The 24-year-old unmarried boy welcomes his second brother. Netizens: Experience the feeling of having a baby

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The 24-year-old unmarried boy welcomes his second brother. Netizens: Experience the feeling of having a baby

A 24-year-old boy welcomed his second brother this year. The incident quickly aroused heated discussions among many netizens on the Internet. There is a 24-year difference between the young man and his younger brother, and they look like father and son in the photo. It wouldn't be surprising if someone said that the newborn was the boy's son. People have been hotly discussing this matter, and it is nothing more than discussing the education issues, life issues and problems of getting along between the two children with such a large age difference. After the incident aroused heated discussions, many netizens also brought out the case of their previous parents suing their sister for raising their younger brother. This incident also caused an uproar on the Internet. The parents ignored the advice of their sister and gave birth to a second child without hesitation. Under the economic conditions of receiving the minimum living allowance, the parents did not think about raising the second child. After the second child was born, they still wanted to be taken care of by their elder sister. Many people were grieved for the elder sister. However, Article 29 of the "Marriage Law" states that a brother or sister who can afford it has the obligation to support minor brothers and sisters. The matter went to court and ruled in favor of the parents.

What are the reasons for the buzz about such events?

The age difference between the first child and the second child is too large, and many practical factors have to be considered. The reason for the heated discussion is that the parents want the second child without the ability, which is very inconvenient for the first child. responsible. Many netizens wonder why they chose to have a second child when they were in their 20s. Waiting for another two years to get married and have children, wouldn't it be better for parents to wait and hold their grandchildren at that time? When a child is born at such a young age, how to take care of it becomes a problem. It seems that the first child has become a well-deserved successor, and there is no room for negotiation and no right to refuse. It is necessary to help parents take care of their underage younger siblings. But this has a lot of impact on the life of the first child. No matter whether the first child is a boy or a girl, if parents choose to have a second child when the first child is in their 20s, it will inevitably affect the marriage and life of the first child. No one wants to be with such a family. children get married. Although many parents have stated that the purpose of having a second child is to accompany the first child, having a second child when the child is in his 20s cannot play the role of companionship at all, and the two children have nothing to talk about. For the first child, only the eldest brother has the responsibility of the father. In front of older brothers and sisters, it is difficult for the second child to enjoy the love of older brothers and sisters.

The eldest is in his 20s, and the disadvantages of choosing to have a second child are obvious

Many parents do not value the idea of ​​having a first child so much when they choose to give birth at an advanced age. They feel that having a child its own business. Although some parents can guarantee that they don't need the first child to take responsibility after having a second child, there are still many drawbacks. People of different ages have different energy to take care of children. Older people are unable to take care of their children. Parents who choose to have a second child at an advanced age have to overdraw their energy and physical strength when taking care of their children. It's hard to believe that people in their 40s and 50s can stay up late with their babies and play with them as much as young people. Nowadays, people attach great importance to the education of children. Having a baby at an advanced age means that there will be a big generation gap with the second child. Older parents are already out of touch with this society. Under such circumstances, it is impossible to achieve education. responsibility. In addition, the current educational concept is changing rapidly. If the age difference with the second child is too large, it will be difficult to educate a good child. When the baby grows up, parents will find it difficult to keep up with the thought of the second child. At this time, they have to ask for the first child to help with education. Children have no way to choose their own parents, but parents, as adults, should fully consider practical issues when giving birth to children. Many parents give birth to a second child on impulse. Even if the family does not have any financial burden, the second child will still be aware of the difference between himself and his peers in the process of growing up. During the parent-teacher meeting, the second child will find that other people's parents are very young, but their own parents are like other people's grandparents.

The age difference between the first and second child is too large. What problems will there be?

Parents who choose to have a second child have a very naive idea, and feel that having one more child will make the family more lively, but if the relationship between the first child and the second child is not handled well, I am afraid that the effect that the parents want will not be achieved. 1. The two children have difficulty communicating. Regardless of whether the second child is born to give the two children a companion, as long as Dabao chooses to have the second child when he is in his 20s, the two children cannot accompany each other. Twenty-somethings need to think about reality: getting married at work. There is no way to accompany one's younger siblings like a child. Many siblings who are too different in age have a hard time talking to each other. Because the first child is very busy with work, it is difficult to take care of his younger siblings, and even spend little time together, so their relationship will not be too close. 2. One child expresses strong dissatisfaction. When the first child is very old, having a second child can make the first child very dissatisfied, because they will be faced with the task of raising younger siblings. Many older children expressed great pain when they found out that their parents gave birth to a younger brother and sister. It is difficult for parents to get the help of Dabao, and after having the second baby, it will drag down Dabao's life, which will have a great impact on their marriage, family and work. 3. The second child is forced to bear. It can be said that the elderly parents choose to have a second child. It can be said that they are very irresponsible for the two children. The second child came to this world without a choice at all. There are a pair of majestic and old parents, and there are others who will not love themselves. brother and sister. The educational resources and living resources they enjoy are different from other children, but they are forced to bear all this from birth. Is this happiness? Conclusion: During this whole incident, choosing to have a second child is not a good thing for everyone in an ordinary family. Having a child requires thoughtful consideration, and having a child without taking into account the realities can only show that the parents are very confused. (The picture in this article comes from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete it)
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