"You don't have to watch"! Couple dissatisfied with Baoma's diaper change and being scolded: only 50 cm away from the dining table

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"You don't have to watch"! Couple dissatisfied with Baoma's diaper change and being scolded: only 50 cm away from the dining table

Someone once started a discussion on the Internet, "Will you sit in the seat of the elderly, the sick, the disabled and pregnant?" About 31.72% of people said they would sit down first, and then give up their seats when they saw someone in need; about 26.88% said they would not. will sit. Pregnant women and mothers are well cared for outside. There are "mother-infant seats" on the bus, and pregnant women have their own lanes. When sugar mothers sometimes take their babies out of the queue, someone will tell me that I can "jump the queue" with my children. However, people's tolerance and ideas are different, and whether to endure or not depends on the situation, and do not want to make concessions because of the other party's special identity.

Bao’s mother took her baby to change diapers in the restaurant, causing the neighbors to be dissatisfied

During this time, some thoughts about children, baby There were a lot of arguments about Mom, and the conversation between a couple and Bao Mom left a deep impression on everyone. A couple shared their experiences of going out to eat online. A large family sat at the adjacent table, including a baby in a stroller. During the meal, Mom got up to take care of the baby and was busy in front of the stroller. Originally, this was a normal behavior, but when the couple saw that Bao Ma was changing the baby's diaper, they were not calm. The couple said they clearly saw that the baby was pooping, and the mother changed out of the "colored" diaper, and it was only about 50 centimeters away from their seat. The two communicated with each other about this, but the other party said: "You can not watch it", and believed that the couple must have this reaction because they have never had children. When Bao Ma's family learned about the couple's behavior, they pointed at them from the seat and spoke. The whole process made the girl feel "speechless".

I am disgusted with the mother's behavior of changing the baby's diaper, whether I care about it or I am forced to help it

Similar situations often occur. Bao mothers were sprayed when breastfeeding in public, and children who could not be coaxed into crying were sprayed. Before, there were more people on Bao Ma's side, but this time the situation in the restaurant was different. Some netizens understand that the time of baby's urination is not fixed, and they feel that couples are too concerned. People with children will inevitably encounter this situation. Couples "stand and talk without back pain", and they will understand after they have children. But many people with babies stand up against this idea: "I am also a treasured mother, but I will never change my baby's diapers at other people's tables, and I will be disgusted by thinking in other positions. ". Some people even say that Baoma should not go out with her child, and if she bothers herself and disturbs others, the child will suffer as well. Everyone is arguing about who is right and who is wrong. In fact, fundamentally speaking, there is also a practical problem, that is, when the mother brings the baby into trouble to be solved, there is a situation of "nowhere to go".

Bao Mama changes diapers in the restaurant, there are more practical issues that need to be considered

"Wonderful Flowers" Chen Ming used to accompany his wife all over the street to find a mother and baby room, and finally had to go to the parent-child floor in the shopping mall. However, according to previous statistics, the total number of mother and baby rooms in all cities in mainland China is only 2,643. Based on the previous incident alone, it is impossible to determine the quality of the couple and the mother, but looking at the problem through things, the mother and baby room can indeed solve many embarrassing problems. It is true that it is not easy for Bao Ma to bring children, but if everyone in public understands Bao Ma's suffering, it is indeed difficult for a strong person. As in this case, the mother had nowhere to choose to change her baby's diaper in the restaurant, but for other customers nearby, the sensory and smell experience was not very good, and anger was inevitable. Helpless, it is unrealistic to want mothers and babies to be spread across shopping malls and restaurants. To avoid embarrassment and contradictions, the following solutions are indispensable.

There is something wrong with changing the baby's diaper in public, so this solution is more appropriate

In fact, breastfeeding or feeding the baby in public Changing diapers means that the privacy of mothers and babies is not protected. Empathy, even if your child changes diapers while eating, the experience is not very good. Everyone understands Bao Ma, and Bao Ma should look at the surrounding environment appropriately. It is a good way to cover with a nursing towel and a small sheet. During the time when the sugar mother was in the mother and baby store, there were often mothers who came to the store to rest, breastfeed or change the baby's diaper. If the maternity room is full, they will put on a nursing sheet to feed. Once Bao mother asked her family to carry a small sheet that was unfolded and hide it in the back to change the child's diaper. These two methods neither affect others, but also protect the privacy of yourself and your baby. They are a good way to avoid disputes with people around you. The way of communication between the two parties is very important. As the affected party, if you feel uncomfortable, you can raise it euphemistically, instead of insulting and accusing your mouth. In this way, there is a quarrel from the beginning, and the small conflict will expand. If Bao Ma really affects others, she can't make excuses or even scold others in turn. If the child grows up and the parents still do this, it is not conducive to educating the child. The candy mother said in her heart: Although the baby is very cute, he does have a smell when he poops. Do not do what you want to others, and it is good to avoid it. Finally, I hope that people will not trouble people with babies because of prejudice. The number of mother and baby rooms in public places has increased and it is easy to find. [Today's topic] What would you do if you encountered this situation in public?
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