What kind of child is smarter?

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What kind of child is smarter?

Many kids are considered "too naughty" by their parents, but maybe being naughty is a sign that your child is smart? There are also many parents who feel that their children are "smart", but later the children are just mediocre people. Is there any way for us to know what kind of kids are really smart kids? The answer should be "no", but humans have summed up the performance of some smart children, let's take a look.


Smart kids not only love to read, but are book-obsessed, starting in infancy performance. They don't need parents' reminders to be yearning for reading. Books can increase children's vocabulary and comprehension. It is very important to learn knowledge and logic from them.

Learn and grow while they play

Smart kids can play by themselves for a long time, they design their own It's fun how to play, exploring how something works, they're always new to play.

The magic lies in the messing process

Many geniuses don't care about messing up the bedroom , they may have creative minds in the "messing up" process. Of course, it is also a good habit to tidy up afterwards, but you should not blindly ask your child to "keep it tidy".

Have a photographic memory

Many smart children have extraordinary memories that they never forget. This is a very common trait in smart kids.

Be a bystander

Smart children are often willing to observe activities Then decide whether it is worth participating. They generally do not allow themselves to "fail."

Falling asleep is difficult

Routine bedtimes are too early for bright kids, whose minds haven't slowed down yet. Many extremely smart people have the habit of going to bed late and are night owls.

They can do everything well

Smart kids know their abilities well, they either don't do it or they do it well outstanding. Of course, this does not refer specifically to academic performance. Although they are not necessarily the best in study, they must be the most thoughtful and willing to challenge teachers.

Most of their parents are well-educated

Well-educated parents tend to place great emphasis on diversity training for their children, as well as Cultivate children's creativity and encourage children to explore. Whether a child is smart or not is innately a part, but acquired cultivation is also very important. Do you want a child who follows the rules and learns well, or a child who is creative and exploratory?
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