"Mom, I want to play with my phone?" This is the standard answer for parents

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"Mom, I want to play with my phone?" This is the standard answer for parents

The National Bureau of Statistics released a set of data on February 25, 2022. The number of netizens in my country reached 1.032 billion, and the seventh census showed that the national population was 1.41178 billion. In other words, my country's netizens have accounted for 73% of the total population. %, except for infants, some elderly people and some special groups, basically everyone is a netizen. Of course, this 73% proportion also includes some teenagers, so you can see that many children are holding a mobile phone in their hands like adults, either watching videos or playing games. For this reason, many parents are very anxious. Let’s play mobile phones for children, worrying about affecting vision and learning. Don’t play, it seems impossible in the current environment. So, what should parents do in the face of children’s demand for mobile phones? Is there a better way to guard against death or let it go?

Sparse is better than blocking

Some parents believe that this problem must be solved from the root, that is, to completely prevent children from touching mobile phones and do physical isolation. But now the mobile phone has become a must-have household appliance. Going out for a car, having a breakfast, and buying a bottle of water are all inseparable from the mobile payment of the mobile phone. Especially since the epidemic in 2020, how many children have spent online classes on mobile phones. It can be said that the absence of mobile phones will bring a lot of inconvenience to children's study and life. I have seen such news on the Internet that a 16-year-old boy in Baoding is a student of a local key high school, and his grades are also very good on weekdays. During the holiday, parents could not help discipline the boy because he played with his mobile phone for too long, and there may have been some arguments during the period. The boy jumped down from the height of the community while his parents were not prepared, and his young life was fixed at the age of 16. Faced with the child's icy corpse, the parents couldn't figure it out: it's just that they didn't let the phone play, why did the child jump off the building? This is reminiscent of the serious flood in ancient times. Everyone used the method of blocking, but it became more and more serious every year. Until Dayu adopted the method of dredging to turn the flood into a water conservancy project, the flood was stopped, and the bad things became good thing. In fact, the same is true for children playing with mobile phones. It is unrealistic and impossible to completely forcibly prevent children from playing. On the contrary, it will make children more interested in mobile phones. It is better to give mobile phones to children generously. Of course, this does not mean that the child is given the mobile phone, he can play as long as he wants, and the adults don't care at all, but to make an appointment with the child in advance for three chapters.

Agreement Chapter Three

  • Agreement to play mobile phone time
You can make an appointment before 9 pm after the child finishes homework Play with the mobile phone for a while, so that the child will not procrastinate and dawdled when doing homework on the mobile phone, and strive to complete the homework before 9 o'clock. However, it is also necessary to conduct random checks on children's homework, not to write indiscriminately and to play with mobile phones, but also to pay attention to the notices from teachers in the class group. Some children will coax parents to do less homework in order to play with mobile phones.
  • Agree on the length of time to play with the mobile phone at a time
Parents can agree with the child how long they can play with the mobile phone at a time according to the child's age and preferences, generally within 30 minutes, because the long time Staring at the screen of the mobile phone still has a certain impact on the child's eyesight. Of course, the agreement should not be implemented mechanically, and a temporary agreement can be made according to the actual situation. For example, it can be added 1-2 times on weekends; if the child is watching a video and it will be over in 2-3 minutes, it is absolutely not allowed to forcibly grab the mobile phone on the grounds that the time is up. Let children learn self-discipline and develop the habit of shutting down on time.
  • Agreement on mobile Internet content
It is said that today's children are the generation of short video discarded. In fact, short videos are not all bad, there will still be some inspiring teaching videos. Parents can follow some educational tuba, websites, or high-quality resources recommended by teachers and school education departments together with their children, so that children can learn while playing and win two birds with one stone.

Leading by example

Dong Qing once said: "If you want your child to be whoever you want, be whoever you want." When you have time to play with your mobile phone, when you can't watch this or that, please also check if you have done it? Think about why children play with mobile phones? Naturally because of boredom, why would the child be bored? Fan Deng once told a story about playing games with his son in a book, and Fan Deng's son Dudu switched identities to play games with him. Fan Deng asked his son to play games with him, but his son Dudu picked up the phone and looked at it seriously, and said to him, "Dear, don't run around, have fun!" Fan Deng asked Dudu why he didn't look at the phone. Playing games with him, Dudu said, "That's right! I am you now, and that's how you usually play games with me." The child is a copy of his parents, he may not say it, but he will keep it intact Learn every move of parents. Obama, the former leader of the United States, never missed every parent-teacher meeting of his children, even during his campaign for more than 20 consecutive months. So don't use your busy work as an excuse to put down your mobile phone and accompany your children wholeheartedly. This is the best way to reduce children's use of mobile phones. Parents, remember: true education is one cloud pushing another cloud, life affecting life. Only when you lead by example will your children follow your example and do what you want.
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