A busy mom's experience: Asking children five questions in ten minutes a day works amazingly

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A busy mom's experience: Asking children five questions in ten minutes a day works amazingly

1. What is going on in school?

This question was the first question raised by the mother, maybe After seeing it, many people feel that this problem is not special. So, what does this question do? In fact, asking this question is to investigate the child's values. From the child's answer, we can understand what kind of thing is "especially good" in the child's heart, so that we can grasp whether the child's values ​​are correct or not. . If the child's answer deviates from the correct values, then the mother can find out in time, and help the child solve the corresponding problem in time, so as to establish correct values ​​for the child. This question is asked to the child every day, and after a period of time, the child will have a relatively deep understanding of the value of things, and can also clearly judge whether it is good or bad.

Second, what did you do well today?

This question also seems ordinary, but it contains encouragement for children. When children answer questions and tell their mother about their performance, they will also gain a corresponding sense of self-confidence and achievement, and their personality will become more positive and positive. Over time, it will be cultivated into a character with full confidence, and when doing things, it will analyze things in more detail, and use the method with the highest success rate to complete things. The child is asked this question every day by his mother, and then he will be very excited to tell the story of helping the child in the school, and his face will be proud, and the mother will also affirm it in due course. Children feel that helping others is really a good thing, and over time, they become willing to help others.

Third, what is the good harvest today?

This question is mainly to let the children consolidate what they have learned that day. When answering questions, the child will review all the knowledge learned in the day, and the secondary memory will allow the child to steadily consolidate the knowledge and improve the child's learning efficiency. Moreover, during the review process, children can also clearly distinguish which knowledge points they have mastered, which knowledge points they have doubts, and which ones they do not understand at all. There will be a clear understanding. Whenever a child hears this question from his mother, he will review the knowledge points described by the teacher in today's class in his mind. Those who have already mastered it will naturally tell his mother, and at the same time, he will also find his own shortcomings.

Fourth, is there anything you don’t understand today?

This question is in line with the previous question, and the previous question can make The child looks back on his shortcomings in learning that day, and this question is to let the child speak out about his shortcomings, so as to establish his own goals. When the child clearly defines his own goal, he will subconsciously formulate a plan to achieve the goal, thereby enhancing the child's logical ability, and at the same time allowing the child to take the initiative to make up for his lack of learning that day, and to solve the problem of learning in a better and more timely manner. difficulty. This is also the reason why this mother's child has always had better academic performance. When the child is asked by the mother, he will express the knowledge point that he does not understand. At this time, in fact, in the child's heart, the goal plan of "I want to understand this knowledge point" has been subconsciously formulated. So in free time, will take the initiative to solve doubts.

5. What is the need for mother's help

When the child is answering this question, it will naturally come to mind , classify what you should do by yourself and what you can ask for help, so as to answer the matters that need your mother's help. In the process of answering, the responsible party of the incident is potentially identified, and the child's sense of responsibility will gradually be cultivated. If the child answers some things that can be done independently on this question, then the mother will analyze the independent feasibility of this matter, guide the child to have a correct sense of responsibility, and improve the child's autonomy. When the child hears the question raised by the mother, he will tell the mother what he does not know how to do or cannot do, and the mother will also help the child with the problem. For the things that the child can do, the mother adopts the method of "teaching them to fish" to encourage the child to do it by himself, and for the things that the child cannot do alone, the mother will help the child to achieve it, and the child will understand something while doing things. called responsibility. The questions are all mundane in the literal sense of the question, but in combination they have the magical ability to give a child a good homeschooling, and that's what they get. Therefore, parents must pay attention to the methods used when conducting tutoring. If the methods are appropriate, they will achieve twice the result with half the effort, cultivate their children's characters and help them grow up healthily and happily.
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