4 kinds of families are easy to raise children with low self-esteem, and it is difficult to achieve success in adulthood, parents should be vigilant

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4 kinds of families are easy to raise children with low self-esteem, and it is difficult to achieve success in adulthood, parents should be vigilant

Text|Yingma 01 Everyone bears the imprint of their original family! Parents gave us our flesh and blood, and raised us from a child who was waiting to be fed. While nurturing us, their words, deeds, and actions also helped us build our hearts. If parents give their children too much negativity, they will make the children disapprove of themselves, make the children not accept themselves, and if they do not accept themselves, it will be difficult for them to love themselves well. Will be very ashamed! And a child who has low self-esteem when he is a child, if he can't save himself when he grows up, it will be a disaster for him, and it will be difficult for him to achieve success. 02 Zhihu has a question: "What kind of experience is extreme low self-esteem"? One of them is a great answer. This netizen named Anina said that thinking will deny itself whenever she has free time. I am dissatisfied with every word, every action, and every expression I say to others. Always walk with your head down, or pretend to look at the signboard, don't dare to look up, look in the mirror and always despise yourself, extremely sensitive! No one will love themselves, no one will love the real monster, so try your best to disguise and please! Have a very strong self-esteem, a little accusation will make the psychological collapse! From her words, I can feel that her heart is very unstable and it is very easy to collapse! And these people with low self-esteem are likely to have this kind of low self-esteem when they were young, and children's low self-esteem is brought up by the family!

Families of 4 types are easy to raise children with inferiority complex, and those who are recruited should be corrected immediately

The first type: families who often attack their children Celebrity Jiang Wen once said that when he was a child, he was denied by his parents. He was admitted to Chinese opera and told his mother, and his mother just threw the notice to the side and let him do the laundry indifferently! Later, when he became famous, he bought a house for his mother, but her mother never lived there! For example, the child scored 90 points in the test, but the mother said to the child in disgust, "Why did you get 90 points in the test? Look at the one next door who scored 98 points!" The child finally got 98 points in the test, but the mother said that he only got 98 points in the test. Where are you wrong with two points? Quickly find out the wrong questions and correct them yourself, what are you proud of if you don't get 100 points in the test! Or the child itself is not a material for learning, and parents often say to the child: "Why are you so stupid, how come you are so stupid, how did I give birth to such a stupid child of you." In this case, stabbed like a knife. In the hearts of children, it may be unintentional for parents to express their emotions. But for a child, his parents are his idols, his parents are his gods, and his idols, his gods say this to him every day, and he puts such a label on himself in his heart. When he grows up, no matter how good he is, he will feel that he is not good and will feel inferior! The second category: families and parents who often quarrel often quarrel, especially in front of children, which is very harmful to children. When a child was young, he didn't quite understand why his parents quarreled. He would put the reason on himself. He felt that it must be because of my parents that quarreled. I shouldn't have come into this world. So parents often quarrel. And such a mentality will also make children very inferior, subconsciously to please their parents, and slowly they will please others. The third category: Families with very high demands on their children require their children to take the first place in every exam, and require their children to learn piano and how long before they can pass the exam. Although some children are naturally good at learning, they also feel very tired under the high requirements of their parents. No matter how well they do, they will still fail in the eyes of their parents. They will wait for themselves with higher requirements, which will make children exhausted and make them feel that they are not good enough! Put a "no" label on yourself, and your child will feel inferior. The fourth category: a poor family crying in front of their children. A netizen said that he saw a box of Spider-Man toys in the supermarket. It cost about 30 yuan. He didn't buy such an expensive toy at the time. But later I found out that my family is not so poor. My mother could buy a mobile phone of more than 4,000 yuan when he was 8 years old, which was really a huge sum of money at that time! Therefore, this netizen feels very inferior. The reasonable needs of children can be met. Professor Li Meijin once said that children always want to buy toys, not necessarily every time, but they can't stop buying them every time. It is probably reasonable to meet the child's request once every 4 times. Always crying poor in front of the child will make the child feel that his family is really poor. The expression and demeanor of the parents when they cry poor will make the child feel that "being poor" is a shame, and it will make the child feel very inferior. Therefore, the above four types of families are easy to raise children with low self-esteem. How can parents avoid raising children with low self-esteem? First of all, we need to discover more of the child's advantages, affirm the child's advantages, encourage and praise more, and the more you encourage the child, the more the child will progress in the direction you want to see, and the child will become more and more confident. Try not to quarrel in front of the child, let the child understand the advantages and disadvantages, and don't ask too much of the child, otherwise it will make the child feel a lot of pressure, let alone cry poor in front of the child. (The pictures are all from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete)
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