise it is easy to cause vitamin A poisoning

Text | Jing Ma was in a group of mothers a few days ago, arguing over whether to supplement their children with vitamin D or vitamin AD! Some mothers said that they should not supplement their children with vitamin AD, because too much vitamin A is easy to be poisoned. And some mothers said that the doctor on her side suggested that the child should be supplemented with vitamin AD. Finally, a mother said: The children in our family are like this, supplementing vitamin D one day and vitamin AD one day, so that there will be neither excess nor deficiency. # Yao Zero Zero Plan# After this mother finished speaking, many mothers expressed their approval and felt that our family did the same. I think alternate supplementation of vitamin D and vitamin AD is better! This will not lead to vitamin A poisoning! Let's take a look at the authoritative suggestions: The "Expert Consensus on Clinical Application of Vitamin A and Vitamin D in Chinese Children" discussed and formulated by the expert group of the Child Health Branch of the Chinese Preventive Medicine Association shows that the situation of vitamin A deficiency in children is still relatively serious! The prevalence of vitamin A deficiency and borderline vitamin A deficiency in children aged 3 to 5 years is as high as 29.3%, and as high as 36.8% in rural areas! The equivalent of 3 out of 10 children is vitamin A deficient. That is, when we are thinking about poisoning, in fact, your child has a high probability of vitamin A deficiency! The survey also found that about 50 percent of people in urban areas take vitamin A supplements, compared with less than 20 percent in rural areas.

Why are children deficient in vitamin A? For these reasons, parents should understand

Reason 1: Vitamin A is less stored in the fetus. Unlike iron, vitamin A is absorbed into the fetus through the umbilical cord during the third trimester of pregnancy. However, the nutrients of vitamin A and carotene are difficult to enter the fetus through the placenta, so when the fetus becomes a newborn, he is deficient in vitamin A. Reason 2: Children grow and develop rapidly, and they need more vitamin A. The younger the child, the faster the growth and development, and the faster the growth and development, the more vitamin A is needed. Because vitamin A can promote the repair of skin and mucous membranes, and vitamin A can also promote bone growth. Reason 3: Mothers consume less vitamin A during breastfeeding. Many mothers may say that I often eat carrots and pumpkins, but carrots and pumpkins are foods rich in carotene, and the conversion of carotene into vitamin A will Lost a lot. Therefore, a path such as supplementing vitamin A by eating vegetables and fruits does not actually supplement too much. Many mothers think that animal livers will return to milk, and they rarely eat animal livers during lactation. Animal liver is the most abundant food containing vitamin A, so many mothers are actually deficient in vitamin A during breastfeeding, making it difficult for children to get vitamin A from mother's breast milk. Reason 4: Children who are sick will consume a large amount of vitamin A, whether it is a child with diarrhea, or a child with a cold and cough, because vitamin A is related to the repair of skin and mucous membranes. Therefore, children are very prone to lack of vitamin A. Lack of vitamin A will not only affect the child's eyesight, but also affect the child's immunity. For example, frequent colds and coughs in children may be related to vitamin A deficiency, and vitamin A deficiency can also affect the absorption and utilization of vitamin D, and affect the metabolism of bones. Therefore, vitamin A must be supplemented in time.

Jingma recommends

that children should be supplemented with vitamin AD before one year of age, and children born at full term should be supplemented with 1500 vitamin A per day. IU, and vitamin D supplements 400 IU. If the child is a premature baby or twins, the amount of supplementation can be larger according to the doctor's recommendation. After the child is introduced to the complementary food, try to give the child the liver of the animal. Many parents think that the animal's liver is a dirty detoxification organ, so they can consider giving their children some chicken liver and duck liver. These animal livers that have been reared for a short period of time can not only supplement vitamin A, but also iron. If the child has iron-deficiency anemia, it is more necessary to supplement vitamin AD, because vitamin AD can better promote the absorption of iron and prevent iron-deficiency anemia. After the child is one year old, should you take vitamin AD or vitamin D supplements? Mainly depends on the child's diet. If you can eat animal liver twice a week, you can consider only supplementing your child with vitamin D. If you rarely eat animal liver, you should still supplement your child with vitamin AD. How to supplement vitamin AD for children, do you know? (The pictures are all from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete) For more exciting content, please click: refute the rumor, the child can make up the D3, do not need to fill the AD? Wrong, the consequences of vitamin A deficiency are serious. Mothers supplement their children with vitamin D or AD? When the baby grows up, there are big gaps in four aspects
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