Parents don't stop children from watching TV, psychologist: watching TV enhances children's memory

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Parents don't stop children from watching TV, psychologist: watching TV enhances children's memory

My cousin's child is 4 years old this year and has reached the age of kindergarten, but he has never been sent to kindergarten. The grandmother and grandfather helped take care of the child. The two elderly people said that the child was late and should not be rushed to the kindergarten. This child is indeed weaker in language expression than other children of the same age. He seldom speaks on weekdays. Once I went to my cousin's house, the child stood by the TV watching cartoons, and the child's grandmother followed behind to feed. I said that the baby watching TV while eating has many adverse effects. My cousin sighed and said that there is no way to develop this habit since childhood. Cousin and cousin-in-law are busy with work on weekdays and have no time to take care of the children. They are all elderly people taking care of the children. If I ask too much from my parents, I'm afraid they will get angry. The two elderly people rarely take their children out to play on weekdays. They say that the children are too naughty and are afraid of bumping into them when they go out. I have taken my baby out before. After playing in the downstairs of the community for a while, the child had a conflict with the child. I was also afraid that the child would be bullied by other children. Since then, the old man has never taken the child out to play. There is nothing else to do at home, worried that the mobile phone will affect the baby's eyesight, most of the time the child is watching TV. Because of watching TV for a long time, children basically don't communicate with adults, they talk less, and their language skills are naturally poor. The only thing in the child's ideology is watching TV. So the child has reached the current state, looking withdrawn and not very gregarious. When it comes to TV, many parents are very annoyed, because children are addicted to cartoons on TV, which will affect their normal life and academic performance. Many households even lock their TVs, and some simply don't buy TVs. TV is like a beast, and more parents worry that their children will delay their studies because they are addicted to TV.

In real life, younger children spend more time watching TV than older children

Old people bring their babies, just like cousins Like parents, they were afraid that it would be unsafe for their children to go out to play, so they could only leave the children to the TV, so that the elderly could still have time to do laundry, cook, and clean up the housework. Let the child sit in front of the TV, and he will be honest, not even moving for hours, without worrying about the child's safety. There are also many mothers who let their children watch TV because they have to do laundry and cook for their children.

Should children be allowed to watch TV?

Some authoritative departments believe that children under the age of 2 should try not to watch TV or touch electronic products. After the age of 2, under the supervision of their parents, they can watch TV for a while every day. British education expert Martin. Lawson pointed out: If parents can make their children stop watching TV before the age of 12, they will benefit for life. This is actually not correct. Who can guarantee that a child will not watch TV or touch electronic products at all before the age of 12? Now is the age of technology with developed Internet, let’s say that the current online teaching, which child does not need a mobile phone, but uses a computer to take online classes? It is unrealistic to not watch TV before the age of 12, and it will deviate from normal life. There is a relative who does not let his children have access to electronic products. The older boy who is in high school does not have a TV at home and does not buy a computer. The old mother has a smart phone, just to read the news in the class group, and never let the baby touch the phone. The child's grades are very good, but in the eyes of his classmates, he is like an alternative, because he has no contact with computers, and he does not understand mobile games. This kid, after going to college, came into contact with computers and mobile phones, became addicted to games, and got out of control. If relatives regret it, it is better to let the children play with mobile phones and computers in moderation in advance.

It is not good for children to watch TV too much

1. Block language development Children stare at TV all day long and ignore external things at all. Causes a language barrier, because his goal is to watch cartoons. Does not communicate with adults and has poor language skills. If children watch TV for too long every day, they will unconsciously imitate and imitate bad content on TV. Parents should give correct discipline and supervision. 2. Children with poor eyesight sit in front of the TV for a long time and stare at the screen motionless, which is easy to cause astigmatism, and visual fatigue will naturally cause vision loss. Many babies' myopia is caused by playing mobile games for a long time, staring at TV, and watching computer screens. 3. Babies who are overweight and watch TV all the time. There may be a lot of small snacks next to them. They eat and watch while watching, and they don’t get up to exercise at all, just like the cousin’s baby who watches TV while eating, so the child may not know that he is hungry and will eat enough. Obese children will become more and more unhealthy.

Watching TV is also beneficial

Some children have difficulty reciting texts at ordinary times, but they will recite them immediately after listening to the advertisements on TV. Because the pictures on TV are more vivid, it can help children increase their comprehension ability, which is much faster than simply memorizing words. Psychologists also pointed out that preschool children watching science and education channels, language skills and memory will be improved. Variety shows, children's shows, etc., can learn some positive energy. To be honest, this benefit is still not thought of by many parents. Indeed, watching TV can broaden the baby's horizons. Nowadays, children have heavy schoolwork and rarely have time to go out to play. Children can learn about the outside world through TV, and learn about local customs and customs from documentaries and movies and TV shows played on TV. Therefore, it is also possible to properly control the time children watch TV. That's not to say you can't watch TV at all. Due to the poor self-care ability of the baby, parents should play a more supervisory role and cannot let it go. Conclusion: It is unrealistic not to let the baby watch TV. Everything has its advantages and disadvantages. Parents should control the time and content of TV watching according to their children's age and hobbies. (The picture in this article comes from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete it)
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