Why does the child's mother reach out to hug after scolding the child, and can't bear to scold after understanding the reason

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Why does the child's mother reach out to hug after scolding the child, and can't bear to scold after understanding the reason

Wen|Ying's mother went to the mall a few days ago and saw a two-year-old child in the mall walking to the toy section and reluctant to leave because he wanted to buy a toy. Seeing that the clothes of the mother and son should belong to an ordinary family, and the mother herself has to buy food and go back to cook in a hurry, the child refuses to leave the toy area and wants to buy toys. It's hot: Dad only pays 5,000 yuan a month. Mom doesn't go to work. The family relies on this salary to pay rent, buy diapers, milk powder, and vegetables for you. Where can I buy toys for you? ! Why are you so ignorant? If you cry again, mother will leave, no matter you! The child was frightened and cried when he saw his mother's face changed! But when she saw her mother turning around and wanted to leave, the child ran to her mother, crying while reaching out for her mother to hug. It's really sad to watch. Indeed, we will find that many children become more clingy to their mother after being scolded by their mother, reaching out for their mother to hug!

Why do you want your mother to hug you after being scolded? After understanding the reason, the mother can't bear to blame the child

Reason 1: After the child is injured, he has to find his mother. For example, a two-year-old boy wants to buy a toy. This is a child's nature. It's a normal phenomenon, but for mothers, because the family's economy is tight, they are worried that their children want this and that. So the mother can't help but scold the child. , After the child is scolded, he doesn't know what he did wrong, but he will be very hurt, so after the injury, he will subconsciously find his mother. For a child, the mother is his warm harbor. Reason 2: After the child is scolded, he is worried that his mother will not want him. Many parents will subconsciously add a sentence after scolding their child. For the mother, this is a word that threatens the child, but for the child, he will take it seriously, and he feels that the mother does not want him. You must know that for a child who has not yet been able to take care of himself, leaving the mother is for him. a kind of destruction. So I worry that if my mother doesn't want me, I just let my mother hug me, and being next to my mother means my mother, and I want myself. Reason 3: The child wants to comfort the mother. Whenever the child is uncomfortable, as long as the mother hugs him, he will feel very comfortable, and when he sees the mother is angry, he will also subconsciously want to comfort the mother. My child comforts my mother. The way is to hug mom. When the mother holds the child, the child will actually hold the mother, and skin-to-skin kissing is the best way to comfort. Therefore, after being scolded, the child still needs to be hugged. In fact, it is a manifestation of the child's impaired sense of security, and it is also a way for the child to comfort the mother. And these steps are more effective than beating and scolding when a child is playing tricks outside. For example, when a child sees a toy outside and doesn't want to leave, he insists on buying it when crying. At this time, many mothers scold the child or even beat the child, or threaten the child. sense of security.

Three steps to effectively deal with child cheating

Step 1: Carry the child to a safe place such as holding the child in In the car or in a corner where no one is around, try to avoid the child crying and playing tricks in public, so that the mother is also embarrassed. Step 2: Accompany the child and let him cry. When the child is emotional, he needs to cry to vent his emotions, so it is a good thing for parents to accompany the child to cry and let him vent his emotions. Many times, a child will peek at his parents when he is crying. At this time, the parents can ask him if he has finished crying? If the crying is not finished, let the child continue to cry. Step 3: Reasoning with the child When the child has cried enough and finished crying, then the parents tell him why not buy this toy for him, and make the reasoning clear to the child, so as to convince the child. Educating children to beat and scold is not a superior education method, and it will also cause harm to the children's hearts, so you must be patient when educating children. (The picture comes from the Internet, if there is any infringement, it will be deleted immediately.)
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