9Days baby was squeezed breast to cause acute breast cancer#! Stop using "bad parenting habits"

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#9Days baby was squeezed breast to cause acute breast cancer#! Stop using "bad parenting habits"

A 9-day-old child has acute mastitis, can you believe it? Needless to say, that's what happened recently. Recently, the news "Parents squeezed the baby's breast for 9 days to cause acute mastitis" rushed to the hot search, and the audience was instantly full of uproar. The child's breast in the video is bruised and swollen to the naked eye. The most unexpected thing is that the cause of this incident turned out to be the old man in the family who was old-fashioned and squeezed the child in the wrong way after discovering that the child's breasts were enlarged. This makes me a mother, really angry. It's already 2022, and there are still people who are obsessed with squeezing their children's nipples? I can't wait to refute rumors every day, but I can't keep up with the spread of this bad parenting habit. I saw in the comment section, some accused parents of not being optimistic, some accused the elderly of being superstitious, and some shouted to let the child go... Without exception, it is hard to hide the distress for the child between the lines. After all, any mother who has known acute mastitis knows what kind of pain it is. Even a mother can't stand mastitis, how can she be willing to let a child who can't knock or touch it suffer? What's more, squeezing your baby's nipples is far more harmful than just getting mastitis. What are the dangers of squeezing nipples? For a child, squeezing nipples is absolutely harmless. In addition to mastitis, these hazards cannot be ignored either. 1. The skin is damaged and the breast is susceptible to bacterial infection. I believe we are all obvious to how tender the child's skin is. If you use too much force when grasping, it may leave a red mark on the child. Let alone squeezing the nipples deliberately, it falls on the child, and the breasts are all light red. The child in the opening video has high swollen and bruised breasts. Once the skin is damaged, the child's resistance and immunity are insufficient, and it is easy to be exploited by bacteria and cause bacterial infection. With the spread of this infection, in addition to mastitis, it may also cause breast abscesses, and even lead to sepsis. It's not that C's mother is exaggerating, everyone can check the news and know that such cases are not non-existent in reality. Even if there is no inflammatory infection, leaving a scar on your baby's skin that is difficult to remove is always bad. 2. Wrong squeezing affects the breast development of the child Even if some parents think too much about squeezing the nipples for their child, it is hard to say that they have any absolute experience. The reason why I dare to do it is that I don't know the seriousness of the matter, and I feel squeezed and squeezed. As everyone knows, squeezing the nipple has a great impact on the child's breast development. As far as I know, there are no clear requirements for the method and strength of nipple squeezing that has been passed around, just as elusive as the "right amount" of salt used in the recipe. It's all up to the parents to play by themselves, can this be reliable? ! It should be known that if the breasts are not uniformly stressed, there will be differences in the relative development of the breasts. I asked who can guarantee that they will exert the same amount of force on the child's left breast as on the right breast? ! If there is no guarantee, the child's breast development in the future is likely to be asymmetrical, large and small, or even underdeveloped. To tell you the truth, there was such a case in Dad C's hospital: the little girl's nipples were eroded after being squeezed, resulting in the absence of one breast. Ah, what should I do? I can only wait until I grow up to have breast reconstruction, but why should I let the child suffer from this crime? 2. Children's breasts are very normal. Don't blindly listen to the so-called "experience". In fact, many things about your baby's breasts are perfectly normal. 1. The child's nipple is sunken. Some parents actually know that squeezing the nipple is a bad habit, and scientific parenting is not for nothing. When I saw that the baby's nipples were actually sunken after birth, I was "blown" by the elders in my ears: what not to squeeze will affect the appearance, and I will not be able to breastfeed in the future... After going back and forth, I couldn't help but shake. In fact, many babies are born with nipples that look sunken. The adhesions at the base of the nipple can pull the nipple inward because the inner tissue of the breast has not yet kept up with the expected growth to elevate the nipple and areola. This is a normal physiological phenomenon and is temporary and will change slowly as the child grows and develops. Of course, there are positives and negatives, and there are also abnormal nipple depressions. For example, they may not develop in the later stage. This belongs to the category of congenital malformations, and it cannot be solved by squeezing the nipple. To put it simply, there is no need to squeeze if the development is normal, and it is useless if the development is not normal. If we are worried about the problem of sunken nipples in our children, it is better to go directly to the doctor to see if they are reliable. 