Why is there no male contraceptive pill? Why are contraceptive methods different at home and abroad? The reason is too disturbing

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Why is there no male contraceptive pill? Why are contraceptive methods different at home and abroad? The reason is too disturbing

Wen|Jing Ma saw a topic on the hot search today "#Why there is no male contraceptive pill#"? It is true that the method of male contraception is very simple and rude. There are only two commonly used methods, one is condoms, and the other is ligation. There are various methods of contraception for women, and there are more than ten kinds: ligation, upper ring, subcutaneous implant, long-acting contraceptive, short-acting contraceptive, emergency contraceptive, long-acting contraceptive, contraceptive patch, contraceptive suppository, contraceptive film , condoms, contraceptive ointment. There are three kinds of oral drugs.

Why there is no male contraceptive pill, several reasons are very realistic and distressing

Reason 1: Male contraceptive pills have serious side effects for men During the research and development of contraceptives, it was found that there are side effects. Men who take it will lead to obesity, acne, and even feel weak and ability decline! [Remarks] The problem is that contraceptives for women also have various side effects, leading to irregular menstruation, poor skin, obesity, gynecological problems, etc.! Why was the side effect of male contraceptive pill development stopped, while female contraceptive pills are still being used with so many side effects? The main thing is that women are at greater risk if contraception fails. Reason 2: There is no funding for the research and development of these contraceptives, which requires funding and volunteers. When women must develop research and development, it is funded by the Margaret Foundation, which is a women's foundation. There are also many female volunteers who volunteered to volunteer. However, for the research and development of male contraceptives, only the World Health Organization and the Population Council have given a small amount of research and development funds. There is no funds, and no men are willing to volunteer to volunteer, so the difficulty of research and development is greatly increased. [Remarks] If the woman is unfortunately pregnant and the child does not want it, then the abortion will hurt the woman's body, so women will pay more attention to contraception and are more willing to actively use contraception. Reason 3: A company called Schering-Plough was stopped by a large pharmaceutical company. It once developed a male contraceptive pill, but the project was stopped after it was acquired by Bayer. Bayer's main focus is on female contraception. A company called Organon also developed a male contraceptive pill, which was later acquired by Merck, and the project was also halted. Because once the male birth control pill hits the market, it will squeeze the market for female birth control pills and condoms. Some pharmaceutical companies fear a new male birth control method that could win half of the $10 billion global market for female contraceptives and slash 3.2 billion condom sales! So the reason why there is no male contraceptive pill is really special reality! Because the uterus grows on the body of the woman, the woman has to bear the responsibility of having children and also bear the responsibility of contraception, otherwise it will hurt the woman's body once she becomes pregnant! According to the "Lancet Global Contraceptive Report", in China, up to 30.5% of women have ligation, 44.2% of women have a ring, 2.8% of women use contraceptives, and 6.6% of women have subcutaneous implants! Male ligation only accounted for 4.7%! Condom usage rate is 9.0%! In the United States, the male sterilization rate is as high as 8.2%, and the condom use rate is also 15.2%! That is, domestic contraception mainly depends on women! Some time ago, there was a lot of uproar. The abortion ban in the United States caused heated discussions in the United States, and also caused public resistance! And it is said that many pharmacies in the United States cannot even buy birth control pills! So some time ago, American men began to form groups to get ligated! That is, men in foreign countries are also very anxious about contraception, and they are also very nervous. Why? In many parts of the United States, there is a legal requirement that if a woman gives birth to a child, the man has a legal obligation to support the child, and it is mandatory. A biological father in Utah, for example, would be required by law to pay half of what a woman would pay. Ohio introduced legislation that would allow people to sue people who made them pregnant. Ohio law would allow civil lawsuits for unwanted pregnancies. That is to say, if a woman accidentally becomes pregnant, she can go to the man who made her pregnant. This man will even be imprisoned, so they will be more nervous about contraception.

There are daughters at home, so mothers must tell the children these common senses

The first common sense: learn to protect yourself and tell yourself from a young age There are differences between male and female daughters. After the child is three years old, the father should not help his daughter take a bath. Parents should not change clothes at will in front of their children, but let them gradually become gender-conscious, buy some education-related picture books for their children, and tell them the difference between boys and girls. Tell your child not to touch or show it to others where it is covered by underwear. If someone is discussing the part of your underwear, you should stay away from him and tell your parents. The second common sense: Don't think about taking advantage. For example, when your daughter is in love, parents should also tell her daughter, don't think about taking advantage of the man. If a girl needs more money when it comes to falling in love, the mother can give the child more money, and don't let her take advantage of the boy. The girl who always wants to take advantage of others is also easy to be used by people with intentions. cause harm to oneself. The third common sense: teach children about contraception after adolescence Learn to protect yourself. And when the child is an adult, it is OK to tell the child to fall in love, but if you are not married, you must learn contraception, and if you do not want to have children after marriage, you must also learn contraception. Learn about the proper use of the various forms of contraception, as well as the pros and cons of these forms of contraception. For example, girls should try to reduce the use of emergency contraceptives as much as possible. If they want to use emergency contraceptives more than once a month or three times a year, it will cause great harm to the body. The fourth common sense: tell the child the harm of contraceptive failure and abortion to her body. According to the relevant data of the "China Health and Health Statistical Yearbook (2020)", it is found that the number of births in my country is constantly declining, and the number of births in the permanent population is only 14.65 million, but Abortion is still on the rise. By 2019, there have been 10 million abortions, and this does not include secret abortions by some small clinics. That is to say, the number of miscarriages has been equal to the number of births. All this is at the cost of harming women's bodies, especially for some women who have not yet married and have not given birth. Once miscarried, it is likely to lead to infertility in the future. Women have already had a hard time getting pregnant and giving birth. Men should take some responsibility for contraception, don't you think? (The pictures are all from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete)
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