Quit your phone and let your kids get smarter with these interchangeable toys

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Quit your phone and let your kids get smarter with these interchangeable toys

Introduction: With the progress of the times and the development of science and technology, more and more electronic products emerge in an endless stream, and the functions they are equipped with become more and more perfect. Among them, mobile phones, as a type of electronic products closely related to people's daily life, are widely used in the adult world. The application is very popular; on the other hand, it has opened up the market in the circle of children and is highly sought after. When I was at a family party a few days ago, when the topic of mobile games was mentioned during the party, my cousin's chat box was opened at once. My cousin said that as long as her baby son Lele came home from school, he would use his mobile phone to play games when he seized the opportunity. The time of playing games can be controlled at the beginning, but later on, the child becomes more and more addicted to the game, and when forced to stop, she can clearly feel the small emotions from the child's dissatisfaction. There was a little conflict between them. After listening to what my cousin said, my aunt said earnestly: "If the current mobile game is not well controlled, it will cause a certain degree of damage to the child's physical and mental health." My cousin nodded strongly in agreement, and also said that because she was aware of this, she had been looking for some toys that were not only beneficial to children's growth, but also could replace mobile games for children to play in their leisure time. I believe that in daily life, many parents have the same distress as their cousins, that is, children spend too much energy and time on playing mobile games or watching mobile animations, which leads to various conflicts in the parent-child relationship. . So, what are the dangers to children of being overly addicted to the world of mobile phones?

The dangers of overindulging in mobile phones

Overindulging in the world of mobile phones requires the eyes to stare at the screen for a long time, which will cause the eyes Unable to get scientific adjustment, the first and most intuitive reflection is the decline of children's eyesight; secondly, once they are too addicted to the world of mobile phones, children will try their best to find game time, and even use the time that should be used for rest. Playing with mobile phones can seriously affect the health and development of children. A good parent-child relationship is an important guarantee to help children develop physically and mentally, and when children are overly addicted to the world of mobile phones, it will inevitably lead to a "parent-child war". On the one hand, parents want to strictly control the time their children play with mobile phones for the sake of their children. If things go on like this, the children's inner dissatisfaction with their parents will accumulate for a long time, which will lead to a gap between them and their parents, which will lead to the deterioration of the parent-child relationship.

Some toys can replace mobile phones, parents may wish to refer to

It is obviously not advisable for children to be overly addicted to mobile phones. Then, in daily life, what are the Items that can replace mobile phones can not only help children reduce the time spent playing with mobile phones, but also benefit children from it? If family conditions permit, parents of the following toys may wish to buy them for their children. First: The interactive AR globe is different from the traditional globe. The AR globe not only allows children to feel the whole picture of the earth more intuitively, but also comes with detailed explanations. interactive mini-games. It can not only satisfy children's curiosity about earth exploration, but also allow children to master knowledge points in the small games they interact with. Second: Kongming locks that can be puzzled Kongming locks originated from the Chinese folk, with various forms and endless fun. Some Kong Mingsuo looks very simple from the outside, but it takes a lot of time to unlock, and at the same time, you must have enough brain power. Parents may wish to buy it to guide their children to explore, and gradually stimulate their curiosity and interest in Kongming locks in the process of exploration. This process not only contributes to the development of children's intelligence, but also enhances parent-child interaction in the process of guiding children to explore, helping to develop a healthy parent-child relationship. Third: Magnetic bars that can develop imagination Compared with traditional building blocks, magnetic bars have more boxes and can be matched with more types. At the same time, the colors of magnetic bars are richer and more magnetic. In the process of playing with the magnetic bar, parents can guide their children to imaginatively and let their children match any items they want to match. During this period, it will not only help the development of children's imagination, but also help children's spatial thinking ability, at the same time, it can also reduce the time children spend playing with mobile phones, and also increase the effective parent-child interaction time. Long-term addiction to mobile phones is extremely detrimental to the physical and mental development of children. If parents find that their children have signs of dependence on mobile phones, they must find a way to stop them in the first place. At this time, all kinds of interesting and educational toys introduced above are all available to parents to buy for their children. When parents guide their children to play, they can not only avoid being addicted to the illusory world of mobile phones, but also help children develop their cognition, thinking and imagination. Conclusion: I hope that every parent can have a little trick to keep their children from being addicted to the world of mobile phones, and I hope that every baby can firmly say "no" to the world of mobile phones under the correct and scientific guidance of parents, and be healthy and happy. growing up. (The picture in this article comes from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete it)
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