Punish the child in this way, let the child "long memory", without hurting feelings

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Punish the child in this way, let the child "long memory", without hurting feelings

In April of this year, a video of beating children was exposed on the Internet, and it quickly became a hot search. In the video, a girl is naked and barefoot, standing at the gate and crying piercingly. There are many bruises on her body, which makes people worry. The video quickly attracted the attention of the police, who quickly intervened in the investigation. After investigation, it was found that the person who beat the child was actually the child's biological mother. When the police asked her why she beat the child, her answer was to discipline the child. Influenced by traditional educational concepts, many parents believe that beating and scolding their children is the most effective way of discipline. actually not. Parents use the discipline method of beating and scolding, and the effect seems to be immediate, making the child become obedient immediately. However, in the long run, this kind of discipline will not only fail to make the child better, but will cause many psychological problems in the child, such as cowardice, inferiority complex, withdrawn, rebellious and so on. It also makes children think that violence is the best way to solve a problem. Obviously, beating and scolding is not the best way of discipline. So, when a child does something wrong, shouldn't a parent just let it be, and can't discipline it? Of course not, parents can try these 5 punishment methods, which will not hurt their children, but also make them realize their mistakes.

Scheduling children to do housework

In daily life, many children litter toys, scribble on walls, etc. . At this time, parents can use the way of arranging their children to do housework to punish their children. For example, if the child is throwing toys all over the place, the parent can ask the child to help the parent clean up the room together. When arranging children to do housework, parents need to pay attention to, under the premise of safety, according to the age of the children, to arrange the children to do housework within their ability. For younger children, it is recommended that parents lead their children to complete simple housework first. Arranging children to do housework can not only make them realize that a clean and tidy environment is the result of hard work, but also help children develop good habits of being hygienic and loving labor.

Counting the beans

Children who are inattentive and careless in their homework are usually lack of concentration. For such children, parents can cultivate their children's concentration by asking them to count beans. Parents can choose the right amount of red beans and mung beans to mix together. Then let the child divide the two kinds of beans within a certain period of time. You can also take only one of the beans and ask your child to count how many beans there are. It should be noted that the number of beans obtained should not be too much, so as to avoid the child's fear of difficulty and loss of interest. This method not only allows the child to calm down quickly, but also trains the child's patience, allowing the child to experience the joy of focusing on one thing. The

confiscation of a right

is a form of punishment that allows children to bear the consequences for their own mistakes. Here, parents should pay attention that this kind of punishment should be considered on a case-by-case basis. In other words, the right to confiscation should be directly related to the mistakes made by the child. For example, the mother asks the child to brush his teeth sooner or later, but no matter what the mother says, the child refuses to brush. At this time, the mother can confiscate the child's right to eat snacks. Parents need to communicate with their children the reasons for forfeiting these rights before imposing this punishment. And inform the child that when he corrects the error, the corresponding rights will be restored immediately. Once parents agree on this kind of punishment with their children, they must strictly enforce them. Otherwise, parents will lose their prestige in the eyes of their children, and it will be more difficult to discipline their children in the future.


If the child is prone to losing control of his emotions, and then hits, curses and other bad behaviors. Parents can set up a special drawing area for their children to encourage children to draw their thoughts. In fact, children naturally like to draw. The paintings they draw, although they don't look like them, contain the children's thoughts, experiences and emotions. Drawing not only allows children to express their thoughts and thoughts in a better way, but also promotes children's brain development and improves children's cognitive ability.


Some children especially like to jump up and down, and they can't stop for a moment. Even if their parents shout, they still can't stop. At this time, parents can punish their children for running, skipping rope and other sports. When the child is exercising, it is best for the parents to accompany the exercise together. This will not only make the child feel that the parents love him, but also promote the development of the parent-child relationship. Scientific research has found that exercise can not only enhance children's physical fitness, but also activate children's brains and help improve children's learning ability. Finally, I want to remind parents that the purpose of our punishment is not to make children unhappy, but to change their future behavior. Only by letting children realize the wrong behavior first and be willing to make changes for it, then this kind of discipline is really effective.
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