Children do things without a sense of time? Parents, don't take it seriously, the concept of time can be cultivated

time:2022-12-02 author:Baby bones
Children do things without a sense of time? Parents, don't take it seriously, the concept of time can be cultivated

In daily life, many parents will find that their children are dawdling and procrastinating in doing things. Even in the daily routine with time constraints, the children will have no sense of urgency. In fact, the habit of dawdling and procrastinating in children is obviously related to their lack of time concept in their hearts. Children with poor time concept cannot clearly perceive the passage of time, and they often selectively ignore the constraints of time limit. In fact, the concept of time in children is not innate, and their cognition of the concept of time will gradually become clear as they grow up. Among them, if parents can master the correct way to cultivate children's concept of time, then children's habit of procrastinating and procrastinating will change naturally, which is more effective than constant urging and nagging. Min Min's daughter is very slow, procrastinating in everything. Take the matter of eating, for example, the daughter is holding the steamed bun in one hand, and the other hand is slowly grabbing the steamed bun, chewing and swallowing the whole process without hesitation. Min Min, who was waiting by the side, looked helpless and showed his daughter a clock in his hand. Min Min hoped that the time on the dial could awaken the child's ability to act. And at the end of school, the other classmates were jumping out of the school gate, while Min Min's daughter walked slowly behind the team, stopping every now and then to look up at the sky. Standing at the gate of the school, waiting anxiously for Min Min, he really didn't know what to say. In fact, there are not a few children with slow movements in life. If parents investigate the root cause, they will find that most of these children have the common feature of lacking the concept of time. In the face of such a situation, the parents' urging will be ignored, and the children who are not driven by the concept of time are "slow and unconscious".

Poor time concept has an impact on children's growth

Poor time concept makes children lack a sense of urgency in action. It is easy to cause them to form a bad habit of procrastination and procrastination. Especially for young children, the concept of time is not strong, which can easily lead to their lazy and passive negative personality characteristics. Lack of time concept will also affect the efficiency of children's work. Especially after children enter school, they have to undertake a certain amount of homework every day. If children lack the concept of time, they will have to spend longer time to complete the learning tasks, which will easily make them fall into the learning error of "fatigue tactics", and finally end up with the effect of "doing more with less" . Lack of time concept will also affect the social development of children. In the process of getting along with peers, children who are often late and drag the group are difficult to become popular among peers. Moreover, children who are often not punctual may be treated differently by their peers, and they will have a relatively difficult time dealing with interpersonal relationships.

How to develop a child's sense of time? Parents can do this

Some parents will respond to their children's lack of time awareness by accusing and criticizing. Parents hope that their children can correct their behavior through criticism and accusations. But in fact, the excessive responsibility and criticism of parents will only increase the inner pressure of children, which makes them less active in negative evaluations. Children who cannot have the confidence to manage their own actions can only be led by the nose with the missing concept of time. 1. Teach children to recognize time Time is actually an abstract concept that cannot be seen or touched, so for some younger children, their understanding of time is very shallow. In their eyes, the time difference between one hour and ten minutes is difficult to accurately recognize. Therefore, in this case, instead of focusing on telling the time and urging, parents should focus on teaching their children to recognize the time. 2. Develop a time schedule The time schedule has certain binding force on children's behavior. Parents can let their children understand the value of time through the constraints of the time schedule. When creating a schedule, parents can focus on the little things first and let their children feel the changes in time in a short period of time. As children grow older, parents can appropriately enrich the content of the schedule, so that children can feel the meaning and value of a little longer. 3. Appropriate punishment If parents have been reluctant to let their children see the disadvantages brought about by the lack of time concept, then he is likely to ignore the importance of time. Therefore, it is necessary for parents not to make themselves dependent on their children, and properly let them experience the pain of not obeying the rules of time, which will further strengthen the children's awareness of making full use of time. Conclusion: The lack of a sense of time is not uncommon among children. Instead of passively enduring it, parents should actively help their children find the right way to improve the situation. Cultivate children's correct concept of time and give full play to their autonomy, so that it is easier to help children get rid of the habit of procrastination and procrastination. (The picture in this article comes from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete it)
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