When the baby is in kindergarten, parents are prone to make these 7 mistakes, causing the child to cry endlessly

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When the baby is in kindergarten, parents are prone to make these 7 mistakes, causing the child to cry endlessly

Text|Mother Ying Every September, many children start kindergarten, and I find that many mothers are more anxious than their children! When the child was sent to the kindergarten, after the teacher received the child, the child was still crying, and the mother was reluctant to turn around. After the child sat in the car, the mother cried even more! Many times a child’s crying is an expression. The child cries more in front of the mother, hoping that the mother will feel distressed, and then take him home without going to kindergarten, that is, crying is a weapon for the child. If the mother does it wrong, it will make the child cry harder and cry longer!

Many mothers are prone to make these 7 mistakes, causing their children to cry in kindergarten

No. 1: Use kindergarten to scare children For example, when a child was playing with building blocks when he was more than two years old, he suddenly overturned the building blocks after playing for a while, and also threw the building blocks everywhere. The mother said to the child: You throw the toys everywhere, when the time comes to go to kindergarten, it's strange that the teacher doesn't teach you a lesson! Or if the child does not wash his hands when he eats, the mother tells the child: When you go to kindergarten and eat without washing your hands, the teacher will not give you food. It will make the child's heart conflict with the kindergarten, and feel that the kindergarten is a place that is not fun. When you actually take him to kindergarten, it's no wonder he doesn't cry. [Suggestion] Tell your children more about the fun things in kindergarten, and tell them more about the positive things about kindergarten. Never use kindergarten to intimidate children. The second one: Take the child to the kindergarten without saying a word. For example, the child is at home with his mother every day. When he goes to the kindergarten, the mother does not tell the child where to go, so he directly sends the child to the kindergarten and turns around by himself. Just go, it will confuse the child. As a result, when I went to the kindergarten and saw many children crying and screaming, I felt that my mother definitely didn't want me. This group of children were not wanted by their mothers, so the children would panic even more, and of course they would cry more. [Suggestion] Before the child goes to kindergarten, the mother should take the child to the kindergarten to play more, and should also be properly separated from the child. It can be separated from a few minutes, tens of minutes, or half a day, so that the child is used to not being with the mother. This way Kindergarten can also get used to it. No. 3: When I sent my child to kindergarten, I was reluctant to give up Go to your grandmother or your mother and cry right away. Parents are so anxious that they want to open the door and go in to take their children home! In fact, the separation of children from their parents requires a process of adaptation. If the parents cannot separate, how can the children be separated. [Suggestion] In the morning, the person who is not so close to the child will send the child to kindergarten. For example, if the child is more close to the mother, then let the father send the child to the kindergarten, so that the child's separation anxiety will be lighter, and the father will turn around and leave after the delivery. . Number 4: Keep telling your children, for example, when you go to kindergarten, don't grab toys with your classmates, don't fight with your classmates, and listen to your teacher. Such an exhortation, in fact, the child's left ear goes in and the right ear goes out. He is so young that he can't understand. But his mother kept telling him, it would make him feel that kindergarten is not fun, and my mother was very worried that I would not be used to it there, and I would definitely not be used to it there. For example, in the kindergarten, as the mother said, the toys should be played separately, and the classmates are still very fierce, which will make him feel that the kindergarten is not fun. [Suggestion] Take your child to play with some kindergarten toys or slides. Don't tell the child too much, the teacher will naturally tell the child about these problems. No. 5: When you go to kindergarten, you will reward your child for crying and refuse to go to kindergarten, and your mother will tell him: If you go to kindergarten, your mom will buy you a toy, or if you go to kindergarten, your mom will buy you something to eat! This will make the child feel that going to kindergarten is a horrible thing, otherwise how could my mother give me a prize! Moreover, the rewards of these substances will continue to be added. After playing twice, the child will get bored and cannot accept this kind of material encouragement. Then the child will also lose interest in kindergarten, and it will be easy to cry. [Suggestion] Tell your children that every child who is so old has to go to kindergarten, and that mother will pick you up at night. 6th: Pick up your child too late at night When your child just goes to kindergarten, don't wait until all the children are gone before you pick up your child! Generally, the kindergarten pick-up and drop-off is done in each class first, and there are fewer children left behind, so the kindergarten teachers will be concentrated in one classroom. If your child has just started kindergarten, try not to pick him up late. [Suggestion] If the kindergarten ends at 4 o'clock, then you'd better pick up the child at around 4:10. The child has just started school, you must pick him up early, so that the child can feel the love. Mom doesn't want me, she said to pick me up at night , come pick me up right away, he will know what you say. No. 7: Ask the child blindly after school, ask if the child has enough to eat in the kindergarten? Did your kindergarten teacher hit you? Did you fight with your classmates? Have you robbed your classmates of toys? Asking children about some relatively negative things will make children think of some bad experiences in kindergarten, which will make them more reluctant to go to kindergarten. Or ask your child, did the teacher praise you? In case other children are praised, and my own child is not praised, this does not make children more reluctant to go to kindergarten. [Suggestion] After the child is out of school, if you want to ask, you can ask if there are some embarrassing things about the children in the kindergarten today to share with the mother, and let the mother laugh. The child may think of that classmate who had eaten for a long time, and then was punished by the teacher to stand, or that classmate cried for a long time, and the teacher told him that you should stop crying. You have been crying all morning, and your mother will come to pick you up at night. , he is still crying. When the child says these things, he will feel that I am not the worst, and there are other students who are worse than me. In this comparison, the child thinks that going to kindergarten is actually quite fun. In fact, the performance in kindergarten is quite good. I will do better tomorrow, so I will not cry. If you want your child to cry less or not to cry in kindergarten, then mothers must avoid making the above 7 mistakes. See if you are recruited? Get caught and fix it right away. (The pictures are all from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete)
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