Li Leyou was admitted to a school in Dalian, Jin's mother denied spending money to "go through the back door", the hard-working girl has not forgotten her origins

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Li Leyou was admitted to a school in Dalian, Jin's mother denied spending money to "go through the back door", the hard-working girl has not forgotten her origins

Children who have participated in "The Metamorphosis", the two parties only meet occasionally after the show, and they go to visit during the New Year and festivals, and even no longer contact each other. The children's brief experience of "swapping lives" has also received mixed reviews. Many people think that this is a game. Urban children will return to happiness after experiencing life, while rural children will have motivation and low self-esteem after seeing prosperity. In the show, Li Leyou was the only one who was not "returned" and got along with urban families like a family. In the blink of an eye, Li Leyou has graduated from high school and is officially living with Jin's mother. The good life is about to begin, but it is controversial.

Li Leyou was admitted to a school in Dalian, but was questioned for "going through the back door"

Cui Jin's family has since decided to adopt Li Leyou , Jin's mother has been looking forward to Li Leyou to live in Dalian. Li Leyou's grades were not good. Cui Jinjin and his mother knew this for a long time, and they spent nearly 600,000 yuan to make up for Li Leyou. Li Leyou has also been working hard all the time, just to get into Dalian and the city of Jinma. Hard work pays off, Li Leyou was admitted to a local university in Dalian as he wished. Jin Ma was happy to share the good news with everyone, but it caused controversy. When the results came out, Cui Jin once sent a red envelope of 88 yuan as a reward, and said that UU's results surprised them, which was much higher than the estimated score, and could not hide their happiness and excitement. But when asked about the specific score, Cui Jin said that UU is still worse than ordinary students, and did not send out the scores. Some netizens revealed that Li Leyou only scored 365 points in the test. For a while, many people were saying that Li Leyou "going through the back door", but it was not what everyone guessed.

Li Leyou was admitted to Dalian, and Jin's mother responded domineeringly to questions and arguments

Faced with people's doubts about Li Leyou, Jin Mom domineeringly responded that she would not do anything against morality and the law, and would never allow others to slander. I hope netizens can understand and respect her. Cui Jin is even more domineering and protects his sister. He wants to keep all the evidences that slander them. It can be seen that they are still very confident about Li Leyou's admission to university. Some people compared the scores of local schools in Dalian. Even if Li Leyou's score is 365 points, according to legend, he will not "go through the back door". Her grades were difficult for undergraduate schools, but she was able to get into some junior colleges. Many people are not optimistic about vocational schools, but for Li Leyou, who used to have only a few points in the foreign language test, it is better to continue studying than to drop out early. If it weren't for the care of Jin's mother, Jin's father and brother, Li Leyou would still be the child without the love of his parents after the show ended. It is not easy to maintain such a close relationship for so many years.

Li Leyou is about to go to school in Dalian, temporarily shelve the dream of "Internet celebrity"

Li Leyou once revealed in the live broadcast that she After careful consideration, I decided to become an internet celebrity like my brother and Jin's mother in the future. With his own popularity, his future actions will not be very bad. Once the college entrance examination results are not satisfactory, becoming an internet celebrity can be regarded as a retreat, and her plan is to contribute to the development of her hometown in this way and stick to her heart. Facing Li Leyou's idea of ​​becoming an internet celebrity in the future, Jin's mother did not directly deny or block, but persuaded Li Leyou to focus on his studies at the moment, and it would be beneficial to learn knowledge in the university. Li Leyou is also very persuasive, usually a little naughty, but he will listen to Jin's mother and brother when it comes to business. Now that she has been admitted to a school in Dalian, her dream of being an internet celebrity has been put on hold for the time being. She has learned more knowledge in school. If she can find a stable job after graduation, she will have a broader development direction and more possibilities in the future. However, as Li Leyou appeared more and more online, so did people's skepticism. One of the most poignant questions is to ask Li Leyou if he has "forgot his roots".

Afraid that her grandmother would be distressed and did not talk about the tuition fees, the hard-working Li Leyou did not "forget his roots"

Li Leyou has never felt father's love since he was a child I love my mother, but I have my grandparents and my living conditions are not good, so I still have the grace of parenting. When everyone saw that Li Leyou was living a good life, but grandma was still in the countryside, they felt that she only cared about her own enjoyment and did not repay the old man. But the fact is that Cui Jin and her mother took the initiative to give Li Leyou all the food, clothing, housing and transportation, but she just didn't want Li Leyou to live the same life as before. She didn't dare to tell her grandmother about tuition fees, for fear that her grandmother would feel distressed when she found out. She will not forget her grandparents, just because she can't go back often to study, and outsiders haven't seen the process of her making calls and sending videos. Jin's mother regarded Li Leyou as her biological daughter, but she did not completely separate her from the life of her grandparents. It is planned to return to the hometown to build a local-style building after UU grows independently. As for the question of repaying grandparents, it's not that Li Leyou doesn't do it, but that she doesn't have the ability now. After all, she just graduated from high school, and her living expenses all need to be paid by Jin's mother. The old man was very happy when he saw that his granddaughter had a place to live and study. In terms of financial resources, Li Leyou is not yet capable, but I believe she will work hard to become stronger and repay her grandparents. Candy's mother said in her heart: "Deformation Plan" is over, this family story is not over yet, the hard-working children meet kind and loving people, I hope the love between Cui Jin and his parents will continue, and I hope that Li Leyou will use his grades and Practical action gratitude and reward. [Today's topic] What do you think of Li Leyou's current life?
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