Barbs on your fingers are linked to vitamins, but not what you think

time:2022-11-27 author:Fever
Barbs on your fingers are linked to vitamins, but not what you think

Speaking of barbs, the pig teammates of Xiaonan's family once tore the barbs with their hands in winter. After a while, they bleed and became infected. They went to the hospital every day for treatment, which caused a big "stain" in their life. After describing it vividly (add oil and vinegar) to the child, he finally has a realization: if there is a barb, call your mother, don't owe it. And then, you know: mom, mom, mom, mom...the stereo loops. In addition to praising "I didn't learn from my father", I cut the barbs frequently and put some moisturizing cream on those little hands. So the question is, why is the child so prone to barbs, is it a lack of vitamins? Why are children prone to barbs? Barbs are small burrs on your fingers that you can't help but tear. It is caused by the stratum corneum in the epidermis being too dry and separated from the skin. So the key word: dry. It is reflected in the children, mostly in the following categories:
  • The little hands can't be idle, scratching the east and the west, the skin friction is strong, and the finger epidermis is damaged. Especially after playing with mud and sand.
  • Love to eat hands. The fingers are soaked in saliva for a long time, and the epidermis is damaged.
  • Wash your hands frequently and play with water. The skin of the fingers is easy to be too dry, for example, parents are a bit clean, and children love to play with water.
  • Hereditary. Although this probability is small, it is not impossible.
  • Barbs are related to vitamins, but not as you might think—vitamins aggravate barbs, but not cause them. Just like coughing won't cough up pneumonia, but pneumonia is likely to worsen the cough. Because the lack of vitamins is not as simple as a little barb, there will be more serious physical reactions. For example, if your child has been a picky eater for a long time, either he doesn't like meat, or he is beaten to death and does not eat meaty food. The barbs on his fingers will be more serious than other children. Especially children who are deficient in vitamin A, vitamin B and zinc, the barbs on their little hands are invisible. Minor deficiencies can be supplemented with food, and severe deficiencies should be supplemented with vitamins as prescribed by a doctor. In addition to not tearing the barb, what else can you do? Not tearing the barbs is the greatest respect for the fingers. But don't let it go, or one day, the child will be unable to control his inner curiosity, tearing or chewing, from bleeding and screaming, to infection and crying. It’s still better to take a knife and drop it in your hand, and deal with it in time: if possible (including the child’s patience), soak your fingers in warm water for a while, then use children’s scissors or nail clippers to gently cut off the barbs against the barbs, and finally apply a child’s moisturiser. Skin lotion, usually two or three days will be fine. The most labor-saving way is to cut after bathing. The premise is that before this, the child cannot be let to tear up. By the way, children's children's scissors or nail clippers are best reserved for special persons, and do not mix them. How to prevent barbs: It's simple, don't let your little hands get too dry:
  • Don't play with water, and if you can't help it, apply a moisturizer afterward.
  • After playing in the mud and sand, apply moisturizer after washing your hands.
  • Have a balanced and reasonable diet, neither picky eaters nor partial eclipse.
  • Autumn is here, don't forget to smear the little hands on your children, parents.
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