Post-90s women post "bring grandchildren" daily life, their hands are wrinkled, and they are content to walk their own way

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Post-90s women post "bring grandchildren" daily life, their hands are wrinkled, and they are content to walk their own way

As of 2019, the number of remarriages in my country has increased for six consecutive years, reaching 4.5594 million. The post-90s are often complained that they are no longer young, but most of them have just started a family and have not even talked about marriage yet. Among the post-90s generation around Sugar Mom, the most advanced women only have a 7-year-old son. In recent years, many "young grandma" and "young grandma" have become popular, but they are at least 35 or 36 years old. And a post-90s woman started a life of "bringing grandchildren" at the age of 33.

The post-90s woman shows the daily life of "bringing grandchildren", her hands are distressing

A post-90s girl in Jiangsu has a young and delicate face , Wearing a pink skirt and holding the baby, she looks like the child's mother, but she calls herself the child's grandmother. Just when everyone felt incredible and questioned, the woman explained her identity. The baby she takes care of every day is not her own grandson, but her stepson's child. She married a husband who was 17 years older than her more than ten years ago. The husband was married with a son and a daughter, which means that she has been a stepmother from the day she entered the house. The woman gave birth to a daughter after marriage, who is now 12 years old. When her stepson has a child, she will help with the baby. When she is not with the baby, she will go out and do some odd jobs. Sometimes manual work, sometimes heavy work such as moving cement. At the age of 33, her hands are rough and wrinkled, which is completely inconsistent with the age of her face, which makes her look distressed.

The post-90s woman has wrinkled hands and is ridiculed as "not worth it"

The woman married a second woman in her early 20s Married husband, stepmother to other children. Many people think that if she married someone of her age and had no children, would her life not be so hard. 20 to 30 years old can be said to be the most beautiful age group for girls. The way a woman walks seems a little hard to others, and it is not worth it. But the woman doesn't think so. She feels no shame in going her own way, and she lives happily. She will treat her stepson and stepdaughter as her own. After the stepson gets married and starts a family, she will help the young couple with their children and reduce their burden. Although she has a biological daughter, she treats all children equally. Her life in these years has not been very rich, but she is very satisfied with this kind of ordinary happiness. These calloused hands are the mark of her hard work. After years of marriage, just raising three children in the family, I can think of the pressure and burden of their couple. What's more, she is not a few years older than her stepson and stepdaughter. It is really not easy to have such a big heart and live together for so many years.

Post-90s women have started a life of "bringing grandchildren" and are not afraid of other people's eyes

33-year-old holding a baby, in fact, and She feels similar to having a second child by herself, but she is one generation behind. Although she is not a grandson, it is better than a grandson. I don't know what kind of emotion she treats the child with. There are similar girls around Tang Mom, who got married at a young age to a second husband much older than her. Annoyed family and friends, but also to "be a stepmother". Now her daughter is 6 years old, and she has educated her stepdaughter very well. Seeing that she has been living a good life after marriage, her family has gradually accepted her choice. Marriage is not easy, and being a stepmother is even more difficult, but everyone has the right and standard to choose life. Maybe outsiders think the woman's choice is not worth it, but think about it carefully, their family can get along so well, they must have their own advantages, otherwise they can't be together for so many years. She was able to say the words "Let others speak your own way", which was enough to show her calmness and didn't care about other people's opinions.

Women are content to go their own way, and everyone’s happiness is different

Most people think that a happy woman after marriage , should live a nourishing life, properly maintained, and not even need to go to the kitchen. But there is never a fixed standard for happiness in this world. Although some couples have a big age difference, but they know how to understand and care for each other, they may not be worse off than couples of the same age. Every day is hard for life, and life is a bit hard, but the hearts of the couple are together. Now we can share hardships and joys in the future, and we will not be ignorant of the blessings. Some people think that raising children and living a life of firewood, rice, oil and salt is boring. People who love life, but like to take care of trivial life in good order, and have a sense of accomplishment. Whatever your choice, think twice before making a decision. A good marriage can make a lifetime, and a bad marriage can ruin a lifetime. Since it is determined that it is necessary to manage the marriage well, in order to hope for better results. If you drink water and know yourself well, others can't really tell the way you walk, but you must know how to be responsible for yourself. Candy's mother said in her heart: People are mutual, and I hope that the woman's contribution to this family and her stepson and stepdaughter can be seen, and she is grateful and repaid. As long as everyone gets along well, everyone in the restructured family can feel happy. [Today's topic] Do you have a similar reorganized family around you?
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