Women who are "pregnant at the touch of a button" generally have these 7 characteristics, and the more of them, the easier it is to get pregnant

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Women who are "pregnant at the touch of a button" generally have these 7 characteristics, and the more of them, the easier it is to get pregnant

Wen|Aunt Ying gave birth to 4 children that year, and her cousin was her third daughter. She gave birth to a son in the second year of marriage, a daughter in the third year, and an unexpected pregnancy in the fourth year. run off. As a result, after a few years of peace, she became pregnant again, and had to go to the hospital to have an abortion. #讀 Zero Zero Plan# I said to my cousin: Why don't you pay attention to contraception? Who is still alive now? My cousin is also very depressed. I also have contraception, use condoms, and sometimes take birth control pills, but it is very easy to get caught. In those few years of peace, it was because of the use of the contraceptive ring, and then I took it out because I was still not used to it, and I was recruited again! My cousin's sister-in-law, her husband's sister-in-law, has a constitution that is difficult to conceive. After three years of marriage, she was unable to conceive. It took two years to seek medical advice before she could conceive a child. superior! Therefore, the cousin belongs to the "prone constitution", and her sister-in-law belongs to the "difficult constitution"! Pregnancy is indeed divided. Some people are very easy to get pregnant, and they get pregnant at the touch of a button, while some people are more difficult to get pregnant!

Women who are "pregnant at one touch" generally have 7 characteristics, the more of them, the easier it is to get pregnant

The first Features: Genetic inheritance means that mothers are more likely to have children. The daughter's menstrual status and fertility are all related to the mother. If the mother was fertile at the time, then the child is more likely to become a fertile constitution. The second feature: anterior position of the uterus Under normal circumstances, when our bladder is empty, the uterus will slightly bend forward and become anterior position, which is more conducive to the passage of sperm through the uterus and the implantation of fertilized eggs into the uterus. But some people are born with a retroverted uterus, so conceiving can be more difficult. It is said that it is easy to conceive if you have to have a special body position. The third feature: Menstrual regularity Menstrual regularity represents the regularity of ovulation. The normal menstrual cycle is once a month, and a cycle of 28 to 35 days is very normal. This will better calculate the ovulation period, and it will be easier to conceive a child when you ovulate. A colleague had been trying to get pregnant for nearly a year and she didn't get pregnant. Later, I suggested that she go to the hospital to test her eggs with B-ultrasound 5 days after her menstrual period. She found that the follicles were mature and then did her homework. As a result, she had three B-ultrasounds. The third time she found a very mature follicle, she went home and did her homework. She became pregnant that month. The fourth characteristic: no abortion According to the data of the "China Health and Health Statistical Yearbook (2020)", the number of induced abortions has reached 10 million. In addition to those without statistics, it is estimated that there are nearly 15 million. The number of births in the country's resident population was flat. And if you have never given birth to a child but have an artificial abortion, the endometrium will be damaged. If the damage is too severe, the endometrium will become thinner, making it difficult for the embryo to implant. Even if it is a test tube baby, the embryo cannot be implanted, and the right to be a mother is really lost. So before you plan to have a child, you must be actively contraceptive, so as not to hurt our uterus. The fifth characteristic: weight standard. Being overweight will affect the secretion of our hormones, and being underweight will also affect reproductive ability. Therefore, we suggest that if mothers want to get pregnant, they must keep our weight within the normal range, which not only makes it easier for us to conceive, but also reduces various pregnancy complications during pregnancy. The sixth characteristic: sufficient blood and blood will make women look very active, and the complexion will look good. Adequate blood and blood will also make the quality of the eggs better, and it will also make the sperm easier to combine with the eggs. easy to conceive. Seventh feature: The cervix is ​​enough for Daxianxian to get pregnant after three years of marriage. Later, she went to the hospital for examination and found that her cervix was born with a small cervix. Because the cervix is ​​too small, it is difficult for sperm to pass through the uterus, so it is difficult to conceive. And the cervix is ​​large enough to allow sperm to pass through more easily and to get pregnant more easily. Women with fertile constitution should pay attention to contraception, and those who are not easy to get pregnant should look at the reason. If you have irregular menstruation, you can adjust your menstruation first. If you are too fat or too thin, you can adjust your body first. If you have insufficient qi and blood If the uterus is not in an anterior position, then you must pay attention to the position! Are there any women around you who are fertile? (The pictures are all from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete)
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