The "new trick" that spawned the birth is here again, and more than 10,000 birth subsidies have been issued to the third child in many places. Do you have any?

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The "new trick" that spawned the birth is here again, and more than 10,000 birth subsidies have been issued to the third child in many places. Do you have any?

Wen | Jingma country has released second and third children, but in 2021, China's birth population will only be 1062, and the birth rate will only be 7.52%. This means that this generation will be 40% smaller than their parents! I remember when we were in primary school, there were 30 to 40 people in a class in the primary school in the village, but now many villages can’t even run primary schools, and the children have to go to the county seat. It is very obvious that there are really fewer children! Advocating the birth of two and three children seems to have little effect, so new strategies have been introduced everywhere. For example, in July 2021, Panzhihua, Sichuan began to pay 500 yuan per child per month to Panzhihua households with two and three children until the child is three years old. That is, if you want to have a second child and a third child, you can receive 18,000 yuan. And this year, all parts of the country have begun to encourage childbirth by giving money! Yunnan has made it clear that from January 1, 2023 to December 31, 2025, a one-time birth subsidy of 2,000 and 5,000 will be issued to the second and third children with newly born household registration in Yunnan, and an annual baby subsidy of 800 yuan can also be received. That is, the third child can get nearly 8,000 yuan! In Changsha, Hunan, local households with husband and wife who have three or more children in accordance with the law can enjoy a one-time childcare subsidy of 10,000 yuan for each child with more than three children! That is to say, not only are there subsidies for three children, but also subsidies for four and five children. Not only will you not be fined, but you will be encouraged to have more births. Heilongjiang Daxing'anling Health and Health Commission recently issued a proposal for the "Work Plan for Optimizing Birth Policies and Promoting Long-term Balanced Development of the Population in Daxing'anling Region (Draft for Comment)". The plan proposes that couples with household registration in Daxing'anling and working and living in the area shall give birth to their third child. A one-time incentive of 20,000 yuan, a monthly childcare subsidy of 300 yuan for the second child, and a monthly childcare subsidy of 500 yuan for the third child until the child is three years old. In other words, those who have three children can receive 38,000 yuan. In addition to encouraging cash, Zhejiang also proposed that children within the age of three should encourage employers to allow employees who are suitable for telecommuting to work by combining home office and workplace office. Some netizens may say that tens of thousands of yuan to raise a child is a drop in the bucket, but in some fifth- and sixth-tier cities, the monthly salary is only two or three thousand yuan. If the child does not get sick and has no other large expenses before the age of three, and the mother is breastfeeding before the age of two, then 500 yuan to buy diapers and a few toys and clothes is still enough, it is always better than nothing! There must be some stimuli!

Why don't young people want to have children these days? These reasons are very realistic

  • It is difficult to marry a daughter-in-law in rural areas
A friend is from Henan, he said that some of them give dowry gifts there It has been given to millions, but it is not always possible to find a daughter-in-law. Many girls from rural areas are reluctant to return to the countryside after they leave the big cities. There are some capable people who settle down in big cities, buy a house and a car, and stay single when they can't find a boyfriend. Some people with average ability also want to find boys in big cities. After all, they hope that their children will be smoother in the future, so they get married in big cities and their children grow up in big cities. Now the country has begun to control the high-priced bride price, and Henan even suggested zero bride price!
  • The cost of raising children is high
From pregnancy to the birth of a child, it costs tens of thousands of dollars for prenatal examinations, plus women's work after pregnancy The ability to decline, wages may also be reduced, which invisibly leads to the family's economic become more strained. Now, after the child was born, there have been many organizations that advocated that the child should not be allowed to lose at the starting line, and began to provide early education for the child. Children eat, use, and dare not buy too bad. Children need to pay for kindergarten every month. Although they do not need tuition fees when they go to primary school, the cost of afternoon and evening care and various remedial classes also cost a lot of money. Parents have a headache. Coupled with the awakening of women's consciousness now, many women consider that the cost of childbirth and parenting is too high for themselves, and they are either very cautious about marriage or very cautious about having children! Topic: Why are your friends unwilling to have a second child and a third child? Welcome to leave a message below the comment area. (The pictures are all from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete) For more exciting content, please click: I want to regenerate one but I can't conceive! Why is the second child and third child more difficult than the first child? The reason is too heart-wrenching. How long is it better to have a second child, third child and first child? Miscarriage, vaginal delivery, cesarean section
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