How to deal with mosquito bites?

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How to deal with mosquito bites?

Although the weather is getting cooler, mosquito bites have not diminished, and children are especially attracted to these mosquitoes. What should I do if my child is bitten? Most mosquito bites can be resolved on their own at home, but parents also need to learn to recognize some serious symptoms so they can seek immediate medical attention.

First, how do you know what bug bites you?

  • Bee: When bitten by a bee, you will immediately see local skin redness, swelling and pain, and sometimes you can see bee needles left in the skin or skin pierced by needles Zha traces. Bees are commonly found in flowers, grass, picnic places and beaches. Seek immediate medical attention if you develop hives or have trouble breathing.
  • Fire ants: If you are bitten by fire ants, you will feel burning and pain, and the skin is red and swollen with some cloudy liquid. If you are bitten by multiple fire ants, you need to seek medical attention. Fire ants are common in lawns and parks.
  • Mosquitoes: After being bitten by mosquitoes, you will see local redness and swelling of the skin, feel hot and itchy, and some will gradually form blisters. Mosquitoes are found everywhere, especially around water, and bright colors and strong odors also attract mosquitoes.
  • Spider: You may not feel at first after being bitten by a spider, but gradually you will feel pain, small blisters, and a circle around the bite. Surrounded by red, swollen or purplish skin that looks like a target. This situation requires seeing a doctor.
  • Ticks: Ticks are small and remain in the skin or hair after being bitten and need to be removed with tweezers. Ticks are more common in the woods and shrubs. After being bitten, pay attention to the skin. If there is a big red circle, seek medical attention immediately. Ticks can cause Lyme disease, which can have serious consequences.
  • Wasps: Symptoms similar to a bee sting but may be more severe and require medical attention. Seek immediate medical attention, especially if you have hives or shortness of breath.
Allergic reactions to mosquito bites are common, but vary in severity and some are fatal. Such as: confusion, cough, difficulty breathing, dizziness, fainting, headache, urticaria on the skin, slurred speech, swelling of the tongue and lips, swollen eyes, difficulty swallowing, vomiting and wheezing are all symptoms of severe allergic reactions. These symptoms require urgent medical attention! Also see a doctor if the bite was in the eyes, mouth or throat.

How are mosquito bites treated?

If the child is bitten without a severe allergic reaction, it can be treated at home.
  • First remove the stinger left in the skin, try rubbing it on the stinger with a credit card or other card, it is easy to remove
  • Then you need to wash the bite with soapy water
  • After washing, apply a layer of antibiotic ointment, such as: Biotop, etc.
  • If the skin is red and swollen, it can be relieved with ice or cold compresses
  • If the extremity was bitten and it is swollen, try to elevate the victim Limbs to relieve swelling
  • If the itching is obvious, try applying an antipruritic ointment to the affected area, such as calamine. You can also try oral allergy medications, such as cetirizine or Cerritan.
Most bites heal on their own within a few days, but if your child has fever, fatigue, redness, or pain Exacerbation, rash, etc., should seek medical attention immediately. Some mosquitoes can transmit diseases such as encephalitis and Lyme disease.

How can I prevent mosquito bites?

  • Children should not wear brightly colored clothing outdoors
  • Do not use strong-smelling soaps, perfumes or washing machines Hair fluid
  • Wear shoes that cover your feet, don’t go barefoot or wear revealing sandals
  • Wear loose-fitting shoes Cover your limbs with long clothes and trousers
  • Spray insect repellant before going out
  • Tell children not to touch any Mosquitoes and what is a honeycomb, do not poked the honeycomb, etc.
  • Do not store stagnant water at home
  • Pay attention to children In summer and autumn, sleep under a mosquito net, etc.
The most important thing is to prevent mosquito bites. Once you are bitten, you must learn to recognize when you need medical attention.
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