Elementary school students' full score composition is less than 200 words, and 12 teachers have clicked on it. Comments: This is a genius

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Elementary school students' full score composition is less than 200 words, and 12 teachers have clicked on it. Comments: This is a genius

Wen|Yingma saw "Going Back Song" written by a primary school student on the Internet, it was really heart-wrenching! The whole article is less than 200 words, but all the teachers have been reviewed, Chinese, mathematics, English, chemistry, physics, biology, sports, politics, history, music, art, geography, 12 teachers have turned back, and The adjectives after turning back are also wonderfully used, such as "As soon as the PE teacher turned around, Jordan played table tennis instead." The adjectives are used appropriately, and the confrontation is very neat. It really describes the characteristics of the teachers of each subject in a nutshell. After reading it, it is very picturesque. The teacher hit 100% with a stroke of the pen, and the comment said: "This is a genius who has been worshipped as a teacher!" Judging from the article "Back to the Song", this child is very imaginative and has a variety of The use of words is also easy to use, and the 100 points are worth it! Today's primary school students have a much broader vision than we used to, so the children's imagination will be richer, and the children's ability to use words will also be stronger. Many students write many wonderful compositions with full marks. For example, the opening chapter of "To Die Hot" wrote: I can live today thanks to the Americans who invented the air conditioner and Hou Yi who shot the sun. "It's not naivety that beats you, it's naivety!" He even reminded the teacher, "The weather is hot, pay attention to heatstroke prevention, stay where it is cool, and stay there." The teacher also gave 100 points! Now children start writing essays from the third grade of primary school, and many parents feel that it is a very painful thing to teach their children to write essays. The child is unable to write the composition for a long time, and the composition that finally comes out is like keeping a running account, and the teacher can't bear to look directly at it!

What kind of essay is eligible? The senior Chinese teacher reminds parents of these points

Ying's mother has a classmate who is a Chinese teacher and has been teaching elementary school for 20 years. He mentioned that he has taught so many students that good composition is particularly important. The first point: It is important to highlight that our composition is written around the theme, and some children are prone to anticlimactic. I wrote it in great detail at the beginning, but later I found that I had almost enough words for the teacher, so I ended it hastily. In fact, the anticlimactic essay would not get a high score. [How to deal with parents] To help children deal with the structure of the article together, how many words do we need to write in front? How do we write in the middle? How will it end? Generally, it is introduced in the front, expanded in the middle to write, and sublimated later. For example, if the teacher arranges to write "My Mom", then you can write a little about the features of the mother's facial features in the front, but you can write a few small things about getting along with the mother in the middle. Study hard and be filial to your mother when you grow up. The second point: the description is peaceful. Some children write things that are too peaceful. They don’t have a sense of picture. Let children learn to describe with a sense of picture. The descriptions of many texts in primary schools are actually very picturesque. For example, what is the rain like in autumn? There was an autumn wind and an autumn rain, and the ground was still wet. From time to time, you could still see sparkling puddles, reflecting a small corner of the sky. These bright little skies make people very visual, but some children can't write, he will say it rained last night, the ground is very wet, and there are some puddles, when I go out to school got my shoes wet. So let the children excerpt some well-written sentences, the children read more, copy more, and naturally learn to apply. The third point: the idea is novel, such as the previous 100-point composition "Back to the Song", this idea is indeed quite novel, and few people write it like this. For example, when a child's composition is written "My Mother", many people may write about how my mother takes care of me, but if you write about the difference between your mother and other people's mothers, there will be contrasts and differences. This idea will be more novel and easier to get high marks. If you want children and write well in composition, you must let them read, write and think more, and let them read some good books and articles, so that the level of children's composition can be greatly improved. (The pictures are all from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete)
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