Preventing fire in autumn, helping babies eliminate autumn dryness, and raising healthy babies, these processes are indispensable

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Preventing fire in autumn, helping babies eliminate autumn dryness, and raising healthy babies, these processes are indispensable

The picture is from the Internet. During the small holiday last week, I found several blisters on Xiaobao's upper lip. I was shocked at the time, and I quickly looked at his throat. Fortunately, it was not too red. I turned around and steamed a pear for him and stewed it again. I gave him rock sugar pear water to drink. When I woke up in the middle of the night, when I saw Xiaobao, my face was flushed, and the 24-hour alarm bell rang in my mother's heart. The picture comes from the Internet This is autumn! The weather gradually turns cooler, the air humidity decreases, the water vapor decreases, the evaporation speed increases, and the dryness increases. The child's body systems and organs are not fully developed, and they are very sensitive to climate change. Dryness, yellow urine, heat in the hands, feet and heart; headache, less sweating, cough without phlegm, and unstoppable nosebleeds. In addition, looking at the cool autumn air, they are comfortable everywhere. The little guys naturally have more outdoor activities. After playing wildly, they are sweating profusely, the wind is blowing, and they have not replenished water in time, how can they not get sick? Chinese medicine calls it "Autumn Dryness Syndrome". The picture comes from the Internet

Prevent the baby from getting angry and cause "autumn dryness", focusing on diet therapy.

There are many factors that can cause a baby to get angry. The typical ones are sleeping late, lack of sleep, irregular and greasy diet, insufficient drinking water, and great mood swings... In comparison, many children seem to be like this! Therefore, from the perspective of diet therapy, when the baby gets angry, drinking more water, eating a light diet, and eating easy-to-digest food can be regarded as "prescribe the right medicine". The picture comes from the Internet 1. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables rich in cellulose Qiu pear, citrus, grapefruit, persimmon, mangosteen, pomegranate, grape, jujube, water chestnut, etc. are all good fruit choices, while longan, lychee, mango, durian Wait for the hot fruit, just taste it properly. For vegetables, the first choice is lotus root, radish, spinach, cauliflower, wax gourd, bitter gourd, loofah, etc., which are very suitable for babies to eat. The key depends on how the mother cooks the delicious food! In addition, the cooking method should try to cook and fry, reduce frying and braised, and light can be nourishing. The picture comes from the Internet 2. Eat less refined processed snacks with high oil and sugar. The cute, beautiful and delicious shapes will often make children love it. But from the perspective of preventing autumn dryness, let the children eat less or quit! 3. High-quality protein is sufficient to supply eggs, lean meat, beef, fish, soy products, etc., which are all sources of high-quality protein. However, in cooking, stewing, steaming and other methods are the best, and less spicy. The picture comes from the Internet

In addition to diet, the care of the baby's life is also sloppy.

1. Going to bed early and getting up early on a regular schedule has become an empty talk for many people. In fact, staying up late is fundamental to good health, both for adults and children. 2. More exercise Every day outdoor activities are of course indispensable. Movement produces not only beauty, but also health. Just be careful not to let the baby sweat too much, change clothes in time, and replenish water in time. 3. Indoor air humidification Opening windows for ventilation is something that many parents often do, but air humidification is easily overlooked by many people. Starting from autumn, add green plants in the room, install a humidifier, or put a basin of water in the bedroom, etc., do it quickly! The picture comes from the Internet. Finally, I must share the problem of the baby's rotten mouth in autumn. This time, my little treasure's illness started from the blisters at the corner of the mouth. The rotten corners of the baby's mouth are generally characterized by flushing, blistering, chapped, erosion, scabbing, scaling, etc., and the mouth still bleeds, which really makes the mother feel bad. In addition to the dry climate, there may be a lack of B vitamins. It is a good way to supplement from animal liver, lean meat, eggs, milk, soy products, carrots and fresh green leafy vegetables. The picture is from the Internet. In addition, don't let the baby lick his lips at every turn. Parents should correct the behavior of the baby consciously; if the lips peel off, don't tear it. Prepare a lip balm suitable for your baby and apply it in time. In fact, using sesame oil is also a good choice; if peeling or cracking has occurred, you can first wash the wound with light salt water and apply vitamin B2 crushed powder. After a little better, insist on doing lip care and maintenance for your baby before going to bed to ensure that your baby's rosy lips are extra cute!
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