Cecilia Cheung sent her second son to school, and the "parent-child drive" interaction in a luxury car was bold, causing online controversy

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Cecilia Cheung sent her second son to school, and the "parent-child drive" interaction in a luxury car was bold, causing online controversy

When it comes to three-child mothers in the entertainment industry, I have to think of Cecilia Cheung and her three sons for the first time. Although the father of the third child is still a mystery, it does not affect everyone's love for her and her children. As we all know, the first two sons, Xie Zhenxuan and Xie Zhennan, were born to her and Nicholas Tse, and inherited their parents' high-value genes. Lucas and Quintus have been handsome since childhood, and they are the focus of attention wherever they go. After living with their mother Cecilia Cheung, Also very well cared for. Cecilia Cheung also faded out of the entertainment industry after raising her children. The focus is also on her children, and she plays the role of a qualified mother in the family. However, recently, the picture of her sending her children to school has suffered a lot of online controversy.

Cecilia Cheung sent her second son to school, and the "parent-child drive" interaction in a luxury car was audacious, causing online controversy

Cecilia Cheung enjoyed being a mother very much, When she became famous, she hoped that she would be full of children and grandchildren in the future. She was straightforward and cheerful by nature, and her love for her son was also very direct. Recently, she drove her second son to school. The interaction between mother and son on the supercar is also very close and warm. It can be seen that the second son and mother have a good relationship. Cecilia Cheung with no makeup is still in the same state as a girl. Quintus has grown into a young boy now. Although he can't see the whole picture with a mask on, his eyebrows and his father Nicholas Tse are also somewhat similar. The mother and son were in a good mood during the driving process. They also swayed their bodies to the song in the car. Cecilia Cheung also stroked her son's face with her hands for a while, pushed her son's head away when she heard the joy, and held her son's head again for a while. Fingers clasped together. You must know that the supercar driven by Cecilia Cheung is also very fast. These interactions have really made netizens sweat. After all, it is very dangerous to be distracted while driving. Everyone is also talking about such a bold "parent-child drive".

Driving with one hand to show closeness, Cecilia Cheung caused controversy when sending her baby to school

Some time ago, Lin Zhiying took her son to drive and got into a car accident. Let the public have lingering fears, and when they saw the scene of the star taking the baby out again, and Cecilia Cheung sending his second son to school, netizens also shouted that it was dangerous. Sharp-eyed netizens found that Cecilia Cheung and his second son did not seem to wear seat belts the whole time, which is already a violation of the law. Secondly, during the driving process, Cecilia Cheung also held the steering wheel with one hand, and kept swinging his body, turning his head to the side of his son from time to time. . This way of driving is very dangerous, it is easy to be distracted, and the accident occurs due to lack of concentration. You must know that although Cecilia Cheung's driving skills have always been good, she once took her eldest son to a rear-end collision. As a public figure, she still has to set an example. Especially as a mother, you must also consider the safety of your children. Although I am very happy with my son, we still need to pay attention to traffic safety at all times. The worries of netizens are not unreasonable. It is understandable that mothers love their children, and the harmonious atmosphere between parents and children is enviable. However, this daring way of driving still needs to be corrected in time, and do not make mistakes for children. demonstration.

Parents sending their children to school should pay attention to what issues?

In the process of parenting, in fact, many parents often make some mistakes because they dote on their children too much, especially some details in life, it is difficult for parents to pay attention to it. There are many things that parents need to pay attention to. Pay attention to safety: There are many ways to take children to and from school, such as walking, driving or taking transportation. No matter what kind of way, parents should teach their children to obey the traffic rules, and they should also teach their children to pay attention to safety, etc. question. Private car transfers should also arrange seats according to the age of the child. The co-pilot can only sit at the age of 12. If children in kindergarten need to use safety seats, parents should take care of their children’s travel safety. Don't be late: In addition to safety instructions, parents should not be late when picking up their children to and from school. Don't form such a bad habit for children, and cultivate children's compliance with time. Agreeing with the child on the pick-up location, telling the child not to travel with strangers, etc., is not only a safety education for the child, but also establishes a moral standard for the child and gives the child a sense of security. Affinity communication: When many parents pick up their children to and from school, they often bring these negative and negative atmospheres to their children because of small things, such as traffic jams or bad moods. This is a taboo for parents. When taking children to and from school, it is necessary to take care of the children's emotions and establish a parent-child relationship with them. This is also a good time for communication, but don't interact with children in the car like Cecilia Cheung. In short, parents should first regulate their own words and deeds, and subtly will affect their children and educate them to better progress and grow! [Today's topic] Which do you think is better looking, Cecilia Cheung's eldest son or second son?
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