Children who are "naughty" and "well-behaved" grow up, and the gap between the three aspects will become larger and larger

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Children who are "naughty" and "well-behaved" grow up, and the gap between the three aspects will become larger and larger

Text|Jing Ma Many parents hope that their children will be more obedient and obedient, and not be so naughty! As everyone knows, naughty is the nature of most children, and naughty is more beneficial to the growth of children. The American Psychological Association conducted an experiment on more than 700 children aged 9 to 12 and found that people who were more stubborn and naughty in childhood were more likely to have great achievements in adulthood! That is to say, when children are naughty when they are young, they are more successful when they grow up. And those children who are very obedient since childhood are easy to lose their minds when they grow up, and it is difficult to achieve great achievements.

Children are naughty or obedient when they are young, but when they grow up, there is a big gap in three aspects

The first aspect: self-confidence in children When he was a child, he was naughty because he was very confident in himself. We say that a child is not afraid of tigers when he was born. It is because the child has confidence in his own abilities that he will continue to challenge himself in unknown areas. Those obedient children are under the guidance of their parents since childhood, and what they say and do is decided by their parents. These children often don't have much of their own thoughts and just listen to their parents. When such children grow up, because their parents are old and can no longer guide them, they feel that they have no backbone, and they tend to feel inferior when they go out to society, because they seem to know nothing. The second aspect: innovation ability Jack Ma once said that innovation is the most powerful and unstoppable driving force! Children who are naughty since childhood, because they have their own opinions, they will try new things and have a strong ability to innovate. However, obedient children have only listened to their parents' guidance since childhood, so all his words and deeds, every move and every move, follow their parents' education, follow the rules, and have a very poor ability to innovate. After entering the society, innovation ability is also a very valuable ability of a person. The third aspect: Children who have been naughty since childhood are often accused, scolded, or even criticized by their parents. It is precisely because he is often criticized that he has a strong ability to withstand pressure. Can't stand it. And the obedient child since childhood, because obedient parents rarely criticize him, he has smooth sailing, only to find out that society is very cruel, and some malicious criticism in society will make him unacceptable, and his ability to withstand pressure is very weak. . If a child is confident, has strong ability to innovate, and has a strong ability to withstand pressure, he will definitely be more popular with the boss when he goes out to the society, so naughty children will achieve higher in the future!

Family with naughty children, parents must keep these principles in mind when educating

Principle 1: formulate for children The bottom line is that it's okay to be naughty, but you can't hit people for no reason, especially grandparents! It’s okay to be naughty, but you should be responsible for the damage caused by naughty, such as breaking the bowl yourself, removing the debris, and returning the money for the bowl by doing housework. This is equivalent to formulating a confinement spell for a naughty child, allowing him to be naughty as far as he can, and let him grow up freely. Principle 2: Do not teach sticks. Strauss, an American domestic violence expert, has conducted a survey of more than 17,000 college students in 32 countries. The results show that children who are often beaten, scolded and violently suppressed are most likely to have lower cognitive levels than their peers. people! That is to say, the child is often beaten and scolded, which will affect his IQ. Originally naughty children, his mind is immature, and his behavior is more detached, but his intelligence is generally higher. If parents often beat and scold their children, it will hurt the children's innate intelligence. Principle 3: Take children out to exercise more. Some children are naughty because they have too much energy. These children should take them out to exercise more, let them play basketball and football, and vent their excess energy. There's not a lot of energy to wreak havoc. Therefore, if there are naughty children in the family, parents should be happy, which means that the children are smart and smart. (The pictures are all from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete) For more exciting content, please click: 4-year-old boy was caught in the throat by a fishbone, father "three rejections and two decisive" saved the child, doctors praised the four-year-old child for biting his body temperature Needle, mother saved the baby in half an hour and 5 steps, the doctor praised it
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