Children under the age of 3 can also get the quadrivalent influenza vaccine, just wait for parents to make an appointment

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Children under the age of 3 can also get the quadrivalent influenza vaccine, just wait for parents to make an appointment

When you feel a hint of autumn, there is a very important thing to do quickly. Eat sugar fried chestnuts? No, it's early for the whole family to go to battle to get the flu shot. Look at the news, everywhere is calling you to get vaccinated. This is the rhythm from summer to autumn. Think about it, are there more or less children of relatives and friends who have been recruited by the flu? After the flu, does the child have a fever and lack of energy to worry about the parents? Every time I go to the hospital, there is a sea of ​​people, crying, and it takes N hours? If you don't want to go through that, getting a flu shot is the most cost-effective thing to do. 1. Why are you urging you to get the flu shot? Take the key points from the "Technical Guidelines for Influenza Vaccination in China (2022-2023)":
  • The epidemic has rebounded, and some southern provinces have high incidence of influenza in summer. There may be a superimposed epidemic of new crowns and influenza and other respiratory infectious diseases this winter and next spring. Preventive measures.
  • Vaccines can prevent disease, reduce severe illness/death, shorten the course of disease, and reduce the run on medical resources.
  • So listen to the experts and get your flu shot early. Source: "Technical Guidelines for Influenza Vaccination in China (2022-2023)" 2. Should children be given quadrivalent influenza vaccine? Compared with the trivalent influenza vaccine, the quadrivalent influenza vaccine can indeed prevent one more strain of influenza virus, which is a better choice for children. And this year, there is good news for babies: a new quadrivalent influenza vaccine suitable for 6-35 months of age has been added, with 2 injections at 4-week intervals. Very nice. Previously, children under 3 years old could only get the trivalent vaccine, and our family only got the quadrivalent vaccine when they were 3 years old. So, parents, if your child is more than 6 months old, don't "let down" the good news and make an appointment early. 3. When should I take my child to get the flu shot? Of course, after reading the article, it is best to make an appointment immediately. However, it is the best time to inoculate before the end of October, and it is enough to destroy it during this period. Why before the end of October? Push it backwards: November-December is the high season for influenza ➡It takes 2-4 weeks for the vaccine to produce antibodies ➡It is best to get it before October. Of course, missed the best time, as long as the entire flu season is on. Remember, playing late is always better than never. 4. Will I get the flu if I get vaccinated? Maybe you will still get the flu after the shot. This is because: 1. There is no vaccine that dares to slap the chest to guarantee a 100% protection rate, and the flu vaccine is no exception. 2. Due to individual differences, not everyone can be immune successfully. 3. If the flu vaccine is too late to take effect, such as the day after today, the vaccine is too cunning to take advantage of the time difference. It can only be said that if you get the flu vaccine, even if you are hit, the symptoms will be milder and easier to recover. 5. I played last year, will I still play this year? Yes. Get flu vaccine every year:
  • The enemy is too cunning, the subtype of the virus is different every year, and it is easy to mutate, and the vaccine must be updated - let last year's vaccine deal with last year's virus, and this year's vaccine against this year's virus 's vaccine.
  • The protective antibody of the vaccine is generally 6 to 8 months, and it will weaken over time, and it needs to be renewed every year.
  • By the way, there is a 14-day interval between the flu vaccine and the new coronavirus vaccine. Our whole family has been vaccinated against the flu, how about you? Feel free to leave a comment and tell your story about getting a flu shot.
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