Can Lutein Prevent Myopia? Does the child need additional supplements?

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Can Lutein Prevent Myopia? Does the child need additional supplements?

Xiaomei, who has just entered junior high school, has more than 600 degrees of myopia. The parents are very anxious and want to help their children to correct their vision. They heard that taking lutein can treat myopia, so they bought it without hesitation. Especially in recent years, the epidemic has been repeated repeatedly, and children need to take online lessons at home. Many parents have purchased lutein supplements or health products for their children in order to prevent myopia in their children. The group also often receives related consultations from parents. Can lutein really prevent or treat myopia as rumored?

What is Lutein? What is the effect?

Let's first take a look at what lutein is. Lutein is one of the important pigments concentrated in the macula of the eye. Human central vision is mediated by cells in the macula. Macular functions include lutein, zeaxanthin and racemic zeaxanthin. Among them, zeaxanthin and lutein cannot be synthesized by the human body independently, and must be obtained through the usual diet, and the content is relatively rich in green leafy vegetables. Lutein can effectively absorb blue light in the retina and inhibit the generation of free radicals. It is the first "big contributor" to maintain our eye health. From this level, lutein is really good for children's eyes.

Can Lutein Really Improve Children's Vision?

Since lutein plays such an important role in the human macula, does that mean that lutein can prevent and alleviate myopia? Is it possible to improve vision and avoid myopia by supplementing lutein? According to the relevant literature on lutein and myopia, there is no relevant data on children taking lutein to improve vision, and even the relevant information on adults is relatively rare. A 2012 study showed that people with myopia within 400 degrees took lutein supplements for 3 months, and the concentration of macular pigment increased, while those above 400 degrees did not change. A 2017 study of people over the age of 65 found that people with high blood levels of lutein had a lower risk of myopia. Although the above studies can show that lutein can help people's eyesight, it is only for some people. And of these only studies, the numbers of people involved were small, and there were no studies that focused entirely on children. Moreover, there are no clear research results on whether taking lutein supplements will have any side effects. Therefore, whether additional lutein supplementation is effective for the prevention and improvement of myopia in children has not been supported by definite theoretical theory. However, based on the benefits of lutein for the eyes, it is possible to obtain lutein from the daily diet. Vegetables and fruits such as spinach, corn, peppers, kiwi, grapes, and pumpkins are rich in lutein, and these are healthy foods in themselves. It is good for children to eat more. As for additional supplementation, there is currently no safe dosage recommendation for children, and parents are advised to be cautious.

5 magic weapons for children to prevent myopia

If you want to prevent children from myopia, it is more important to start prevention and control from life. Magic weapon: Wearing sunglasses when going out The American Academy of Optometry once showed that children's eyes are more transparent than adults, and ultraviolet rays are more likely to reach the retina. Especially when going out in summer, the hot sun is just above the head. Wearing sunglasses for children can better block the strong light and protect the eyes. It is better to reduce or avoid using your eyes to read paper books or electronic products at close range. Be careful not to use your eyes for a long time, or try to avoid using your eyes at close range, which can reduce the risk of myopia. Pay attention to develop a good eye habit. Pay attention to using your eyes at close range for about 20 minutes each time, and look at the green scenery at a distance of 6 meters for 20 seconds. 1-2 hours of outdoor activities a day According to recent research, children spend more time outdoors and have less risk of myopia. Parents should take their babies out for more walks when they are free. Regular eye examinations For school-age children over 6 years old, it is recommended to have a comprehensive eye examination every year, including visual acuity, optometry, mydriatic optometry, fundus examination and axial length and other related items. After discovering myopia, don't worry too much, follow the doctor's guidance, review your vision every 3 months, and adjust the plan in time according to the actual situation. Whether it is supplements or nutritional products, the real factor that can prevent and reduce myopia in children is the child itself. May parents, scientific parenting, pay more attention to children's eye hygiene, actively go out to exercise, and have a balanced diet, so that children can grow up healthily with the care of their parents.
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