55 days spent 60,000 yuan! 16 nephews end their summer vacation, shouting "will come back"

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55 days spent 60,000 yuan! 16 nephews end their summer vacation, shouting "will come back"

People's Daily Online conducted a questionnaire survey on some families in Beijing and found that about 70% of parents have financial and psychological "dual pressures" on their children's holiday spending. Children in the summer vacation can rest and play to their heart's content. For parents, it is a difficult vacation. "Half a year's salary can't support a baby who is on summer vacation", it sounds a bit exaggerated, but it is the real experience of many families. You can spend about 2,000 yuan casually, and more than 30,000 yuan.

The summer vacation of 16 nephews ended, and the uncle spent 60,000 private house money

When the summer vacation began, Mr. Gong from Chongqing became popular. He opened the door, and his nephew and niece came in one after another. The children were all smiling, but his uncle was the only one with a sad face. Because he had to welcome 16 children during the holiday, plus his 2 children, 18 children were at his house to eat, drink and play, and his mood was inevitably a little complicated. Now that the summer vacations in various places are ending one after another, this uncle, who has 16 nephews, has ushered in the "intermission" with the baby. During the 55-day holiday, Mr. Gong spent 60,000 yuan in "private money." I didn't see a few valuables, and the money was mainly spent on food. It is not so simple to add 16 sets of tableware. With his 2 children, the 18 children eat about 16 pounds of rice, 8 pounds of meat and 20 eggs almost every day. In the hot summer, in order to ensure that children eat nutritiously and live comfortably. Not only must the supply of fruits and vegetables be sufficient, but the 5 air conditioners in the house must be turned on at the same time. It can be said that every second is spending money.

55 days spent 60,000 is not the end, the niece shouted: we will be back

The children are finishing their summer vacation and going home for school , When Mr. Gong sent them off, the smile on his face was obviously brighter, and he kept telling the children to study hard. Although tens of thousands of yuan were spent, my uncle was not reluctant. Hearing his niece say, "We will come back," he did not refuse at all. Not only that, Mr. Gong also said that he would adjust his life to continue making money, and continue to wait for the arrival of the children in the New Year. Some people envy the happiness of their extended family, and now there are very few families that can visit relatives like this. At the same time, I am also worried that this generous and loving uncle is raising a "white-eyed wolf". As the old saying goes, "a rich nephew doesn't know his uncle, and no matter how poor a nephew is, he sacrifices to his uncle." He took care of 16 nephews and nieces at once. Is he really not afraid that the children will not remember him in the future? I suspect they are doing a show. In fact, after understanding the experience of this "Uncle Universe", I know why he did this.

Uncle willingly spent 60,000 yuan for his nephew and niece. The experience behind it is not easy.

The family has 18 children, more than one He can afford tens of thousands of yuan a month. I believe that Mr. Gong's economic strength has already been discovered by everyone. And the reason why he has the current conditions has a lot to do with his sister, so he takes care of his nephew like this, regardless of expenses. Mr. Gong has 3 older sisters and 1 younger sister. When the eldest sister married to Chongqing in the early years and made a successful business, she did not forget to support Mr. Gong and make money with him. After Mr. Gong came to Chongqing, he learned to do business with his eldest sister. Gradually, his business became better. He got married and had children in Chongqing, and lived a pleasant life. Without the eldest sister, there would be no Mr. Gong today. He is grateful to his sister for his support and support. Not only the relationship between the sister and brother is good, but also for the sister's children. In addition, Mr. Gong has a good relationship with his sister and sister. The children have only one uncle. When they get together during holidays and festivals, it is lively and can enhance their relationship. Adults and children are very happy. But then again, even close relatives have to be measured, not how much money is spent, but easily hurt feelings.

Children get together to spend the summer vacation, and the relationship should be measured no matter how close the relationship is

Whether it is a big family like Mr. Gong, or only one The two children are spending the summer vacation at a relative's house, and the necessary etiquette and precautions cannot be ignored. A child may spend more for a holiday than when he goes to school. Mr. Gong spent a total of 60,000 yuan, and on average, each child spent more than 3,000 yuan, which is similar to the summer vacation expenses of most children mentioned above. Many children spend their vacations at their grandmother's or grandmother's house. A few thousand yuan is affordable for families with good conditions, and may not be a small sum for the elderly. Therefore, no matter which parent the child lives in, the living expenses can be kept. Or like Mr. Gong's sisters and sisters, buy more ingredients and don't burden the other person's life. Candy's mother said in her heart: Whether to send her child to a relative's house for the summer vacation, you must respect his wishes. Some children are waiting for the vacation to be with their parents. Regardless of the child's feelings, forcibly send them to another place for summer vacation, he will feel abandoned. If you don’t have time to bring your baby due to work or other reasons, explain the reason to your baby and bring your baby home as soon as possible. [Today's topic] What do you think of Mr. Gong's way of taking his children over the summer vacation?
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