There is a kind of "ignorance" called wipes to wipe the buttocks, which seems to be convenient for parents, but in fact "does not harm the baby"

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There is a kind of "ignorance" called wipes to wipe the buttocks, which seems to be convenient for parents, but in fact "does not harm the baby"

Babies are not hygienic when they are young, and they do not have the ability to maintain personal hygiene, so the personal hygiene of babies requires comprehensive attention from parents. Some parents often like to use wet wipes for cleaning when wiping their baby's buttocks, thinking that the wipes are "gentle and harmless" and will not cause damage to the baby's tender skin, but this is not the case. After Aqiu had a child, she put almost all her energy on the baby. She was afraid that it would fall off when she held it in her hand, and it would melt when she put it in her mouth. Toilet paper can cause skin damage to your baby. And Aqiu felt that the wet wipes were soft and skin-friendly, and the wet wipes could better clean the baby's buttocks, so when wiping the baby's buttocks, Aqiu began to use the wet wipes, which saved the need for The process of washing the baby's butt not only reduces the energy of A Qiu, but A Qiu feels that doing so can better maintain the health of the baby's butt. However, within a few days, A Qiu's baby developed some skin problems. First, the skin on the butt area turned red, and then the baby was very reluctant to let A Qiu touch his butt again. What kind of skin disease, so Aqiu took the baby to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment. As a result, after the doctor learned that A Qiu often likes to use wet wipes to wipe the baby's bottom, the doctor told A Qiu very seriously that this cleaning method is not advisable. Wiping the baby's butt with wet wipes seems to be gentle and harmless, and it is convenient for parents, but it actually makes a lot of children.

There is a kind of "foolishness" called wiping the buttocks with wet wipes. It seems that parents save trouble, but in fact, it is "not easy to harm the baby"

Use wet wipes to wipe the baby's buttocks It seems to be very convenient, fast, clean and hygienic, but there are many potential hazards. The ingredients of wet wipes are irritating to the baby's skin. There are many types of wet wipes on the market. For adults, it seems that any type is similar, but for babies, the difference is big. From a macro perspective, the wet wipes on the market are mainly divided into three categories: the most common ones are the ordinary wet wipes that can often be seen in supermarkets and convenience stores, and the hygienic wipes with disinfection function sold in some pharmacies Wet wipes, and some special baby wipes sold in professional mother and baby stores. Among these three types of wet wipes, ordinary wet wipes are the one with the most and the most widely used groups on the market, and almost all we can buy are such wet wipes. This kind of wipes may contain some irritating ingredients, such as alcohol, artificial flavors and other ingredients, which are very unfriendly to the baby's tender skin. If you use this kind of wipes for your baby, it may cause skin problems for your baby, especially if it is used on your baby's butt, it is more likely to stimulate skin health problems and lead to health problems in the baby's butt skin. To say that it is not irritating to the baby's skin, there are only those special wet wipes for infants without any artificial addition. Although the ingredients of this kind of wet wipes generally do not contain elements that irritate the baby's skin, after the parents wipe the baby's butt with this kind of wipes, the baby's butt will be damaged due to the moisture retention in the wet wipes. In a wet state, causing flooding and other situations. Therefore, it can be said that any wet wipes will irritate the baby's ass. The temperature of the wipes can irritate the baby's butt In addition, the temperature of the wipes itself can also cause irritation to the baby's skin. Because the temperature of wet wipes is generally room temperature, if it is placed in summer, the temperature of the wet wipes at room temperature may be a bit cold for the baby's skin. In winter, the situation is even more serious, because the temperature is very low, so the temperature of the wet wipes is a bit cold for the baby's skin, which will stimulate the baby's skin, which is not good for the baby's skin health, and even Cause the baby to catch a cold, etc. Therefore, no matter what kind of circumstances, no matter what kind of environment, it is not recommended to use wet wipes to wipe the baby's butt. If you have to use it, you also need to use baby wipes, and after using the wipes to wipe the buttocks, you need to use baby wipes or mother and baby toilet paper to absorb the remaining water, so as to avoid the baby skin is moist. In addition to paying attention to the choice of wet wipes, you should also pay attention to the method of wiping the baby's butt, otherwise it will easily lead to the baby's red butt.

How do I safely wipe my baby's bottom?

Wipe your ass seems to be a very simple thing, but on the baby, it is not so simple. Because the baby's skin is relatively delicate, its resistance to physical stimulation or pathogens is relatively weak, and its strength is only about 10% of that of adults. Therefore, when parents wipe their babies' butts, they must Be very careful. So, how should parents safely wipe their baby's butt? Pay attention to the selection of sanitary products: When parents wipe their baby's buttocks, they must pay attention to choosing the right sanitary products to wipe their buttocks. For example, you can use baby wipes to wipe the baby, then wash it with warm water, and finally dry it with a cotton towel. This process can maximize the cleanliness of the baby's butt and the health of the skin. Pay attention to the way you wipe your butt: When wiping your baby's butt, be sure to pay attention to the way you wipe your butt. There have been several such news before, because parents used the wrong way to wipe the baby's buttocks, resulting in many babies suffering from genital infections. Therefore, when wiping the butt, parents should pay attention to wiping from front to back to avoid contamination of the baby's genitals. Pay attention to the strength of the wipe: the baby's skin is very delicate and weak, especially the butt area. Therefore, when parents wipe their baby's buttocks, they must pay attention to mastering the force, and the force should not be too large to avoid hurting the baby's skin due to excessive friction.

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For a baby, nothing can be sloppy, even if it’s wiping the butt If something is not done properly, it will also have a great impact on the baby's health. It will lead to health problems in the baby's butt skin, and it will cause infection in some parts. Therefore, parents should pay attention and don't take the baby's butt seriously. (The pictures in this article are all from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete)
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