Are you still giving your baby a "flat head"? It's not good-looking, and it's not good for brain development. Change it.

time:2022-11-27 author:Make one's mouth water
Are you still giving your baby a "flat head"? It's not good-looking, and it's not good for brain development. Change it.

The picture is from a friend in the online group who sent me a small video. In the video, her mother-in-law is sewing a millet bag pillow for the newborn baby, saying that it is used to fix the baby's small head so that she can sleep well Peaceful, sleeps flat without the back of the head, and looks good. A friend said that he seemed to have seen one of my articles before, and it is not recommended to "sleep flat" for children. However, many babies on their side sleep like this, as stable as possible, without turning their heads as much as possible, and ensuring that the back of the child's head is flat. The picture comes from the Internet. Among the many customs of raising babies, letting the baby sleep with a flat head seems to be one of them. Like candle packs, straight legs, etc., I want to artificially "correct" various natural problems when the baby is born. Such as splayed legs, such as strange head shape and so on. However, not the handed down customs must be correct, or must be good for the baby. Our country's culture has a long history, and there are too many essences to allow us to slowly integrate and penetrate, and some bad habits should be slowly corrected with the passage of time, right? The picture comes from the network sleeping flat. As the name suggests, it is to let the baby sleep on the back of the head in a supine position. This kind of behavior of artificially changing the shape of the baby's skull is actually wrong, and it is very unfavorable for the growth and development of the baby, especially the development of this part of the back of the head, and even affects the development of the brain. And, do we think the flat back of the head is really good looking? Let's take a look at a comparison chart. The picture comes from the Internet, so now many of our pediatricians will tell parents when communicating with new parents that children can sleep in various ways, such as lying on their backs, sides, including prone, and don’t deliberately put stereotyped pillows for babies. However, when lying on the stomach, there must be someone around the baby. After a short rest, adjust him in time, because lying on the prone may cause the risk of suffocation for the baby who cannot turn over and has no resistance. In addition, don't let the baby sleep in one position for a long time, it will really give the little head an unsightly head shape to sleep. What's more, sleeping on the side will make the back of the baby's brain develop, which is good for the child's brain. The development of the baby's brain will be affected by many factors, such as heredity, environment, education, nutrition and disease, etc. Parents should try to avoid factors that are not conducive to the development of the baby's brain, create a good living environment for the child, give Rich environmental stimuli and adequate nutrition for healthy brain development.

1. Provide appropriate information stimulation

Simply put, there are hundreds of millions of brain cells in the human brain, of which only ten One is very active. Each active brain cell has 20,000 branches, which in turn connect with tens or hundreds of thousands of brain cells to transmit information. The establishment of these connections is to give the child various benign stimuli from the age of 0, such as smiling, whispering, touching and hugging, rolling over, etc., to help the baby's brain establish an intellectual system as soon as possible. The picture comes from the Internet

2. Stimulation from language

The baby is too young to speak, but the baby can listen to the mother! When the baby can't speak yet, the mother begins to chat and communicate with the baby in every detail. Persistence with standardized language can effectively train the language energy in the baby's brain, germinate unlimited imagination, and gradually cultivate the baby from The transition and development of image thinking to abstract thinking. The picture comes from the Internet

3. Left and right brain

The human brain is divided into left and right, which control the opposite parts of the body respectively. This knowledge has long been popularized and familiar. In fact, we use our left brain function more in our study and life, because it is in line with the fundamentals of our current education, such as being organized, logical, regular, etc.; while the right brain is responsible for more Metaphysical or more romantic parts, such as aesthetics, music, images, fantasy, etc. Therefore, children can develop their left and right brains at the same time, so that they can learn and live better. For example, let children try painting, manual labor, physical training, etc., and at the same time use their left limbs more, do some activities from simple to complex, from passive to active, to promote the balanced development of the brain. The picture comes from the Internet. Don't force your baby to have a "flat" back of the head. Babies are born like this, and they look good no matter how they look. Taking care of your baby with your heart, nurturing your baby carefully, and letting him have a smart and healthy brain is the most important thing!
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