This net red water cup is teratogenic and ruins the baby's intelligence! Your child may be using

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This net red water cup is teratogenic and ruins the baby's intelligence! Your child may be using

This summer may be so hot that even the water cup has become an internet celebrity! That's right, it's a net red pot belly cup walking on the street. The shape of the cup is really cute, and it lives up to the trendy name of the Internet celebrity. However, the key depends on how you choose, especially for children, you must look at the material. At present, the commonly used materials for water cups are plastic, metal, ceramic, glass, etc. Most of the net red pot-bellied cups are plastic cups. The common plastic cup materials in our life mainly include the following: PC (polycarbonate), PP (polypropylene), Tritan (copolyester), PPSU (polysulfone). When choosing a children's water cup, the most important thing parents need to pay attention to is whether the material will produce bisphenol A when it is heated. This is a chemical ingredient that can affect the human body, cause endocrine disorders, induce precocious puberty, and obesity in children above a certain dose. This ingredient may also increase the risk of cancer. The PC material mentioned above will be hydrolyzed to produce bisphenol A when heated. Since 2011, the EU and my country have no longer allowed the use of PCs as raw materials for children's milk bottles. But we went to pick up this kind of pot belly cup sold online. Except for a few written in Tritan material, most of them are PC. If it is for babies, don't choose PC material. The other three materials do not contain bisphenol A, which is recommended as the best choice. In addition, if you have accidentally bought a PC material, remember not to install hot water. The above are sorted by environmental protection: Tritan > PPSU > PP , sorted by temperature resistance from high to low: PPSU > PP > Tritan, sorted by price from high to low, generally PPSU > Tritan > PP, which is a few hundred more expensive and cheaper Dozens of dollars, you can choose according to your needs. Regarding the material of the water cup, you can find regular products at the bottom of the water cup. If you can't find it, it is generally not a product of a regular manufacturer, and it is not recommended to use it. Therefore, the net red pot belly cup has a high appearance, but when choosing for children, you must pay attention to the material. If it is made of PC material, don't buy it. In addition, when buying water cups for children, in addition to the material, attention should also be paid to the type and function.

Choose the right type, baby is safe and secure

The main types of drinking cups suitable for babies are duckbill cups, straw cups, drinking cups and open cups . According to the baby's age and adaptability, parents need to change the water cup in time to help the baby learn to drink water as soon as possible and transition to an open water cup. Generally speaking, duckbill cups are more suitable for babies 6-9 months old. The duckbill cup is divided into a soft mouth and a hard mouth. The soft mouth and the pacifier are more similar to the touch, which is very suitable for the baby to transition from the bottle to the water cup. The hard-mouthed duckbill cup is the beginning of the baby's real learning to drink water. After that, the feeding bottle can only be used as a snack. Sippy cups are generally suitable for babies over 10 months old. When using a straw cup, you need to pay attention to cleaning the cup in time, because the food residue left after the baby eats may stick to the straw. If it is not cleaned in time, it may breed bacteria and affect the baby's health. Some net red pot belly cups also have this kind of straw equipment on them, so be sure to pay attention to cleaning them in place. The sip cup is an excessive cup of the open cup, which is recommended for babies over 12 months old. This kind of cup baby can suck 360°, through the baby's lower lip and the edge of the cup mouth, sucking with the upper lip, can prevent the baby from sticking out his tongue when drinking water, improve the locking force of the lips, and learn to drink water faster. Open cups are common water cups. When babies have learned to drink water by themselves, generally babies over 18 months can try to drink water directly from open cups. At this time, many cups that use open cups as lids or The kettle is ready to go.

Choose the function well and use it well, parents will be safe and secure

The more common functions of baby water cups in daily life are as follows: Anti-choking design: For small babies In other words, before you have mastered the skills of drinking water, it is easy to be choked when you drink water, and the anti-choking design is very important. When purchasing a water cup, you can choose a sippy cup that requires the baby to suck and bite to produce water, so that the baby can learn to control the water output by himself. Leak-proof design: The baby drinks a lot of water, drink water in the morning, before going to bed, and even more when going out to play. However, the baby's balance ability and holding ability are still gradually growing. They often run around holding a water cup, and add various fancy drinking postures. When carrying out, they often need to be put together with other items. The leak-proof design of the water cup is relatively high. Easy to disassemble and wash: Although the water cup itself is relatively easy to clean, the various accessories of the water cup, such as straws, sealing rings, cup lids, etc., will be easier to hide dirt and dirt, and need to be cleaned regularly. At this time, a water cup with all parts that can be easily removed will greatly reduce the burden on parents. Gravity ball design: when the baby drinks water, there will be a variety of postures, standing drinking, sitting drinking, lying down, lying down... If the water pipe of the water cup does not have a gravity ball design, when the bottom of the water cup is facing the sky , the baby may not be able to drink water, and the water cup will not work. With the gravity ball design, no matter how the baby rolls, you can drink water from all angles! Back to the question at the beginning, can the Internet celebrity pot belly water cup be used by children? If these water cups are of safe material, the type matches the age of the baby, and the functions meet the needs of use, you can buy them with confidence. If it doesn't match, be cautious and choose another home~
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