Professor of Pediatrics: Children like to eat these 4 kinds of food, which will hurt the spleen and stomach! affect height growth

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Professor of Pediatrics: Children like to eat these 4 kinds of food, which will hurt the spleen and stomach! affect height growth

Text|Jingma There is a professor Li Lanzheng in the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine who specializes in the spleen and stomach of children. One day a parent sees Professor Li because of the child's picky eater and slow growth and development. And Professor Li looked at the child's tongue and hands, and said that the child was weak in the spleen and stomach, and then asked the parents what to eat for the child? Parents say that children like to eat sweet and crispy foods with strong flavors. The doctor reminds that these foods with strong flavors are very harmful to children's spleen and stomach, so they should be eaten less.

Four types of food are easy to damage the child's spleen and stomach, parents should give less to children

The first type: sweets Now many children's snacks They all contain pure sugars such as white sugar or maltose, or some corn solid syrup, etc. If you add these sugars, the food will taste better. # Yaozero Zero Plan# For example, biscuits, cakes, breads, and all kinds of sweet drinks, and even some high-calcium milk or children's milk will add white sugar. Because we are genetically fond of sugar, we will feel more delicious when there is sweetness, so these food manufacturers will add these white sugar to their food in order to make children love it more. But sweets are a burden to the child's gastrointestinal digestion, and eating too much will cause the child's spleen and stomach to be damaged and picky eaters. The second category: fried foods such as fried dough sticks, fried buns, or some fried spare ribs, etc. When these foods are fried, the food itself will absorb a lot of fat, which will cause the fat in the food Become more. Moreover, frying will cause the loss of vitamin C, vitamin B2, niacin, essential fatty acids and other nutrients in the ingredients, and will also lead to protein deterioration, which is not conducive to digestion and hurts the child's spleen and stomach. The third category: BBQ food BBQ food is directly grilled with charcoal fire or an open fire. During the barbecue process, the outside may be scorched, but the inside is not yet cooked. In the middle, the food may not be cooked, and there may be parasites, which will hurt child's health. Grilled food produces a "Maillard reaction," which results in the loss of nutrients from the food. In addition, barbecued food is a hot food in traditional Chinese medicine, which will stimulate the peristalsis of the intestines, damage the mucous membranes, and damage the spleen and stomach of the child. The fourth category: heavy-taste food Heavy-taste food refers to the salty taste, for example, there is a lot of salt, just like the spicy strips we bought at the school store, which belong to the heavy-taste food. When taking children out to eat noodles or noodles, many restaurants add a lot of monosodium glutamate or other seasonings in order to make these foods more delicious. These are foods with heavy tastes. Heavy-taste foods can irritate your child's mucous membranes and hurt your child's spleen and stomach.

In order for children to have a healthy spleen and stomach, the following principles should be kept in mind when cooking food

The first principle: food raw materials The raw materials of freshly bought food for children are as fresh as possible. For example, for meat, we want to buy fresh meat instead of frozen meat. For vegetables for children, it is best to go to the market to buy fresh vegetables of the day, fresh meat and vegetables. Nutritional value will be higher. The second principle: try to put as few seasonings as possible, such as pepper, aniseed, star anise, etc., and try not to put them in children's food. Children should eat less salt. Children do not need to add salt to complementary foods before the age of one. The daily salt intake for children from one year old to three years old should be controlled at 1 to 2 grams per day, and the daily salt intake for children over three years old is also less than 3 grams per day. A small amount of salt will already make the child feel salty, and avoid the harm caused by the heavy taste to the child's spleen and stomach. In addition to salt, children's soy sauce and other condiments actually contain salt. If you add soy sauce, don't add salt. The third raw material: The edible oil for children should be vegetable oil as much as possible. Lard will have more unsaturated fatty acids, so the oil for children should be vegetable oil as much as possible, and it is more beneficial to eat different types of vegetable oil. physical health. The fourth raw material: the food for the child must be cooked thoroughly and the food for the child must be thoroughly cooked, especially before the child is three years old, his chewing ability is limited, and the food for the child is smaller in grain size, And it should be cooked a little, so that the child can digest well, and it is not easy to hurt the spleen and stomach. Once the child's spleen and stomach are damaged, the digestion and absorption of nutrients will be affected, and the affected digestion and absorption of nutrients will affect the child's height, so children with poor spleen and stomach are generally thin and small. (The pictures are all from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete) For more exciting content, please click: The primary school text was questioned again, and netizens said: The Cowherd and Weaver Girl are "ridiculous and wretched", what do you think of the danger of the fetus and need to have a caesarean section immediately, pregnant mothers insist on waiting" Good day and auspicious day", netizen: too ridiculous
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