"Social fear" baby went to Haidilao for his birthday, with rejection written all over his face: making mistakes is not so honest

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"Social fear" baby went to Haidilao for his birthday, with rejection written all over his face: making mistakes is not so honest

In the past, when a child had a birthday, boiled a bowl of noodles and an egg was already a very formal birthday meal. Today's children's birthdays are becoming more and more ritualistic and creative. It is no longer limited to decorating at home, and it feels formal to go out for a big meal. When it comes to where to go for birthdays, some parents want to take their babies to Haidilao to let their children experience the feeling of being surrounded by blessings. How does the child feel about this? The little boy experienced it firsthand.

"Social fear" baby went to Haidilao for his birthday, with a bright expression

A baby in Jiangsu celebrated his birthday with his family in Haidilao, Being "discovered" by the staff of Haidilao, of course, the sense of ceremony is indispensable. Classic songs, classic light signs, the staff put birthday cakes and start celebrating the baby's birthday. The adults present were very happy, but the baby's expression was a little wrong. There was no smile on the little guy's face, he looked down at the people around him, and was completely indifferent to everyone's singing and applause. It is estimated that he has never encountered such a battle, with doubts and rejections written all over his face. Even though the staff never stopped, the boy wasn't impressed. Seeing the boy's funny expression, netizens joked that he probably wouldn't have such an expression when he made a mistake. It seems that he is a "social fear" baby. Everyone's warm blessings continue to be "exported", but the baby seems to only care about when it can end, presumably this birthday is destined to be unforgettable.

"Social fear" baby faces blessings with rejection, is it appropriate to celebrate the child's birthday in public?

Seeing the nervous look of the baby, some netizens commented that the parents were joking about the child. For the children of "social fear", this is not a birthday celebration but suffering. A parent said that such a sense of ritual is difficult to accept even if the child is not social. Some people are in their twenties and will tell the waiter directly in advance not to come and sing the birthday song to him. Celebrating a child's birthday in public, and in the face of Haidilao's birthday celebration method, if you want to evaluate whether it is appropriate, it mainly depends on the child's personality. Every child behaves differently, and some behave in the exact opposite way from this "socially terrified" baby. I still remember that there was a child who was about the same age as a boy. During the meal, whenever the staff went to celebrate birthdays for other customers, he would run over to be the atmosphere group, and the parents couldn't hold it back. They sang and danced to send blessings to each other, and finally returned to their seats reluctantly after receiving a small piece of cake. In that case, it is not the baby but his parents who are feared by the society. In the face of such a lively child, someone held a light sign and sang to him, maybe they would sing and dance with the waiter, but felt happier and happier.

Family has a social fear of babies, and "Haidilao-style" birthday celebrations should be carefully chosen

As a catering industry, Haidilao's original intention is good , many people really like this intimate service experience. But for children, going to an unfamiliar environment, someone suddenly sings to him in the restaurant, attracting the attention of the surrounding, will also feel scared and embarrassed. If parents want to give their children a surprise, it's okay, but I'm afraid that some parents deliberately want to see their children's reactions, just for their own happiness. You should be happy on your birthday. You must learn to think in a different position, and choose the place and way of your birthday according to your child's personality and preferences, taking into account his feelings. Sometimes, what parents think of as "surprise" may frighten the child, make him feel scared or even "humiliate". The adults are thinking about the sense of ritual, and the children may have been thinking about when they can eat the cream cake, and hope that the uncles and aunts will stop singing. The happiness and joy of being surrounded, the social fear baby will not understand. How scared and embarrassed the child is, parents often ignore it.

Babies are not so honest when they make mistakes, to avoid embarrassing parents celebrating their birthdays

Little Candy once told me that she wanted to eat Having a barbecue for my birthday, although I think it's a bit noisy, but the candy like is more important, and her request is not too much. Birthdays are a sign of a baby's growth, but if children celebrate their birthdays like boys, it may have a shadow on their birthdays. For younger babies who are not yet sensible, if it is not because of the traditional customs at home, it would be better to have a simpler birthday, which is neither wasteful nor troublesome. If you want to take your child to a birthday like Haidilao, don't let your child deal with such a grand scene alone. It's much better if a parent holds him or sits next to the child. Children who go to primary school are more and more respectful. It is necessary to ask the children if they like this way of celebration. Otherwise, there may be a situation where the adults are busy for a long time, but the children do not appreciate it. To surprise the child, you can secretly buy him a small gift that he has always liked, instead of feeling suddenly surrounded by strangers, so that everyone is not embarrassed. The candy mother said in her heart: It is good to let the child have a sense of ritual, but remember that the premise is that the child can accept it and feel happy. At the same time, it is necessary to gradually let the child know that his birthday is to celebrate his birth N years ago, and also to celebrate his mother's successful passage through the gate of hell. [Today's topic] Would you take your baby to an occasion like Haidilao for his birthday?
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