Help primary school freshmen enter the school happily and pass the basic stage smoothly. Parents should do this

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Help primary school freshmen enter the school happily and pass the basic stage smoothly. Parents should do this

The picture comes from the Internet. Today, there is a feeling of high autumn and fresh air. With the change of the weather, the children are also getting ready to start school. Every year from the end of August to the beginning of September, it is an ignorant longing and a curious attempt for freshmen at different stages. Babies entering kindergarten mostly use crying to express their acceptance of the new environment; while middle school students mostly use their youthful recklessness to strive to stand out in the new environment; only the first grade children seem to be no strangers to school. , after all, 3 years of kindergarten have been experienced; but it is inevitably full of timidity, after all, they have to face a new environment, new teachers and new life, and students who are only 7 years old are still children! The picture comes from the Internet. At this time, parents of primary school freshmen should immediately carry out a series of actions to help "Xiaodoubao" enter the school happily and pass the basic stage of primary school smoothly!

1. School is beautiful

Parents should try to make their children like their school from the beginning, after all living environment for 6 years. If the chosen school is what the parents have in mind, then this joy will naturally be passed on to the child, and he will also yearn for it. But if it is so far, this school may not be the first choice of the parents, or this school is not the number 1 in the parents' hearts, it is just a choice made out of necessity, and my heart is full of frustration and unwillingness. So please remember, don't bring your own emotions to your children. Only when children are interested in school before they start school will they develop an inner passion, a love of school, a love for school, and a desire to learn. This is the primary emotional preparation for children to enter and continue their learning. The picture comes from the Internet

2. The teacher is amiable

The primary school teacher and the kindergarten teacher are the same in terms of the nature of their work, but In terms of the content of their work, they are fundamentally different. Kindergarten teachers are more attentive to children's life, while primary school teachers have more specific requirements for children's learning. Parents should help children make some psychological adjustments in time, so that children know that although teachers are strict, they like children very much. A harmonious and warm teacher-student relationship is the spiritual source for the healthy growth and rapid transition of primary school freshmen. In fact, if the child likes the teacher, he will like the courses he teaches, so that he can study more seriously and get good grades. In the face of positive children, teachers will naturally give praise and appreciation; thus making children better, this is a complementary process. Therefore, parents must give positive guidance to their children at home, and do not discuss their children's teachers with a contemptuous attitude. Only by respecting the teachers from the beginning can they guide their children to respect the teachers. Only when children respect their teachers can they know how to be grateful and learn to cherish, which is the emotional driving force in primary school life. The picture comes from the Internet

3. Learning is fun

Interest is the best teacher and the most important internal motivation for children to learn. Only when they are interested in the content of the study will children study hard, concentrate and study seriously. Nowadays, many children have already acquired the basic knowledge of the lower grades of primary school through various early childhood transitions before entering school. Whether it is pros or cons for children is not discussed here. It can only be said that when children have a strong curiosity about knowledge, they prefer to explore. Even if the basic knowledge is fully mastered, the expansion on the basis of the basic knowledge is equally important. such as reading. Reading in the lower grades of primary school is very important to keep children interested in learning and making progress. The picture comes from the Internet

4. The classmates are friendly

After 3 years of getting together, the children in the kindergarten may not have a high chance of entering the same primary school . Therefore, for children, to face new classmates and partners, there must be a process from unfamiliar to familiar. Therefore, parents should cultivate good qualities such as caring, friendliness, generosity, and integrity for their children, and establish a friendly partnership. Although there is inevitable competition among classmates, in front of the class collective, it is also a relationship of weal and woe. This is the spirit of the team. Only by letting children feel the friendship between their partners can they help them quickly integrate into the group, find their own position in the collective life, and grow up happily with their friends. The picture comes from the Internet

5. Be the unique and best version of yourself

Self-confidence is the cornerstone of a child's healthy growth, as well as the inner motivation and spiritual pillar that drives the child to keep moving forward. . Parents should cultivate their children's inner strength, cultivate their self-confidence, help them correctly understand and accept themselves, understand their own advantages, and clearly recognize their own shortcomings. Only in this way can children be able to learn from each other's strengths and be brave all the way forward. Children's inner strength often comes from the respect, care, trust and understanding of their parents. Self-confidence is a positive self-emotional experience, which requires continuous accumulation, continuous success to strengthen, and parents' patience, perseverance and love. You must know that every beauty that a child blooms is inseparable from the correct guidance of parents in the early stage. The pictures are from the Internet. Therefore, at the beginning of the child's schooling, parents and mothers must be prepared, not only for the supplement of knowledge, but also for the company of time and spiritual praise, so that the child can feel the love from the parents. Trust and love, let children believe that their parents will always be their solid backing, so that they can move forward with enthusiasm, sunshine and positivity.
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