Why do couples have a lower divorce rate within the system? The reason is very real, it has to be

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Why do couples have a lower divorce rate within the system? The reason is very real, it has to be

Text | Secret Book Jun marriage has always been about the right match since ancient times, so that the two people's growth environment and three views are relatively similar, it is easier to run in, and the marriage is more stable. But now marriage is often more realistic, education, work, everyone is screening, looking for a match. This is especially true for people who are introduced on a blind date. Work is often the primary consideration. In the system, people usually introduce people in the system, while those in the system around them are generally digested internally. Both husband and wife have dual systems. Facts have proved that couples in the dual system are relatively stable in their marriages, have a high sense of happiness, and have a relatively low divorce rate. Why do couples have a lower divorce rate within the system? The reasons are very realistic and have to be accepted.

Couples in the dual system, with stable jobs, plenty of time, and everyone has enough time to take care of the family

are generally in the system The working hours are consistent and stable. Everyone goes to work at about the same time and leaves work at about the same time. Every morning from 8 to 5, they can do housework together and accompany their children when they come home. On weekends, the holidays stipulated by the state are passed on time. Both husband and wife have time to take their children out to play, which is conducive to cultivating the relationship between husband and wife and parent-child relationship. When a husband and wife have similar working time rhythms and have time and energy to focus on the family, it is easy to have equal husband and wife communication. The status of the two at home is equal, and the two respect each other. Such a relationship between husband and wife is healthy and harmonious, and the family atmosphere is good, so the marriage is stable. The most important thing is that couples in the dual system do not need the older generation to help pick up and drop off their children after their children go to school. They can pick up and drop off their children during their working hours. They don’t need to live with the older generation. Avoid the number one killer of marriage - the contradiction between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. The family enjoys their little days in peace. This will make the relationship between husband and wife more stable.

Couples in the dual system have stable income, do not have too much financial pressure, and do not have to worry about their livelihoods

Both husbands and wives are in the dual system , Although there is no guarantee that you will be rich and noble in this life, you can still worry about food and clothing and worry-free retirement. Although the system is not as fast as some high-income private enterprises and businesses, they make more money and make more money. However, the content of work is easier than that of private enterprises, and the benefits are also complete. The provident fund, pension, and social security are all higher than those of private enterprises. Overall, it is much more cost-effective than private companies. What's more important is that private enterprises can maintain their income during droughts and floods. Just like many private enterprises have closed down due to the impact of the epidemic in recent years, a group of people have lost their jobs, and many businesses have also gone bankrupt. In the system, the salary is guaranteed, and there are also many benefits, and there is no need to worry that when people reach middle age, they will lose their jobs at any time, and they will not be able to take out car loans and mortgages, and worry about their livelihood. At the same time, as you get older, you will slowly endure within the system, your qualifications and titles will come up, and your life will become more and more nourishing. When you get old, you will have a generous pension, so you don't have to worry about your retirement life. Couples in the dual system live a simple and stable life, and they don't have to worry about their livelihoods. There is less embarrassment of poor and humble couples, and there are many less trivial cares and quarrels in life. And to be able to enter the system, there is still a certain foundation, such as personal quality, comprehensive quality, family foundation, etc. Everyone has a certain idea and realm, they are decent people, and there are moral constraints, they will manage their own more carefully marriage and family. [Topic discussion: Have any couples in the system around you divorced? 】Senior nursery teacher, psychological consultant. He understands parenting and psychology, and also pays attention to the mother's self-growth and family management, and strives to be a caring person for mothers. Welcome to [Parenting Cheats], you can find the answers here for everything you want to know about parenting care, growth and development, family education, and mental health!
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