"No room at the age of 4, regret at the age of six?" Don't listen to the rumors, when will the room be separated, you have to look after the children

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"No room at the age of 4, regret at the age of six?" Don't listen to the rumors, when will the room be separated, you have to look after the children

Text|Jing Ma 01 Jingjing is over 8 years old this year, but she still wants to sleep with me at night! I know that when the child was young, because she was not with me, she was not very secure, so I will compensate her now, it doesn't matter if she wants to sleep with me! When I chatted with the parent of a classmate in their class some time ago, I said that our girl slept with me. She made a fuss and said, "Oh, there is a saying on the Internet that "4 years old does not separate rooms, 6 years old is ruined", our child started to sleep in separate rooms when he was more than three years old, he sleeps well by himself, I just laughed No more talking to this parent! # rumors zero zero plan # 02 It is true that there are many plausible parenting concepts on the Internet, many of which are still "imported", all from the West. For example, if the child does not hold when crying, but only when he laughs, this actually embarrassed many children, causing the child to feel insecure and affecting the child's mental health! In the West, many children sleep in separate beds when they are born, and sleep in separate rooms when they are three or four years old, because they in the West place great emphasis on children's independence, and their adults also pay great attention to having their own independent space. But in our China, it is different. China is very fond of a warm and harmonious family situation. Most of the children slept with their parents when they were young, and the mother was also convenient for breastfeeding. At least when they were 4 years old, they would let the children sleep in separate rooms. And some children may be more clingy to their mothers, or because they did not get enough closeness with their mothers when they were young. When they grow up, they have to compensate accordingly. If the children are separated prematurely, it will hurt the children. heart. Before 03, a netizen mentioned his experience of sleeping in separate rooms. After his child's 4th birthday, he let the child sleep alone. But at the beginning, the child had to run over to sleep with his parents every day. This netizen felt that it would not work. The children of other families are 4 years old and have to sleep by themselves. Why are our children so independent. Talk to your child, say that you have grown up and want to sleep by yourself, and your parents should also sleep by yourself. Everyone has their own independent space. You don’t want to sleep with your parents at night, and you also lock the door of the room. . A few days ago, the child knocked on the door in the middle of the night to sleep with his parents, but after his mother told him this, the child did not knock on the door again at night. The mother thought that the child was sensible and would fall asleep on his own. Unexpectedly, when I woke up the next day and opened the door, I saw the child sitting at the door of the room, hugging his little quilt against his parents' door to sleep. This netizen said that when he saw this scene, he wanted to cry! Later, he slept with the child by himself for more than half a year, and the child slowly adapted to sleeping on his own. It is true that each child has different characteristics. You have to force the child to be assigned a room at the age of 4. If the child does not adapt, the child will not sleep well at night, and even affect the child's mental health.

When are children divided? There is no absolute time limit, mainly from three aspects.

The first aspect: the child's own wishes, parents can discuss with the child, you have grown up to sleep by yourself, you can sleep in your own small room, You can have your own little secret. Parents can also take their children to buy things for their room decoration. If the children feel very happy and happy, and feel that it is a very proud thing to have their own independent space, then they can let the children sleep by themselves. But if the child thinks that I am afraid of the dark, and I dare not sleep by myself at night, should the mother sleep with the child or sleep with the child, after all, the child's sense of security is the most important thing. The second aspect: How do you feel about your sleeping children? Some children feel that they are very comfortable sleeping and can roll around, while some children feel that I am afraid of the dark and dare not sleep at night. Parents can discuss with their children. Mom will sleep with you first, and then go to mom’s room. If you wake up in the middle of the night and are afraid, you can also knock on the door of mom’s room, and mom will come and accompany you to sleep for a while. Give your child a process of adjustment. The third aspect: it is best to give the child a comforting item. Some children sleep with their mother because they have to touch their mother's hand, or touch their mother's ears, or even touch their mother's hair. Asleep, that's his comforter. Therefore, before letting the child sleep independently, parents should find an alternative comforter, such as a piece of mother's clothes, or a plush toy, or a small blanket. If the child has a comforter, the child's heart will be more stable, and he can sleep better independently.

In order for children to sleep in separate rooms smoothly, these points must be done well, and keep in mind

Point 1: first Starting from separate beds. For example, before the child is divided into rooms, a small bed can be placed beside the mother's bed, and the child can sleep on a bed by himself, with a small sense of independence. It will be easier for children to be divided into rooms then. Point 2: It is necessary to establish a sense of ritual for room separation. For example, tell children how proud it is to have their own independent space. They can put their own toys, have their own quilts, small pillows, and small mattresses. Small bed. It's cool to let your child know that he sleeps on his own. You can choose a special day for the child to divide the room, such as Children's Day on Children's Day, or buy a gift for the child on the child's birthday, or even prepare a growth certificate for the child and let the child sleep alone. . Point 3: When the child sleeps alone, parents should also tell stories to the child, and also give the child a comforting action before going to bed During parent-child time, don’t forget to chat with children and tell stories to help promote parent-child relationship. Topic: At what age are your children separated? (The pictures are all from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete) For more exciting content, please click: How old is the child to sleep in a separate room? Not three years old, not six years old, but at this time. After I became pregnant, I thought my husband snored and slept in separate rooms. After the child turned one year old, the couple divorced after more than a year
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