Married a husband who was 11 years younger, and became a national goddess at the age of 40. After becoming a mother, her life ended

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Married a husband who was 11 years younger, and became a national goddess at the age of 40. After becoming a mother, her life ended

Some time ago, there was a movie that exploded the entire internet, and you could see it when you opened all kinds of news. That was the most discussed sci-fi comedy this summer, "Walking on the Moon". Although the laughter of the movie is mixed, but Shen Teng and Ma Li's acting skills are outstanding, and many netizens go to the "Shen Ma Group", which shows their strong box office appeal! Different from the image of a carefree female man in the past, Ma Li played a calm, rational and strong-minded astronaut team leader "Ma Lanxing" in the film. Sensual and lifelike. I used to think that she could only play a "female nerve", but now I found out that she can also play a goddess, her plasticity is too strong! With a smile on the corner of his mouth, Uncle Shen was so confused that he would be willing to fall on the moon even if he was alone. In the movie, even if the "Shen Ma Group" is in different places, the sour love smell can overflow the screen across time and space, and even Ma Li's pro-husband bluntly said "I hit it"! I have to say here that Ma Li really found the right person. Although her husband is 11 years younger than him, he is much more reliable than his "scumbag" predecessor. And Ma Li, who just turned 40 this year, has a happy family and also enjoys every taste of being a mother. 01From comedy girl to tender hot mom

In our impression, Ma Li has always been a sassy career Female, on the big screen, she is strong and strong, with a frown and a smile showing the demeanor of a "female man", and her thick and hearty laughter can break through the sky. There is no sense of disobedience in the act of a man, and even a little handsome (not). Occasionally, there will be such a wonderful drama of stewing yourself in an iron pot. But "mother" is a magical identity. No matter how "hard" a woman becomes, she will become gentle after becoming a mother, and so does Ma Li. She softened visibly to the naked eye, and her eyes were full of the concentration and love that belonged to her mother alone. When filming the movie "My Hometown and Me", Ma Li played a pregnant woman in her true colors. At that time, her eyes were gentle and watery, and she looked at the doll as if she was looking at her unborn child. Ma Li is also more attentive when it comes to children who need to be taken care of. Once, after putting the child to sleep, Ma Li sat on the balcony and answered the phone for fear of waking the child. Although the sitting posture is still rough, but the delicate mind of a mother believes that every mother can feel the same. The birth of the child also enriched Ma Li's life experience and gave her a lot of life materials for her creation. She said in the interview that she used to act, and only by experiencing the pain of pregnancy in October and the torment of being unable to sleep all night can the characters be portrayed as real. In the past, she was not afraid to travel all over the world by herself, but after becoming a mother, Ma Li became "timid". Once on a plane, Ma Li was so overworked that she wanted to smash the window and jump out of the plane. At that moment, she didn't think of herself, but her child. Yes, every mother is so strong and fragile. She can be a fighter who charges for her child, but she also collapses instantly because she is worried about losing her child. 02Difficult to balance family and career

Although she has been upgraded to a mother, Ma Li has not forgotten her beloved acting career. Even during pregnancy, she took turns taking turns. In movies, variety shows, and interviews, Ma Li was often seen working hard with a big belly. (2020 CCTV Spring Festival Gala) Every time she goes out to work, it is a great test for Ma Li, because she can't help but miss her children, and she often thinks of crying secretly in the middle of the night. After finally returning home, Ma Li had mixed feelings about the child's reaction. In a variety show, Ma Li said something like this: She didn't see her son for a whole month because of the Spring Festival Gala rehearsal. She thought of giving up the Spring Festival Gala and resigning to go home. After leaving for a long time, I got emotional, and deliberately pretended not to know her. A little story tells how much bitterness of working mothers! In the society we live in, mothers are always required to be all-powerful superhumans, not to hold back in the workplace, and to take care of their children with all their might in life. Ke Ren's energy is limited, after all, who can fully take care of it? What mothers yearn for is not the privileges brought by mercy, they just want to work hard, do their best to work, and fight for the opportunities they deserve. But even this small request is difficult to face. So, in the face of the outside world's doubts about working mothers, she asked excitedly: Why can't I give birth to a child? ! As Ma Li said: "No pity, no sympathy, but love." The same "first-generation working mother" in the 03 family is often said that parents are their children's first teachers, and this is true. Ma Li, who is now a mother, learned from her mother the qualities of being strong and daring, and how to love her children. (Photo of Ma Li with her mother) Ma Li's parents divorced when she was very young. The strong mother raised Ma Li by herself and grew up. It can be said to be the "first generation working mother" after the reform and opening up. In order to make money, my mother quit her stable job with little money and started selling woolen yarn. Later, when she had savings, she opened a restaurant. She met all kinds of people and suffered all kinds of grievances. Because of the busy business, and always feel that the divorce owes her daughter, the mother will do her best to make up for it materially. This made Ma Li spend money recklessly and recklessly from childhood to adulthood. Before college, she didn't even take a bus, she took a taxi when she went out. It may be that her mother's material giving was too generous, which made Ma Li very "lost" when she was young. In her mind, earning money was quite an easy task. As long as she was short of money, she would ask her mother for it, and her mother would never refuse her. After becoming famous, Ma Li once wrote a family letter to her mother and stepfather on social platforms. It was sincere and touching, and it was full of a daughter's most simple and sincere confession. After so many years, Ma Li is no longer the child who only asked for money from her family. Now she has taken over the burden of her mother for decades, learned to take care of her mother, and became the pillar of the family. Later, Ma Li got married and had children, and her mother was upgraded to a grandmother. In order for Ma Li to pursue her career without worries, her mother would help take care of the children. The former grumpy strong woman also learned to cook good-looking food for her little grandson. As the first and closest person in our lives, every girl receives a lot of love from her mother, and then learns how to love her children. After becoming a mother, she passes this love on to her children. We have also learned to face the world bravely, not afraid of the shackles of society, and rely on our strength to make a breakthrough. This process is beautiful, but only when you become a mother do you know how hard it is. So during the interview, Ma Li, with tears in her eyes, said to her mother off-camera: In the next life, you will be my daughter, and let me take care of you! The next life is too far away and can only be a good sustenance, but what Ma Li can do, and what each of us can do, is to live up to everyone who has sacrificed for us silently and who we love deeply, and then become a better person. Be better yourself and be a better mother and daughter. Image source: If there is any infringement in the parenting life of rice cake mothers, please contact to delete
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