It is very difficult to reduce the belly after the age of 30. It may be that these three pits have not been avoided.

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It is very difficult to reduce the belly after the age of 30. It may be that these three pits have not been avoided.

At the beginning of this month, Mom Cake launched a "30-day fitness check-in" on Weibo, and now the 30 days are almost over. I wonder if you have checked in? In this event, we found that among our sisters, there are many sports gods! I have been in fitness for 19 years and have brought out many coaches: pregnant mothers who are still punching in at 32 weeks of pregnancy; and athletes who run 10 kilometers a day: seeing everyone's enthusiasm for sports, my wife is really happy! Seeing these talents, I believe that the mothers who didn't exercise before have also started to get excited and want to practice! Cake Mom would like to remind inexperienced sisters that they must not be "hot-headed" when exercising. It is not uncommon for them to be involved in the hospital by exercising too much recently. Today's article is a "nanny-level sports lightning protection strategy" written for the little white sisters. It is a blood and tear lesson that the little friends have endured, injured, and spent money. Please read it carefully. In the matter of fitness, we advocate "small water and long flow". I am most afraid of "topping" and vigorous training at the beginning. It is easy to get injured and is not conducive to long-term persistence. Soy sauce urine appeared in the dance exercise mentioned in the previous news, which is obviously too much. Although some aerobics are high-intensity sweat-removing classes with first-class fat-reducing effects, they are really not suitable for beginners. At the beginning, it is recommended to choose moderate-intensity exercise, such as jogging at a speed of less than 9 km/h, low-intensity spinning, Zumba, jazz and other dances are suitable. When exercising, it is more appropriate to use physical sensations to judge the intensity:
  • You can chat and speak normally - the intensity is too low and needs to be strengthened;
  • Speaking a little bit - moderate intensity, appropriate;
  • Gasping to the point of being speechless - high intensity, beginners can slow down appropriately.
Time should be more restrained, don't think "it's hard to exercise once", just exercise for two or three hours. Exercise 30 minutes at a time, 5 times a week, to achieve a total of 150 minutes of exercise time per week. You can also arrange flexibly according to your own time. You don’t need to care about the best time to lose weight and the best weight loss exercise. The one that can persist for a long time is the best. Running and jumping are indeed the most energy-consuming movements. Many fat-burning exercises are all kinds of running, running, running, jumping, jumping, and jumping. ▲The well-known weight loss action burpee jump, picture source @Keep running is also a very fat-burning action, many people will share "the changes before and after running XX days", which is very exciting. ▲ The screenshot of the picture is from Xiaohongshu. However, running and jumping are very test of the knees. At the moment of running and landing, the knees can bear three times the weight of the static state. The average person is fine, but people with a large body weight (BMI>24) usually have a lot of pressure on their knees, and they run and jump around, which can really cause problems! The same is true when running, the knees are under a lot of pressure, so people who really need to lose weight are not suitable for running and fat loss as the main project. Swimming and cycling are more recommended for sports with relatively little burden on the knees. If you want to add fitness equipment at home, it is recommended to buy a spinning bike and an elliptical machine. Some sisters have asked Cake Mom before: Is training the core just about training the abdominal muscles? In fact, the two are still different. The abdominal muscles and vest lines that everyone often say refers to the rectus abdominis on the front side of the abdomen. The "core", in addition to the rectus abdominis, includes the internal and external obliques and the deep transverse abdominis, which combine to protect and support the abdomen like a barrel. In a broader sense, it also includes the muscles of the pelvic floor, back, and buttocks. Why let everyone practice the core? Let’s just put it this way: once the core has been trained, there is no waist pain, no back lumps, no protruding belly, and no false hip width! Of course, core training is also the hardest for mothers. Because most mothers have very weak core strength, common core exercises are easily deformed. Many sisters around will have the situation of "sit-ups and necks first" and "plank support shoulders first". (If you are in this situation, you can go to the comment area to raise your hand~) Today, I will teach you a super simple entry-level movement that can be practiced while lying down. It seems that no one has named it yet, so we might as well call it "" Lie flat". 1. Lie flat, knees bent, feet flat 2. Put a thin silk scarf under the waist (you can also use a thin book or elastic band instead) 3. Pull the silk scarf outward with force, and press down on the stomach, so that the silk scarf cannot be covered Pull out (this is the most critical place) for 30 seconds to 1 minute at a time, and you can do it many times a day. This action is simple and effective, and it can find the feeling of core strength. It is very helpful for mothers to practice more often. The separation of the rectus abdominis, which is not serious, can also be improved by this action. It is normal to have muscle soreness after exercise. Stretching, hot compress, and massage with a fascia gun can relieve it. ▲The fascia gun is very effective for muscle pain in the calf, thigh, and shoulder. There is no need to worry about muscle pain, but there is one place for pain that must be paid attention to, that is, the knee. The knee joint is the most easily injured joint in sports. Once worn and not properly protected, it will develop into chronic arthritis, which is difficult to recover. If you are running or jumping during exercise, remember that the footsteps on the ground must be soft. The lighter the footsteps, the less pressure on the knees. Knee pain, either indicates wear or muscle strength imbalance, in either case, it is not recommended to continue exercising. If your knee pain doesn't get better after a few days of rest, or if your daily walking hurts, you need to see an orthopaedic doctor. We are not professional athletes, exercise is to be healthier and more energetic, and sports injuries are not worth it. Remember to choose a time and method that is convenient for you, and if you can stick to it for a long time, you can enjoy the happiness brought by fitness! The title picture comes from the TV series "You Who Came From the Stars"
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