Advice from a pediatrician, the following foods that affect baby development are common on the table

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Advice from a pediatrician, the following foods that affect baby development are common on the table

If there is anything parents are most concerned about, it is nothing more than the development of children. Everyone wants their children to develop well and thrive. In fact, many people think that if you give your child more food, the child will naturally develop well, but some foods we often see and often eat for children, but they will affect the child's development, but we don't know it. My friend Lily is a typical case. Lily's daughter is 4 years old. Compared with her peers, Lily's daughter is far behind them in development. Usually, because Lily has to go to work, her daughter is taken care of by the elderly. When it was time to get off work, Lily would spend time with her daughter. Lily took her daughter and mother-in-law to the hospital to check her health. After a doctor's examination, it was found that Lily's daughter and mother-in-law were malnourished. And her daughter's physical development is also significantly behind. The doctor said: "The elderly and children have such a situation, which shows that it has a certain relationship with their usual eating habits. Some foods seem to be harmless to us, but in fact they hinder our body's absorption of nutrients. For example, pickled food, etc." After hearing what the doctor said, the old man said: "I will give my children white porridge every morning, with some pickled cabbage or something. Our older generation eats this way, but I didn't expect it to hurt. The child." Lily discovered the problem and decided to use more snacks for the child in the future, and try to prepare breakfast by herself.

This kind of food is often seen, but it affects the development of the baby. Advice from the pediatrician

There are some foods that we often see , and often let children eat, but it will affect their development, this is the advice from the pediatrician, everyone must know. 1. Pickled food Nowadays, pickled foods are becoming more and more popular. This is because pickled foods are more convenient and can be eaten as long as they are picked up directly, which is very suitable for this fast-paced society. However, pickled foods, which have been tested for a long time, produce substances that are harmful to children. Not only is it easy for children to eat to affect their physical development, but adults eat too much will also affect their health. 2. Canned food For convenience, many people prepare some canned food at home, such as canned peaches, canned fish and so on. These things can be used by children as long as they are opened, and children love to eat them. However, these things are too many additives for children, and the taste is relatively heavy. Eating too much for children will affect their physical development, which is very detrimental to their growth. 3. Overnight food diligence and thrift are our basic virtues as sons and daughters of the Chinese people, and everyone has inherited this virtue. Many people are reluctant to throw away a lot of overnight food, and they will still be given to children on the second day. However, these overnight foods are not good for children's physical development. After a night of precipitation, a lot of harmful substances have been produced. At this time, feeding children will only hinder their body's absorption of nutrients.

Eating these foods often will also have an impact

Many people find that their children have anemia function, no matter how many supplements they take, it will not help . The child always looks pale and bloodless, and the parents are also very worried. This also lies in our usual improper feeding methods. Feeding children some foods that their bodies cannot digest, or pickled foods, will also affect the hematopoietic function. This not only causes malnutrition in children, but also causes anemia in children. Everyone should pay attention, so as not to lose the big because of the small. As parents, we are concerned about the growth of children. If you feed your children these foods for a long time, it will greatly affect their body's absorption of nutrients. At the same time, it will also affect all aspects of their physical development, such as height development, brain development and so on.

1-6-year-old feeding precautions should be known

It is also necessary to pay attention to feeding children, and attach the feeding precautions for 1-6 years old , Parents should take a look and avoid stepping on thunder, so that children can eat healthy. Many people under the age of one believe that after a child is born, it is necessary to let him eat salty food, so that the child will gain strength. However, according to a well-known nutritionist, children under the age of one should prohibit the intake of salt. Salt is not good for children under one year old, because the child's kidney development is not yet perfect, if the child eats too salty food, his kidneys can't remove these substances, which will affect the child's health. So for children under one year old, we should avoid giving them salt. When children aged 2-3 reach the age of 2-3, many people think that they need to provide rich nutrition at this time to allow them to grow vigorously. However, during this period, the child's stomach development is not perfect. If you often eat some relatively rich nutrients, the child's body will not be able to absorb it, but it will affect the growth of his stomach. Children at this stage should have a light diet. It is not advisable for children to eat too greasy food. They must know how to mix meat and vegetables evenly, so that their body can grow vigorously. Children over 4 years old can add a small amount of salt to their food when they are over 4 years old, but be careful not to let children eat food that adults eat. Because the children's kidneys are not yet fully developed at this time, giving them foods that are too heavy will not only affect their health, but also make them develop habits. Children over the age of 4 should pay attention to a balanced driving mix, eat less meat and more vegetarian food, and eat less meat and more meals. As long as you keep this principle in mind, you can let your child eat a healthy body. Conclusion: Feeding children is also the highest knowledge. Everyone should pay attention to the above matters when feeding children, so that children can eat healthy and grow up healthily. (The picture in this article comes from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete it)
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