Letting children play alone is not the best protection, parents should also pay attention to their children's psychology

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Letting children play alone is not the best protection, parents should also pay attention to their children's psychology

Introduction: Data shows that the number of children with anxiety disorders is gradually increasing. Relevant psychologists believe that the cause of this serious result comes from the overprotection of parents. As a single mother, Xiao Zhang brought her son the best protection she thought. When taking care of his son, Xiao Zhang pays special attention to his son's safety. He never allows his classmates to go out to play with his son, nor does he allow his son to go out to play with his classmates. From childhood to adulthood, his son played by himself. Xiao Zhang felt that this was the greatest protection she could bring to her child as a mother. After all, the outside world is very dangerous. She believes that people around her should understand her love for her son, and her son should understand. But what I never expected was that my son was diagnosed with mild depression when he was in the second year of junior high school. At that time, Xiao Zhang didn't realize the shortcomings of her education. She attributed it to the bad things that happened to her children at school. After all, children from single-parent families were easily ridiculed and ridiculed by other classmates. When the son was in psychological counseling, he told the doctor that he could not stand his mother, and that her mother was the source of his pain in life. After hearing what his son said, Xiao Zhang realized that there was a problem with his education. The psychiatrist told Xiao Zhang not to treat the child well as a means of controlling the child. Xiao Zhang’s excessive protection of his son limited his development and cut off his son’s wings, which caused the child to suffer from the disease. psychological problems.

How can overprotective parents harm children?

After having children, many parents will take a lot of protective measures to protect their children from harm, but some parents are prone to develop excessive protection because of their doting. Why not advocate that parents overprotect their children? This is because the parent's educational method is actually a human control over the child. It will affect the child's thoughts, feelings, rationality and other development. In order to protect the personal safety of babies, many parents restrict their activities from an early age, which can easily lead to their loss of independence and self-confidence. The post-90s and post-00s are children who were spoiled and grown up, but they seriously lacked self-confidence, and each of them gradually became a giant baby. In the family of origin, they have not received enough education. The excessive protection of parents will limit the child's self-development, such as the child's risk-taking spirit, and the sense of innovation has not been exercised. And when over-protecting, parents tend to force their own will on the baby, which will cause their lack of a wide range of learning ability.

In what ways does parental overprotection of children manifest themselves?

1. Do not let children play with other children. When many parents overprotect their children, they limit their social activities. Some friends may wonder why parents do this. Because parents are always worried that children and other children will accidentally bump into each other while playing, and they are afraid of quarrels and conflicts between children and others. When some children are playing, they will fall to the ground accidentally, and they will bleed when they are serious. How can parents see this? In order to protect the child's physical safety, parents will limit their children's social interaction with other children, but this can easily make the child a person with low self-esteem. 2. Do not allow children to explore. Children are very curious about the world. They are always exploring the unknown. Many children especially like to study things they don’t understand. However, in the eyes of parents, children’s behavior of exploring is also very dangerous. of. Many curious babies will start researching what they are curious about. In the process, various dangerous events may be triggered and their bodies may be injured. In order to protect children, parents do not allow them to explore, but this will cause children to lose their spirit of exploration and innovation. 3. Don't let the child do anything. When some parents overprotect their children, they show that they don't let their children do anything, and they really treat the children as flowers in the greenhouse, which has an adverse effect on their ability, will and character. Tips: Parents never let their children do what they can, and the children will only become more lazy and lose their self-motivation.

Why should parents pay more attention to their children's psychological education?

If you want to teach your child well, parents should pay attention to the inner part of the child. Many parents feel that overprotecting their children is bringing them true love, but it doesn't. For children, the environment in which they grow up is extremely important. If parents can bring a warmer and more harmonious family environment to their children, this can improve the children's mental health level, which will make the children more optimistic and cheerful, and also help to improve the children's patience and perseverance. Many parents think that their children are too naughty. They want to try new things every day, and they will feel that their children are easy to cause trouble for themselves. But parents must learn to listen to and respect their ideas, and give their children the opportunity to make choices, so that parents can find that their children are more and more responsible, able to control their own lives, and also help improve their children's self-confidence. The overprotection of many parents for their children is reflected in the fact that they do not allow their children to do anything, which can easily make their children into giant babies, while some parents overprotect their children so that they can devote all their energy to learning. Such expectations are too high, and it is easy to cause great psychological pressure on children. Parents should have moderate hope for their children and have a comprehensive understanding of their children in order to make them mentally healthier. Conclusion: Many parents feel that the most important responsibility of parents is to protect their children. It is the parents' responsibility to protect their children's personal health. However, if they want to teach their children well, parents must pay attention to a more important aspect, that is, let their children become a Healthy people, so they can take control of their lives. Allow yourself to have a stable emotional state to have a happier life. (The picture in this article comes from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete it)
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