Children who are "obedient" and "rebellious" from childhood will become more prominent when they grow up

time:2022-12-05 author:Maternal-Child Nursing
Children who are "obedient" and "rebellious" from childhood will become more prominent when they grow up

Text|Jing Ma 01 Many parents would say when educating their children: "You have to be good and obedient"! It is always hoped that children will obey their parents' opinions obediently. As everyone knows, raising children too well is not a good thing! When Jingjing was in kindergarten, we often traveled on business. She was mainly taken care of by her grandmother and grandfather at home. The kindergarten teacher asked her child to make a handmade lamp for Mid-Autumn Festival. When I came back, Jingjing told my grandma. Grandpa and grandma said how could we do this thing, it doesn't matter, we don't need to do it! Jingjing actually knows that she can also go out and buy those simple handmade lanterns, and she can just paste it when she comes back, but she knows that her grandparents are very frugal and don't spend money on her. , she didn't dare to say any more. On the second day of school, she was the only child in the class who did not take the lantern. Although the teacher did not criticize her, she felt very uncomfortable inside. 02When I came back from a business trip to pick her up at the kindergarten that night, she saw my tears and burst into tears. At that time, I thought she was wronged in the kindergarten. Later, I asked the teacher. The teacher said that all the children handed in the lanterns today, but she did not hand them in, but I did not criticize her. She might be sad when she saw that the children did not have them. Later, I learned that when the child was at home, grandparents always asked her to obey and not to cause trouble to grandparents. At that time, I felt very ashamed of my child. I resigned from the company not long after, and decided to take care of the child at home myself, otherwise the elderly would always ask the child to be obedient and obedient, and it would be easy for the child to be abandoned! When a child is about two years old, he will have a rebellious period, saying "no" to everything. This is actually the awakening of the child's self-consciousness. At this time, if the parents always suppress the child and make the child obedient and obedient, it is actually not conducive to the child's growth!

Children who are "obedient" and "rebellious" from childhood will grow up, and the gap between these three aspects will become bigger and bigger

The first one: innovation ability The future society needs more talents with innovation ability. Innovation is the soul of national progress, and innovation is the inexhaustible driving force for the prosperity of a country. Obedient children since childhood are accustomed to following the rules and doing what their parents tell them to do, so it is difficult for him to have the ability to think independently, and it is difficult for him to have the ability to innovate. A rebellious child from an early age has his own independent personality, his brain will be more open, his imagination will be richer, and it is easier to have the ability to innovate. No. 2: A child's self-confidence and self-confidence are due to their ability and self-belief. If parents require their children to be obedient since childhood, their words, deeds, and actions must be approved by their parents. Such children have lost their parents' guidance. , he will have no sense of direction, easily timid. But he was more rebellious since he was a child. He was not a child who always listened to his parents. On the contrary, he had more of his own opinion, and on the contrary, he was more independent, so that he could be more confident. No. 3: Children's Independence Some children have good academic performance, but their independence ability is very poor. It is difficult for such children to live independently when they arrive at university. Therefore, no matter how high their IQ is and their poor hands-on ability, it is difficult for them to live in society. Fits well. And the rebellious child since childhood, because he is disobedient, he wants to do many things by himself, and his independence is stronger. The famous German psychologist Haicha has done an experiment and observed adolescents on 100 children aged 2 to 5 who have a strong tendency to resist, and 100 children who do not have this tendency. It was found that 80% of children with strong resistance tendencies are strong-willed, assertive, and have the ability to analyze independently, judge things and make decisions. On the other hand, only 26% of children with no tendency to resist are strong-willed. Therefore, a child's rebelliousness from an early age means that the child will have a greater sense of accomplishment, independence, assertiveness, and responsibility as an adult. When parents are educating their children, they should not blindly ask them to be obedient, but formulate some principles for their children. As long as the bottom line and principles are not touched, let the children play freely. Only in this way can children develop their imagination, can let children exercise their own ability, can make children more independent and more successful in the future. (The pictures are all from the Internet, please contact to delete if there is any infringement.) For more exciting content, please click: The primary school text was questioned again, and netizens said: The Cowherd and Weaver Girl are "ridiculous and wretched", how do you see the seven process pictures to help you understand, cesarean section How did it go, after reading the distressed woman
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