Is it recommended that the high-speed rail come out with a "carriage with a baby"? To deal with bear children, this mother's approach is commendable

time:2022-12-02 author:Make one's mouth water
Is it recommended that the high-speed rail come out with a "carriage with a baby"? To deal with bear children, this mother's approach is commendable

There have been a lot of hot topics these days, all related to encountering bear children on the high-speed rail. A passenger filmed a small child shoving and slapping the girl in front of her seat. Although the girl in the front row reminded her many times and the child's parents stopped her, it was still to no avail. The girl could only lean forward to endure the interruption from the "bear child". This is not an exception. It is a situation that is often encountered when taking high-speed trains. Many netizens have said that they have encountered such a situation. So some netizens suggested that the high-speed rail should have a carriage with a baby. In this way, all the "bear children" are gathered together, and they can not disturb others. Faced with such a proposal, many people agreed. Some people even "raise their hands and agree with three legs". Although it seems a bit funny, it is not difficult to see that they are all real feedback from people who have been "persecuted" by bear children on high-speed rail or other public places. However, calm down and think about it, although this proposal is designed for "bear children", there is another hidden meaning behind it. A netizen said: "It's not the children who are angry, it's the parents who just sit back and ignore it."

The bear parents who sit back and watch

once ate hot pot with their family, and the two children at the next table started to sit down. There has been a riot, and no one of the adults at the next table is concerned about the two children who have affected others' meals. After a while, the two of them dipped their skewers into the bottom of the pot and swung it around. Everyone turned their heads to avoid it. Some even asked the boss to change seats, but the adults at the table were still indifferent. Until a girl in a white skirt walked over and pointed at the skirt to ask the parents to discipline the child, they actually said, "Playing with the nature of children, wash your skirt, it's fine." Judging from the tone of speech , they think the girl is the one who makes the mistake, it's the girl's behavior that affects their child's playful nature. That meal gave me a real sense of how much "Bear Parent" affects a child's development. Behind every "bear" child is a "bear" parent. When every child is born, it is like a blank sheet of paper. How can there be any natural "bear child"? But it is the parents' indulgence time and time again. The so-called "failure of not raising the godfather" is precisely because of the neglect of the "bear" parents, or the bad example they set, that single-handedly created the "bear child".

How to avoid raising a "bear child"?

On the same high-speed train, a mother in Heilongjiang received praise from netizens for her approach to her noisy baby. The 1-year-old baby cried on the high-speed train, and the mother gave the baby a pack of wet tissues to wipe the carriage. As a result, from driving to the station, the baby has been quietly cleaning the carriage. In order not to disturb others, the mother said, she uses distraction to quiet her child. The same parents, the same troublesome children, some people can find a way to make the children quiet, but some people do not stop the children's behavior, or even turn a blind eye. So, what a child looks like depends on what the parents do. How to avoid cultivating "bear children", the following 3 steps should be done: The first step is to divert attention like the way the mother above often uses to divert attention, which is a good way to calm down the child. Children are noisy because they have a lot of energy. It is natural to love to play. If parents use other ways to divert their children's attention when their children affect others, they will avoid becoming "bear children". Tips: You can fold paper boats, look at the distant scenery, white clouds in the sky... As long as you want, you will have 100 ways to help children divert their attention. The second step is to follow your words and deeds. Parents are role models for their children's growth. They can say what you are like and what your children will become in the future. If you don't want your child to become a rude child that everyone despises in public, you must pay attention to your usual words and deeds. For example, don’t shout in public, don’t turn your phone to a loud voice to watch videos, etc. Only by keeping the little things in life consistent with your words and deeds can you really affect your children. Also, if you find that your child is disrupting public order, you should stop it, not just superficially, and let them know clearly that their behavior is incorrect. If parents don't take it seriously and just pretend, how can they expect their children to actually obey the rules. Two-faced behavior, it is strange that "bear children" are not cultivated. The third step is to naturally punish the child for making mistakes. Most parents use "artificial punishment", such as yelling at the child or performing corporal punishment, to stop the child's wrong behavior with the power of adults. Although this method works quickly in the short term, it is not conducive to the growth of the child. The British philosopher Spencer was often troubled by the mischief of the juniors in his family, so after observation and research, he concluded a point of view that the use of "natural punishment" is more effective than "artificial punishment". Unlike "artificial punishment", which is imposed on children by adults, the so-called "natural punishment" is to let children bear the consequences of their own actions. For example, for the child on the high-speed train who kept pushing and shoving the table, the parents should not just stop and look at it symbolically, but should tell the child that because his behavior disturbs others, he needs to apologize to his sister until he is forgiven. If parents can do this, naturally there will be no "bear child" behavior that everyone hates. Spencer believes that "natural punishment" can help children establish a correct concept of cause and effect. Young children, they do not have a clear understanding of the rules of society, and all behaviors are based on themselves. What parents have to do is to give them the right guidance and let their children know what can and cannot be done. Only in this way can children take the right path and go a long way in their future growth. If you do not guide and educate your children in time when they are young, and use reasons such as "the child is still young" as an excuse to evade your responsibilities as a parent, then one day in the future, someone will always educate you. As for what kind of education others will use, parents will not know, but children will definitely suffer a lot and suffer a lot of sins because of their parents' indulgence in childhood! Don't let your child become a "bear child" that others despise, and don't make yourself a "bear parent" that everyone laughs at! Broken thoughts: As the old saying goes, "Don't do evil for small things, and don't do good things for small things." If a child takes a high-speed train to affect other people's actions, parents think it is a small thing and don't stop it. In the future, these "evil small things" "Few will become more, and eventually the bitter fruit will be eaten by itself. (The picture in this article comes from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete it)
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