As soon as school starts, parents transfer their children to private schools: the three differences between public and private are obvious

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As soon as school starts, parents transfer their children to private schools: the three differences between public and private are obvious

Not long after school started, friend Duomei was reconnecting with the school for her son, preparing to transfer from a public school to a private school with an annual tuition fee of up to 50,000. I didn't agree with it at first, but after listening to Duomi's words, I realized that her choice might be right. It turned out that in the first grade, my son was more dependent on the teacher every day and liked the teacher very much. One day I was injured and the teacher didn't see it. When the teacher found out later, the child had been crying on the table for a long time. This matter also "remembered" in Tiantian's heart. He wrote "Mr. L is not a good person" and put it on the teacher's desk. This kind of behavior made the teacher very angry. A phone call called Duomi, who was at work, to the office, and threatened to ask the parents to discipline them well. If it was their own child, they would definitely slap him. Duomi took Tiantian to apologize to the teacher, and said: The child will not express it, and he will educate it hard when he goes back, and asked the child to write a review book, saying that he will not do such a thing again in the future. When I was in the second grade, Tian Tian was assigned to another class without any accident. The new class and the new teacher are not going well for Tiantian. Active personality makes Tian Tian not liked by the new class teacher. Later, Duomei found out from Tiantian's statement that the teacher of the new class treated Tiantian differently from other students. Sometimes Tian Tian fights with his classmates. Even if both children are involved, the teacher will think it is Tian Tian's problem, and even say some unpleasant things to Tian Tian in front of other classmates. A teacher friend who has been teaching for many years said: "Teachers will talk about their children together after class. Like Tiantian, if the first-grade teacher has contradicted the teacher, the second-grade teacher must know it, and it is not surprising to have a stereotype!" Tiantian's emotions He also became very depressed. When he got home from school, he just lay by the window and didn't say a word. In order to allow Tiantian to grow physically and mentally, Duomi discussed with her husband and chose to transfer Tiantian to a nearby private school.

The three differences between private and public schools

In Domei's view, the difference between private schools and public schools is that It is because the teacher can take care of each child and let the child grow more personalized. In fact, the difference between public schools and private schools is more than this. Difference 1: The main body of the school is different. Private schools are schools established by private or private institutions, while public schools are schools established by government funding. The differences in the subjects of running schools also lead to deviations in their teaching concepts and educational goals. Difference 2: Private schools focus on service, while public schools focus on performance. Private schools’ income and teachers’ salaries are basically based on tuition paid by students’ parents, while public schools don’t need to worry about funding. Therefore, private schools will focus on service in addition to education, while public schools will focus more on performance. Difference 3: Teachers are different. Many teachers in public schools are old teachers with physical fitness. They have more than ten years or even decades of teaching experience, which can enable children to better pass China's examination-oriented education; private schools are different, and teachers compare Young, spending most of the time with students, not only can accompany the children to study, but also pay attention to their psychological problems. There is a saying among mothers around me, "Public fee mothers, private fee teachers". In contrast, private teachers are more conscientious, which is why more and more parents now choose to send their children to private schools even if the tuition is high. True, private schools have the benefits of private schools, and public schools have the benefits of public schools. In fact, from the experience of raising two children, I think whether you choose public or private, the most important thing is to meet a good teacher. My brother has been in kindergarten for 3 years and has been a class teacher, Teacher Shen. She is very familiar with the child's situation. Even with a single expression, she can know what happened to the child. Therefore, my son has been in kindergarten for 3 years, and he is very happy and has developed well in all aspects. But my sister didn't go so well. In the second half of the semester in the small class, a class teacher was changed, and another in the middle class. Moreover, each teacher has a different personality. Although the teacher is very polite every time he picks up the child, and tells about the situation of the little sister that day, but the little sister often does not want to go to kindergarten. Because she is facing not only adapting to the kindergarten, but also adapting to the new teacher. Her teaching method and education method are all the children need to adapt to. The same is true when entering elementary school. Although both the school and the parents have begun to focus on nurturing their children, the focus is still on the teachers. Teachers are stable, and children's emotions and learning will be relatively stable. In other words, the teacher is unstable, and the child will fluctuate in all aspects.

Children, the teacher loves you

On this year's Teacher's Day, I saw a teacher in the circle of friends sent this paragraph, she said: On the way to becoming a good teacher, the best gift I can give my children is probably "not labelled". In my mind, "no labels" is the first step to being a good teacher. This also reminds me that every day things are probably "labeled". Philosopher Karl Jaspers mentioned in "What is Education": Education is to pass on tradition to young people through the imparting of knowledge content, the sharing of life connotation and the norms of behavior in the communication between people , so that they grow in it and stretch their free nature. Such education can be called "education, education". However, in real life, some teachers can educate, and some teachers can only teach, not educate, and may even label children at will. In such a situation, what should we do as parents? Looking for a theory with a teacher, or even a quarrel? Talking bad about teachers in front of children? Obviously, none of these are appropriate ways. In the way this is handled, I agree with Duomei's approach. First, tell the child that the teacher loves him because he is special. This approach will not make children disgusted with teachers, and will maintain confidence and freedom in their hearts; secondly, discuss with children whether they are willing to change schools. The premise is to communicate with the child. If the child agrees, he will look forward to the new environment instead of rejecting it. Finally, if the child's problems are found, communicate with the child in time, and regularly communicate with the teacher about the child's situation. The famous German philosopher Jaspers said: "The essence of education is that a tree shakes another tree, a cloud pushes another cloud, and a soul summons another soul." Tips: Whether it is a teacher or a parent, They are all educators on the way of children's growth, and they should all achieve soul education. Conclusion: On the issue of children's choice of school, my experience is that everyone can be more careful and conduct inspections in advance. Schools and teachers are very important in a child's learning career! If your child encounters such a problem, would you choose to transfer him? (The picture in this article comes from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete it)
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