2. The child's breasts are swollen The reason why many parents agree to squeeze the nipples is that the breasts appear swollen after the child is born. Isn't that how the hot search incident mentioned in the opening chapter came about. After seeing it, the elderly in the family felt that they had to squeeze it. Without further ado, let's see what the doctor said: normal physiological phenomenon! It stands to reason that when the baby is born, the breasts are enlarged or swollen, or the induration can be felt under the nipple, and even the milk will leak when you touch the nipple. Regardless of whether it is a boy or a girl, this is all possible. There is no need to make a fuss, the child has been exposed to maternal hormones in the mother's womb, and there are some residues after birth. The swollen breasts of the children we see actually come from the mother, and the same is true for milk. Under normal circumstances, these breast phenomena of baby boys will naturally subside within 2-3 weeks, and the breasts of baby girls may last for several months because of their development, and they will disappear after the hormones are gradually metabolized over time. Third, what are the bad habits of parenting? With squeezing nipples, I also found a few bad parenting habits that are still circulating. Quickly take a small notebook and write it down, don't cheat any more! 1. I don't know how many times it has been widely advertised how to treat a child's scald by applying white wine and soy sauce. There are still people who believe in spreading bad parenting habits. What to put on white wine, rub soy sauce, rub toothpaste, rub the bottom of the pot... I'm afraid I don't really think that everything can cure scald, right? Obviously not possible! First of all, if you put liquor on the scalded area, if you think about it, it will aggravate the situation. The funny thing is that there has been such a case: when a 6-month-old baby girl in Fujian was scalded by hot water last year, the child's grandfather insisted on using the local soil method and applied a high concentration of liquor to the scalded area. As a result, the child fell into a state of severe intoxication and was found to have impaired liver function upon examination. Secondly, smearing soy sauce, toothpaste and other things also has no effect. It will only increase the difficulty of cleaning the wound surface, and may also cause infection of the affected area, increase the risk of skin damage, affect the doctor's judgment of the injury, and affect the treatment effect. You see, this year, this kind of thing happened: the correct way to deal with scald, we always emphasize the five-step method of "flush-de-bubble-cover-delivery", and then review it again: ● flush: immediately rinse with running cold water For at least 15 minutes on the side of the scalded area; ● Take off: Gently take off the clothes or cut the surrounding clothes with scissors; ● Soak: Soak the scalded area in cold water for more than half an hour; ● Cover: Use sterile gauze (or clean Clothes, clean towels) gently cover the wound surface; ● Send: send to a doctor for examination and treatment in time. 2. We are all familiar with the saying that winter melon water treats heat stroke and fever. After all, just last year, the news that "a 4-year-old girl was poisoned by feeding melon water" attracted 320 million people's attention. Winter melon water is a long-rumored "secret recipe" in some areas of Guangdong. Many elderly people believe that using winter melon water to treat heat stroke, fever, and fever has miraculous effects. Friends who don’t know it probably don’t know that winter melon water is not a soup that is freshly boiled with winter melon, but a melon juice that has been sealed and fermented in a jar for a few years. This so-called "ancient secret recipe" actually produces a large amount of nitrite, which can lead to nitrite poisoning in children after taking it, resulting in purple lips, dizziness, fatigue, heart palpitations, vomiting, difficulty breathing, etc. So, there is no so-called "Shen Shui", even if there is no nitrite poisoning, this long-fermented thing does not know what microorganisms will breed, and we cannot predict the serious consequences. Mother C said that after seeing so many real cases, we should all understand how bad parenting habits hurt children. Hurry up and stop it, the elders didn't mean it, and the children are really wrong. I know that there may be many families where the elderly are helping to take care of the baby, and so is my family. Conceptual conflicts are inevitable, and we need to communicate with our elders more. Otherwise, treating ignorance as love is the greatest harm to children. What we really need to do is scientific parenting. CD Parents: Promoter of the "Chinese Parents Learning Program", C Dad - Master of China Medical University, doctor in a tertiary hospital; C Mom - Editor-in-chief of newspaper parenting, author of "Good Parents Only Good Education". Raise the CC&DD siblings, popularize infant feeding, sleep, disease, and psychological knowledge for public welfare, let more parents join the scientific parenting team, avoid detours together, and be "good parents in China" together! 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