"I would rather have my children chewing on the old at home", it may not be a good thing for children to "eat the old" at home, the reality is cruel

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"I would rather have my children chewing on the old at home", it may not be a good thing for children to "eat the old" at home, the reality is cruel

The gnawing old clan is a group that many people despise, because they have no achievements and only know how to rely on their parents. However, now many elderly people are muttering "I would rather let the children eat the old" every day. What happened? Mr. Li has an enviable son. During his school days, his academic performance was always among the best, and he was finally admitted to an ideal university. After graduating from college, he also found a very good job because of his excellent grades. Xiao Li is also very serious about his work. In just two years, he has been promoted to a senior executive. It can be said that this son of Lao Li's boss , is simply a proper child of someone else's family. Old Boss Li is naturally very happy that his son is so promising, and the neighbors are also quite envious of Old Boss Li. However, as time went on, Mr. Li became a little lonely, because his wife left early, and he was the only one left at home, and he looked forward to his excellent son every day to come home and have a look. However, because Xiao Li is very busy with work, he often needs to travel around the world, not to mention returning home, and there are not many opportunities to return to China, so the old boss often does not see his children for several months, only in some On important festivals, such as Chinese New Year, the child will go home only once. In the envious eyes of others, Old Li was actually very disappointed. He often said silently, if he knew this was the case, it would be better to let the children go home and eat the old, so that at least he can have a company in his later years. , not to be lonely year after year. In fact, there are many old people like Mr. Li. Their children are very good, but they have no time to take care of the old people. In the words of some people, it is "the same as having no children". However, these old people may not have thought that if the children go home to eat the old, there may be other unsatisfactory situations.

It may not be a good thing for children to "eat the elderly" at home, and they will face these consequences. The reality is very cruel

The elderly cannot be visited by their children in their later years, and the elderly feel lonely. However, is it okay to let the children go home and eat old age? Not necessarily. ①It will cause a serious burden on the economy of the elderly. The most "prominent" feature is that it will cause a great burden on the economy of the elderly. You must know that today's young people's consumption concept is relatively strong, which is different from the consumption concept of the elderly. Many people do not live very frugally. Therefore, if the retirement salary of the elderly is not high, it is difficult to meet the expenses of the young. In addition, when the child goes home and eats the old, it is not the child who goes home and eats the old alone, because the child will get married and have children, and the old man will need to meet the financial expenses of a family. Unless there is a particularly high retirement salary, or after getting old, you still have a lot of assets, or when you are old, you still run some businesses, etc., which can continuously supplement economic expenses. Otherwise, the old man will be empty soon, let alone the children, the old man will not be able to eat himself. ②It will seriously impair the child's personal ability. Even if the elderly have the economic strength that they don't need to worry about at all, it is an extremely selfish behavior and a completely irresponsible behavior to the child. Because going home to eat the old is equivalent to telling the child to completely give up his career and be a leisurely "young master" at home, without social training or hard work, and only know to guard the family's one mu three In addition, the child's knowledge, ability, experience, etc. cannot be improved, and the child's personal ability will be severely limited. In the end, the child is likely to become a "crippled person", a "mother boy", a "giant baby", completely unable to face the society alone, or even have the ability to take care of himself. ③The purpose of letting the children go home to eat the old is mainly to enjoy family happiness. However, after the child goes home and eats the old, it may not develop into what the old man imagined. I remember watching a people's livelihood program before, and the program mentioned an old family. The son in the family is married, but after the marriage, the son does not start anew, but still lives with his parents. In fact, the old man does not have high requirements for his son. It feels good to accompany him at home and help himself. However, things did not go as expected. Because of his long-term neglect at home, his son gradually lost his enthusiasm and played games at home every day. And the daughter-in-law was infected by the atmosphere of the family, and she also became lazy and played games with her husband all day long. As a result, the old man did not receive the filial piety of his children, but instead raised two "giant babies" in his later years. After that, the situation got worse. The old man was even scolded by his son all day long because he could not meet the consumption requirements of the child. It was extremely miserable. But in the end, it was the old man's own fault. To sum up, judging from all the signs, if children go home to chew on the elderly, it seems that the harm to the elderly will be even greater. Therefore, the elderly should know how to ease their lonely hearts, not blindly thinking about "letting the children go home to eat the old", but to let the children develop their own careers and manage their own lives with confidence. When the elderly feel lonely, they can find some fun by themselves, such as traveling with their wife and children, going to the park to exercise, playing chess, or participating in some hobby-based non-governmental organizations, etc., which can enrich their lives. There is absolutely no need to focus your energy on your child. After all, children also have their own life plans, and it would be too selfish to completely take children in their arms. As a parent, you should not treat your children as private property at will.

Concluding remarks

Parents hope that their children can go home often, and children should also understand the hearts of the elderly , During weekends or vacations, I often visit my elderly parents and give warm greetings, so that the elderly can rely on, enjoy and feel at ease. (The pictures in this article are all from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete)
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