What will happen to children who have not heard their parents tell bedtime stories since childhood? 3 changes are obvious

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What will happen to children who have not heard their parents tell bedtime stories since childhood? 3 changes are obvious

Nowadays, more and more people rarely tell their children bedtime stories. So, what will happen to children who have not listened to their parents' bedtime stories since childhood?

The story of two children, the gap is obvious

Xiao Wan tells her son stories and reads picture books every night. She feels that children Well, you should listen to more stories, especially when you are still in kindergarten and you are in a language sensitive period. Listening to stories will help your language skills. Every night before her son goes to bed, Xiaowan will tell him stories, sometimes reading a picture book, a little story may not be finished, the son has fallen asleep, accompanied by the mother's gentle voice and wonderful stories. Now my son is in the third grade, and his language skills are very good. He has been the monitor for three consecutive years. The teacher said that he is very relieved to leave things between classmates to him. Academic performance is also very good, especially in writing, often getting full marks. This has a lot to do with his mother's insistence on telling him bedtime stories every day. Because I often listen to stories, my son's language ability and imagination have been well exercised, and his little head is also very flexible. The teacher often praises him, saying that the parents teach well. There are children in the community, about the same age as Xiaowan's son, and the two often play together. Xiaowan also got to know the boy's mother because of this. After knowing some things, she became more convinced that she really did the right thing by insisting on reading picture books for her son! The boy's name is Xiao Nan. Xiao Nan's parents are both dual workers. They are very busy every day and often work overtime. Xiaonan's mother said that she went to work as soon as the child was weaned. Usually, her mother-in-law took care of the baby. She was equivalent to making money. She basically didn't know about the child. I just bought a house, and I have to repay more than 15,000 mortgages every month. Recently, I have been working overtime more frequently. Xiaowan asked, is Xiaonan's father so busy too? Xiaonan's mother said yes, in order to buy a school district room for the child, they both began to be busy since the child was born. At most, they worked three or four jobs a day, thinking of better material conditions for the child. Having said that, Xiaonan's mother sighed and said that she really envied Xiaowan's relationship with her son. Xiaonan never said anything to her, and seldom chatted. Xiaowan said, why don't you try to spend more time with Xiaonan? Or talk to the kids for a while at night, tell a story or something? Xiaonan's mother said, is that necessary, can such a small child understand it, and will it not affect the child's sleep? Besides, we are also busy with work, and we want to swipe our mobile phones when we have time. Xiaowan felt a little overwhelmed and didn't know how to chat with Xiaonan's mother about the benefits of reading picture books and chatting with children before going to bed. He could only smile bitterly and hurriedly walked away. When he got home, his son said that Xiaonan was the last in the exam this time. He was usually in class, and he didn't like to talk much. He hardly had any good friends. You see, the two are children of ordinary families. One listens to bedtime stories all the year round, and the other never listens to bedtime stories. The gap is really obvious, and the gap becomes more and more obvious as they grow up! Variation 1: Children who have weak language skills and do not listen to bedtime stories since childhood have a hard time catching up even as adults. Those children who have listened to bedtime stories since childhood. Can't express, dare not express, has become a label in the character. Variation 2: Less Vocabulary Accumulation Because I always listen to stories, my child's vocabulary has been greatly improved. And those children who do not listen to bedtime stories since childhood, lack of vocabulary, and do not know how to start writing in the future. Change 3: Slow brain development. Brain scientists have found through research that those children who listen to stories since childhood have more flexible brain cells and closer brain synaptic connections. And children who seldom or hardly listen to stories cannot get such development and exercise.

Half an hour before going to bed, please remember to show your children picture books and listen to stories

The time for listening to picture books is also very particular. If you arrange it before going to bed, children will be more careful. Willingness to listen also helps with sleep at night. Just like Xiaowan, she tells her son a picture book story every night. The child is in the third grade, and his grades are still top-notch. He has also served as a small monitor for three consecutive years. And if you can choose the right picture book, you can achieve a multiplier effect. What picture books are suitable for children to talk about before going to bed? After years of experience in teaching picture books to children, I can summarize the following three points: 1. The story is simple, and the children can understand it; 2. The content is short and concise, and a story can be told in three or five minutes; 3. It fits the child's life. , to develop a good habit. Conclusion: Teaching children to use the right method can achieve multiplier effect with half the effort. Looking at other people's children's excellence, how to see how they like them, it is better to find the reasons from their own education methods. Get into the habit of reading picture books to your children before going to bed, and your children will become better and better! (The picture in this article comes from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete it)
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